Best Birthday Depression Quotes (+5 At-risk Groups)

In this blog guide, we start with 5 birthday depression quotes. The blog ahead will look at what is birthday depression, symptoms of birthday depression, causes of birthday depression, who are more likely to be depressed during their birthday and finally how to deal with birthday depression. 

5 Birthday depression quotes. 

Here are 5 quotes that describe birthday depression rightly. 

It’s hard to answer the question “What’s wrong?” when nothing’s right

I hate the days where you don’t know why, but you just feel sad

That feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but you just feel really empty

This year I wished I was dead, and they clapped without knowing 

Each Year Is Special And Precious For You Shall Only Live It Once

What is birthday depression? 

Birthday depression is usually defined as a sense of sadness and emptiness an individual might experience on or around the time of their birthday. Birthday depression is not an approved mental disorder by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. However, it is a common and real phenomenon that anyone can experience before their birthday. 

Birthdays are known to be the most joyous occasion of one’s life. However, not to our surprise, people get extremely sad and irritated as their birthday’s near.  Studies have shown that birthday depression is more common in the elderly. A study found that people aged 75 and above showed more self-directed harm 30 days before and after their birthday. However, this can be also seen in various teens and young adults. 

Symptoms of birthday depression 

Now that you know it is quite common to experience birthday depression, here are a few telltale signs that can help you detect birthday depression. Like any disorder comes with set of symptoms, even birthday depression comes with a set of signs and symptoms that may be behavioural or emotional.  

A person with a birthday depression might experience:

  • being tired and unenthusiastic in the days approaching their birthday
  • feeling sad and unable to figure out a reason why or shake off the sadness
  • feeling mildly paranoid or anxious beforehand and on the day itself
  • losing their self-confidence or self-esteem
  • difficulty concentrating and inability to stop thinking about the approaching birthday
  • wanting to avoid contact with people, including family and friends
  • trouble falling asleep or waking in the night thinking about the birthday
  • losing their normal appetite
  • having physical aches and pains
  • having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, in severe cases, as a birthday approaches

Causes of birthday depression 

Increase in age.

 Birthday events can advise us that we are maturing one more year. It’s the “official” day that we are one year more established, despite the fact that the day preceding our birthday we feel essentially the equivalent. What’s more, shockingly, getting more seasoned isn’t actually something to look forward to.  A birthday is simply one more update that we’re not getting any more youthful. 

Exclusive standards. 

At times we are frustrated by not having desires met by a birthday celebration, festivity, or presents. If we have high expectations and these are not met, you are bound to be annoyed and feel sad on your birthday. 

Absence of achievements. 

Feeling unsatisfied with achievements since the earlier year or past birthday is a typical reason for birthday sorrow. Birthday marks as an accomplishment for a year. When you look back to see that there has been no purpose added to your life or that you have not achieved anything significant, make makes you depressed on your birthday. 

Social media expectations. 

Have you ever felt like all the birthday events in films look great? Or on the other hand, perhaps you see your companion’s Instagram picture and perceive how cool their birthday celebrations are. So on the off chance that we choose to spend our birthday alone or with a couple of dear companions, we may feel it’s simply “insufficient.” social media is known to set unreasonable standards, especially Instagram. These days, we scroll and compare ourselves with people we are unknown to. 

Less energy. 

At the point when we are kids, birthday events are amazing. We will party, go out to see the films and eat cake. At the point when we are more established, birthday events are, for a few, not that important. At the point when our grown-up birthday celebrations aren’t as energizing as our child’s birthday celebrations, that befuddle can cause the birthday blues. We may get old, or not have time the way we used to. We may also feel that there is nothing bug about celebrating birthdays as we did in childhood. This can certainly bring a sense of sorrow to us. 

Milestone birthday celebrations.

 Have you ever known about Sweet 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60? These are the “milestone birthdays” that are praised all through our way of life. A few people may feel dismal on the off chance that they don’t host a tremendous gathering to praise their achievement birthday. 

Less love. 

You’re 4 years of age? Goodness, incredible work! Turning 18? At long last a grown-up! It’s your 45th birthday celebration? Umm… congrats? As developing grown-ups, you may see how individuals give less consideration to you—particularly the more established you get. In addition, in any case, that you have a handful of friends and cannot have the birthday blast you ever wanted, you may feel incomplete. 

Who can experience birthday depression?

Even though anyone and everyone can experience birthday depression, there are a few criteria that make certain people more vulnerable to these birthday depressions. 

People with no friends and family. 

Those who usually spend their birthday all alone, are prone to birthday depression. Looking at everyone celebrate the day of their life with their friends and family will certainly make you feel that you are losing out on a lot of things. 

People with fake friends.

 What is worse than having no friends is having fake friends. People who have friends who just use them, or are there only for the sake of it, then such a person can easily have birthday depression, as he would not feel loved by the ones he expects the most. 

Having high expectations. 

People who live with high expectations from others for celebrating their birthdays can never be happy with what is done for them. They always want more and better no matter what others do for them. If they take them out to a restaurant, they would expect to go to a better one. In such cases, the person will be never satisfied and always worried about the fact that their day might be just ruined. 

People who have anxiety. 

Anxiety is not something easy to deal with. When it comes to anxiety around your birthday, you may start to worry about what to do, who to invite, where to go, is your plan going to work, etc. The anxiety you are dealing with will want you to have things done perfectly. 

Finally, introverted people.

 Those who are introverts may dread the fact that they have to interact with a whole bunch of people. Nevertheless, they may also feel depressed and sad about the fact that they have to spend their birthday all alone. They might also start to hate themselves for not wanting to socialise with people. They live in a contradiction, that makes life difficult and lead to birthday depression. 

How to get past my birthday depression? 

We have seen that birthday depressions are quite common and can ruin the one day named after you. Here are a few things that you can avoid, to help yourself enjoy your birthday to a great extent. 

Here are five things you can do to avoid birthday depression 

  • Start the day positively 
  • Manage your expectations 
  • Do something meaningful 
  • Learn from your experience 
  • Keep busy 

Start the day positively 

As soon as you wake up in the morning, make sure that you are filled with positive thoughts. Think about the good things about life. In general, take a trip down memory lane and look at the positives as well the lessons you have learnt in your life. This will help you keep a positive attitude and avoid the negative feelings of your life, in turn avoiding the chances of birthday depression. You may treat yourself with a nice heavy breakfast, or may also go fora run to pump up your body with all the happy hormones. Remember to sleep adequately too. 

Manage your expectations 

Keep your expectation in check. Moreover, keep them realistic. It is certainly not possible for your friends to throw you a surprise birthday trip, or a huge birthday bash. Limit your expectations. Do not compare what they have done to what others are doing on Instagram. When your friends are doing something for you, be happy about it. Do not expect more. Be happy with what you get, do not become greedy. Have a well planned birthday. 

Do something meaningful 

On your own birthday, irrespective of the fact that you are alone or not, you should do something that is meaningful to you. Maybe go to an orphanage and spend time the kids there, or go yo an old age home. You could also go to some animal shelter and spend time with those cute little furry companions. 

Learn from your experience 

If it so happens that you spend your birthday in any kind of sadness or are depressed for whatever reason, instead of just keeping it as a bad experience, learn from it. Regardless of whether somebody is feeling unfulfilled or disappointed on their birthday, rather than floundering in it, they can utilize it to consider what is making them feel thusly. They would then be able to attempt to work out how to address the issues and pessimism around these feelings. This way you can know how to avoid feeling this way for your next birthday. 

Keep busy 

Lastly, it is natural to feel sad and depressed if you sit idle especially on your own birthday. An idle mind is the home of a devil. Here the devil could be the sense of depression. If you are doing nothing, then you are ought to feel sad and depressed. Instead, make a small plan with friends, visit your family, or go to a place you love the most. If not anything, at least work. This will give a purpose to your day. 


In this blog guide, we have started with 5 birthday depression quotes. The blog ahead has also looked at what is birthday depression, symptoms of birthday depression, causes of birthday depression, who are more likely to be depressed during their birthday and finally how to deal with birthday depression. 

FAQs: Birthday depression quotes

Which religions do not celebrate birthdays?

Jehovah’s Witnesses does not celebrate any days of festivals and honours apart from that of Jesus. They certainly do not believe in celebrating birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s day or any other days

Why are birthdays so important?

Birthdays are very important because they mark a special day in our life. A day where a person was born, their existence came to take place on this very day. Therefore, this makes it a very special day, indeed. 


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