Best Thing to Give Dogs for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a compilation of the best things to give to your pet dog if it’s struggling with anxiety. Our list is diverse and comprises items that can be eaten, worn, rested on, or played with. We’ve even included products that use aromatherapy of pheromones to naturally relieve anxiety.

What is the Best Thing to Give Dogs for Anxiety?

Here is a quick list of the best things you can get for your anxious dog:

Products That Relieve Dog Anxiety

If you’re worried that your dog has started to act anxious, you’re not alone. Anxiety in dogs is actually quite common and it can be caused due to separation, aging, or disturbances at home. 

Veterinary research reveals that companion dogs often experience states of anxiety, fears, and phobias. Experts say that failure to treat this can result in disruption of the human-animal bond.

But here is a list of the most useful products that relieve dog anxiety and can be bought online. Try any of these to make your buddy feel better:

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cuddler

This highly popular dog bed is not only calming for your friend but also affordable for you. It is donut-shaped and made of plush vegan fur so soft that it reminds dogs of their mothers. 

The Calming Cuddler has been carefully crafted to provide orthopedic joint, muscle, head, and neck support. A raised rim and super-soft filling gives the nest-like feeling. It comes with a matching warming dog blanket that’s versatile and travel-friendly.

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

This thundershirt has already helped many dogs with anxiety and helps to calm them down in over 80% of cases. Recommended by veterinarians and trainers for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel and vet visits, these vests are exceptional. 

ThunderShirt is a safe and drug-free solution. By applying gentle pressure around the torso, like a comforting, and continuous hug, ThunderShirt helps to calm and reduce anxiety. Forget the days when your best friend would be sad and frightened and enjoy all the favourite games at all times!

YML Pineapple Covered Cat & Dog Bed

If you don’t mind funky furniture, your dog will love this pineapple-shaped bed. It comes in a soothing yellow colour with cute little green sepals on top. 

The external body is durable and structural but the inside is covered in soft cushions. This YML Pineapple bed is so tempting and reassuring that even you might want to pop in for a bit.

Adaptil Calming Spray

Adaptil is a leading brand for dog calming pheromones. This spray too avoids the use of drugs or substances and helps calm your dog just like its natural mother. The solution mimics dog pheromones released when indicating safety.

You can use this spray up to 50 times and each application will last for 4-5 hours. Adaptil’s convenient product will allow you to curb your dog’s unwanted anxious behaviour. No more excessive chewing, barking, tumbling, or other visible signs of discomfort.

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Due to many reasons dogs might irrationally start fearing their surroundings. This can lead to a lot of discomfort for them and worry for you. Use this plug-in calm home diffuser for dogs to help them. This helps in reducing their anxiety and prevents stress-related behaviour in them. 

This reduces behaviours like barking and whining without cause, which might be signs of anxiety. The pheromone released by this device reminds them of their mother and provides them with a sense of safety.

Trusted Pet Calming Bites

Distressed or anxious dogs may frequently show violent behaviour. Calming supplements are available in the form of soft chews are formulated with ingredients like Valerian and chamomile extracts. Hemp oil, along with these help to calm your dog in stressful situations, such as car rides, firework, thunder, etc. 

Hemp extract manages seizures & dog anxiety relief. While passion flowers increase feel-good chemicals and promote calmness. Chamomile and Valerian alleviate dog anxiety and nerves from hyperactivity & hypersensitivity.

Zuke’s Calming Dog Chews

Zuke’s Hemp Naturals chew contains broad spectrum hemp extract plus 4 naturally soothing herbs that help keep your pet calm. Infused with Chamomile, Hawthorn, Valerian and Passion Flower, these chews help your dog feel happier. Hemp is known for having a calming effect on dogs by affecting their nervous system. 

The calming chews are ideal for traveling, grooming, thunderstorms, and fireworks. Dogs might get extremely distressed during these situations. This distress is generally exhibited through rowdy behaviour and destruction. Use these dog chews to give your dog some relief.

BarkLogic Calming Conditioning Spray

Unlike the other products mentioned here, this one is a calming, leave-in, conditioner spray. Dogs may get anxiety from sudden allergies or if they are too harshly brushed because of tangled fur. This conditioning spray removes that worry for you! As good as it is a calming spray due its formulation of essential oils, it is also conditioning. 

Thus you will never have a pup anymore who doesn’t want to get brushed because they are afraid. Pure Lavender Essential Oil is known to calm, relieve anxiety, and ease muscle tension, which makes them happy.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care

Anxiety in dogs can manifest in ways that might scare you. You may feel distressed by seeing their changed behaviours. Do not worry! Purina supports dogs with anxious behaviors such as excessive vocalization, jumping, pacing, and spinning. 

Probiotic strain BL999 helps dogs cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds, or changes in routine, etc. It also helps dogs maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events. The supplements contain a strain of beneficial bacteria shown to help dogs maintain this behaviour.

Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle

Exercise your dog’s mind with the interactive puzzle toy. This engaging dog treat dispenser provides a fun physical & mental challenge. Separation Anxiety can get your pets very down. They might be scared, afraid or morose. 

Exhibited behaviours of emotions like this are hiding, whimpering and crying. All of these can be very distressing for both them and you. Engage them in fun and games. The various difficulty levels of this stimulating dog puzzle can keep your furry friend excited and satisfied!

Burt’s Bees for Pets for Dogs Natural Calming Shampoo

Bath time is as stressful for the dog parents, as it is for the dog. This shampoo is hypoallergenic and made with all natural ingredients including Lavender and Green Tea. 

So your dog never has to feel scared if you use this product on them. It is also a mild and tearless shampoo that is pH balanced. So say bye-bye to your dog’s anxiety before bath-times. Now your little buddy will look forward to it!

MUTTSCRUB Paw-Zac Anxiety Spray

Besides being a clever pun, Paw-Zac is a special blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. It can help you calm your dog in all those difficult moments like visits to the vet, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety. 

Simply spray a little near the neck and chest area and massage it into the fur. You can even spray some of it on your friend’s bedding, kennel, or car seat. The aroma of chamomile, Valerian, marjoram, and lavender will help your dog relax better.

Rewards Wally

Dogs enjoy going outside for walks, or for hiking or camping. They enjoy the outdoors even more when they are with their humans! However, if kept inside for a long time alone, dogs may develop separation anxiety. Don’t worry if you are a busy pet parent. 

Kong Rewards Wally produces a slow and steady roll when nudged, gradually dispensing kibble or treats. The unique exterior creates an unpredictable motion, rewarding natural foraging instincts. It keeps the dog engaged and excited, all by themselves.

Comfort Flopzie Donkey

The Flopzie donkey has the most fun features that target your dog’s senses and keep them engaged. Sometimes it becomes essential to keep your beloved pup in a kennel for whatsoever reason. Even though you might manage this separation quite skillfully, your dog may not. 

Separation anxiety can manifest in dogs in various behavioural issues which can daunt the kennel employees. However, with its long neck and squeaker, Flopzie becomes a welcome distraction for them.

Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Soft Chews

Good for use during times of stress and/or anxiety, these supplements are a natural calming solution with chamomile and tryptophan. Low levels of tryptophan could contribute to anxiety. They may also increase aggression and impulsivity in already aggressive breeds. 

Chamomile found in this herbal soft chews helps ease a stressed-out pup into a more relaxed state. Using these aids can work brilliantly to calm and centre them when they may act out. Anxiety can be extremely distressing for them and the calm would be crucial for thor well-being.

Peaceful PET Calming Mist for Dogs

This is another aromatherapy product that will calm your dog (or other pets) down. It is made to soothe the nerves and reduce anxiety. In order to do so, this organic and vegan product blends the fragrances of four essential oils.

Frankincense, chamomile, lavender, and cedarwood are all calming scents that have a relaxing impact. Hank’s Garden Peaceful Pet spray is cruelty-free, biodegradable, and uses 100% pure extracts.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.


This was a compilation of the best things to give to your pet dog if it’s struggling with anxiety. Our list was diverse and comprised items that can be eaten, worn, rested on, or played with. We even included products that use aromatherapy of pheromones to naturally relieve anxiety.

We talked about Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cuddler, ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket, YML Pineapple Covered Cat & Dog Bed, Adaptil Calming Spray, ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser, Trusted Pet Calming Bites, Zuke’s Calming Dog Chews, BarkLogic Calming Conditioning Spray, and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care.

We also mentioned Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle, Burt’s Bees for Pets for Dogs Natural Calming Shampoo, MUTTSCRUB Paw-Zac Anxiety Spray, Rewards Wally, Comfort Flopzie Donkey, Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Soft Chews, and Peaceful PET Calming Mist for Dogs.

FAQs (Best Thing to Give Dogs for Anxiety)

What can dogs take for anxiety over-the-counter?

The popular OTC medication solution for dog anxiety is Benadryl, also called diphenhydramine. It is an antihistamine with sedating properties so it will help your dog calm down and rest.

How can I calm my dog’s anxiety naturally?

You can relieve your dog’s anxiety naturally by trying the following techniques:

Structure and routine
Anxiety toys
Calming treats

How do I get my dog to sleep with anxiety?

A calming treat, a comfy and safe place to rest, a favourite chew toy, and some vet-approved relaxing fragrances can help put your anxious dog to sleep. But more than anything, the best way to relieve a dog of anxiety is to spend some good quality time with them.


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