Best Twitter Accounts for Anxiety (15+ List)

In this blog, we are going to describe sixteen of the best Twitter handles that can help you if you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder. Readers will first be introduced to how a social media platform like Twitter can be useful for mental health. Then, we will take a closer look at these accounts.

What are the Best Twitter Accounts for Anxiety?

Here is a quick list of some of the best Twitter accounts you can follow if you’re dealing with problems related to anxiety:

Isn’t Twitter Bad for Anxiety?

Many individuals find that reading posts on Twitter exacerbate their anxiety. However, it is not the platform that is a problem, but rather how one uses it.

Promoting health-related campaigns on Twitter has increasingly become a worldwide choice to raise awareness and disseminate health information. This systematic review revealed that awareness and advocacy, stigmatization, and personal experience of mental health/illness as the central discourses within the sample.

According to this paper that analysed why people use social media platforms to talk about mental health, there are four themes of how Twitter can help:

  1. A sense of community
  2. Raising awareness and combatting stigma
  3. A safe space for expression
  4. Coping and empowerment

16 Best Twitter Accounts for Anxiety

Now that we have understood how Twitter can actually help individuals with anxiety-related problems, let’s take a look at 16 of the best Twitter accounts for this purpose.














Time to Change aims to change the way people think and act about mental health problems. Established in 2009, this handle offers great content and threads where you could talk about your problems with supportive individuals.

They also frequently launch campaigns to raise awareness regarding important mental health topics. This is a UK-based organisation that aims to end mental health disrcimination.


This is the Twitter handle for the UK charity, Mental Health Foundation. The organisation believes that prevention is at the heart of their work in mental health. Consequently, Twitter is one of their chosen tools to spread awareness about mental health issues.

If you visit their page, you’ll see posts related to tips and advice to look after your wellbeing, relevant research studies, and resources to find support and a sense of community.


As the name suggests, HeadsUpGuys is a free resource that supports men in their battle against depression. Here, you’ll find posts that specifically talk about men’s issues related to depression, suicide, and mental health.

Although their content reflects many overlaps between different genders battling with the leading cause of disability, the idea is to focus on how patriarchal society makes it hard for men to express or even acknowledge their emotions.


The word ‘samaritan’ means a charitable or helpful person, especially in a religious context. That name seems appropriate for this account on Twitter, which represents a free helpline available round the clock for people who need someone to listen to them.

Usually, anxiety can be dissipated by talking to someone about your concerns. That’s how the Samaritans helpline is of use. Their Twitter account does not offer the same support but frequently posts supportive content full of coping strategies.


In this blog, we described sixteen of the best Twitter handles that can help you if you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder. Readers were first introduced to how a social media platform like Twitter can be useful for mental health. Then, we took a closer look at these accounts.

The Twitter accounts mentioned here were @BlurtAlerts, @EndTheStigma, @MentalHealthAm, @PsychCentral, @tinycarebot, @allontheboard, @depressionnote, @PsychToday, @MindCharity, @theCALMzone, @YoungMindsUK, @myselfandhealth, @TimetoChange, @mentalhealth, @HeadsUpGuys, and @samaritans.

FAQs (Best Twitter Accounts for Anxiety)

Does Twitter make you depressed?

Spending too much time on social media platforms like Twitter can alter one’s perception of the real world. Since most people only post about positive highlights in their life, you may start to think that you aren’t as happy as everyone else.

Moreover, the anonymity provided by Twitter often leads to cases of cyber-bullying, which lower’s one’s self-esteem and may lead to depression.

How is Twitter affecting our mental health?

Twitter can be both a positive and a negative influence on a person’s mental health. This article has already described the positive effect. However, using the platform excessively exposes one to a bombardment of information, which can desensitise you or make you numb.

As long as it is used in moderation, it cannot have too much of a negative impact on you. Nevertheless, frequent or obsessive usage of Twitter is bad for your mental health.

How does social media affect anxiety?

Generally, social media can increase anxiety because it promotes one’s need for validation and approval from others. Additionally, seeing only positive and enviable posts made by others can lead to a feeling of FOMO and make you doubt the quality of your own life.

Does social media worsen social anxiety?

Constant usage of social media platforms to socialise can limit your social skills in real life. Since it’s a lot more comfortable to hide behind a screen than to make actual connections in reality, excessive usage of social media can indeed worser social anxiety.