Body Image Activities (list)

This article will discuss Body Image Activities and why one must love their whole self. Later it will discuss Positive Body Image.

Finally, it will highlight Activities for Improving Body Image.


Body Image Activities simply helps us in feeling good about our body. It helps us in appreciating everything that our body can do, helps us in reminding ourselves that true beauty doesn’t lie only on the skin of the body but it’s deep within, helps us in looking ourselves as a whole being and surround ourselves with positive people.

We always have the tendency to change our appearance to more appealing and more beautiful and to make sure we do it we end up with methods to change our body, either by the heavy gym or rigorous diet or even by using fairness creams for crying out loud.

It happens because at all times we feel that something is wrong with our body, we just try to make it better and find flaws in it.

It is more common in women than in men.

Has anyone tried asking questions to self that why do you feel that your body needs to change or why that “what if” question pops up every now and then?

It’s another way of body shaming ourselves.

It’s true that a body should be Healthy and one must and should take care of it to maintain health but what is about the body image which we think is ideal and need approval from society?

It’s important that how we see our body, what body image do we have because that will change other perspectives on us and our body as well.


How do we see our body, feel about our body, think about our body and behave leads to the body image we have for our bodies, it can be negative or positive.

If our body image is positive we can accept, appreciate and respect our body, it means that we accept all the flaws (because nobody’s perfect), insecurities and respect every inch of it for what it is and believe that what we have is the best for us.

To improve your self confidence, you can even look up at images that will motivate you to love yourself the way you are.


  • One should appreciate everything about their own bodies. Appreciating helps in loving own bodies and letting out negative images of our body.
  • One should have a list of things that they love about their bodies and why this helps in accepting one’s own body as a miracle
  • Beauty doesn’t lie on the surface of the skin but it lies deep within, it has a very deep meaning one should try to enhance inner qualities rather than shaming their own bodies 
  • Looking self as one whole self is very important to respect self and love self
  • Our surroundings play a major role in what and how we feel. People with negative thinking and emotions let the other person feel pity and worthless regarding their bodies, these people should be out of the lives and people with more positive thinking should be surrounded
  • Feeling comfortable is the first and foremost thing one should do, either it is in the body one has or the clothing one prefers. Clothes are there to cover ourselves not to feel bad about ourselves. No matter what the size one has, any cloth and size will look fabulous if one loves their own body, it’s all about confidence
  • Avoid social media messages elaborating on the ideal body image and being critical about it would be the best. These messages are globally hazardous and lead in differentiation between two people
  • Pampering self is the best way of loving oneself and one should do it more often. We try to make others happy but almost always forget about ourselves and the only thing we do to ourselves is criticizing ourselves. We need more quality time for ourselves and pampering ourselves.
  • The time which people spend on worrying about food, calories, weight, skin tone, etc. if they use it in something to help others and spread a social awareness that would be beneficial for the millions to come


Body Image is still a controversial topic to talk about, people like to have a better body and skin but often forgets what they have is the best and in this process, they start body shaming their own body.

This blog has discussed Body Image Activities and why one must love their whole self. Later it has discussed Positive Body Image.

Finally, it has highlighted Activities for Improving Body Image.