Best Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a useful list of the best therapeutic glasses for individuals dealing with anxiety. The products listed here use special filters to block excessive light. As a result, the user is less triggered due to sensory noise.

What are the Best Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety?

If eye sensitivity and anxiety go hand in hand for you, try any of these glasses to feel better:

Therapeutic Glasses That Help With Anxiety

One common physiological symptom people experience with chronic anxiety is higher chances of migraines. This is because constant activation of fight-or-flight mode suppresses the body’s immune functions. Consequently, the immune system starts acting up, causing many problems including migraines.

Glasses can help with anxiety by reducing exposure to light, blocking blue light from screens, and helping with sleep. If you want to try some therapeutic glasses to lower the severity of you anxiety, try these:

AtEase Therapeutic Sunglasses

Social anxiety is highly debilitating. It confuses us and prevents us from focusing, which may leave us stuttering and nervous. When experiencing anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, thoughts and emotions can hit you from every angle. 

Distractions interfere and focusing on objectives is difficult. AtEase Glasses limit distractions to improve your neurological function and performance. Forget about the nervous breakdowns in public now. With these sunglasses you will be able to keep calm and feel centred.

Ascetic by Status Anxiety

These tinted glasses are of great use for someone who has anxiety, especially when they are in public. Making eye-contact, speaking or maintaining conversations can be very hard for socially anxious people. They might have physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, dizziness and lightheadedness. 

It can also cause stomach trouble and diarrhea. Physical symptoms might make the individual more afraid to get out of the house and thus increase their anxiety. These glasses can help curb it to a great extent.

GloFX Color Therapy Glasses Yellow

Therapy glasses are great for preventing the rise of social anxiety in public. Yellow glasses are known for creating cheerful emotions, mental clarity, confidence, and creativity. When you might be feeling excessive fear of situations in which one may be judged, wear this. 

It will prevent you from focusing on the negativity. If you often feel worried about embarrassment or humiliation or concerned about offending someone, these glasses might benefit you.

Spy+ Optics Crossway Sunglasses

SPY+’s revolutionary therapeutic happy lens tech is scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness. All the while enhancing color and contrast, it provides a truly life-changing visual experience. 

Oftentimes, we miss out on important, exciting events in life because we are suffering from anxiety. It can really cause extreme fear in social settings. People with this disorder have trouble talking to people, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings. Not anymore with these sunglasses. Live your best social life using these sunglasses.

TheraSpecs Nora Migraine Glasses

TheraSpecs protect you from fluorescent lighting, reduce headache and migraine frequency, and relieve social anxiety. Social anxiety can be aggravated by light triggers, and these glasses prevent that exactly. 

Be it public speaking or walking into a roomful of strangers, having social anxiety can lead to a lot of physical symptoms. These include nausea, headache and migraine. Pink glasses are great for relaxation and reduced emotional disturbance. Beat your anxiety with this fashionable pair!

BioWaves Color Therapy Glasses

We naturally associate colours with emotions and feelings. With colour therapy, each color is associated with particular emotions and feelings. The appropriate colour may allow our feelings and emotions to return to a balanced state and we’ll feel better. 

In addition to mood enhancing, colour therapy may have effects on a wide variety of health concerns or conditions as well. For example, orange glasses give us social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness and enjoyable relationships. While wearing yellow might make us more concentrated, give us mental clarity and optimism.

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses

Researchers have suggested that a common predisposition to anxiety disorders, depression, and migraines may exist. Migraines and chronic daily headaches are common in people who suffer from anxiety disorders. 

According to users of these glasses, they experience a decrease in the impact of their light sensitivity or migraine. While suffering from a bout of anxiety, the last thing you need is an aggravation to your migraine. Which may be caused by harsh lighting that is there in multiple places. Wear these glasses and protect yourself from headaches and anxiety.

Somnilight Light Sensitivity Glasses

Painful sensitivity to light is a symptom associated with dozens of conditions and has been termed “photophobia” by medical professionals. ‘Phobia’ implies a fear of something, in this case, light. Thus, light sensitivity is commonly associated with higher levels of anxiety, regardless of condition.

Fl-41 is the tint most commonly recommended by doctors and specialists for the prevention of light sensitivity and migraines. They are also effective at reducing photophobia. Apart from fitting comfortably over prescription frames, these are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our Fit-over style fits.

Somnilight Polarised Glasses

People with migraine who have light sensitivity between attacks are more likely to develop feelings of anxiety and stress. Apart from being physically discomforting, it is psychologically distressing. Therapeutic glasses can help relieve them.

Apart from having the FI-41 lens that is highly recommended by professionals, these Somnilight glasses are Wayfarer style. Wayfarer is the best-selling style of sunglasses worldwide. With its amber tint, it can block 80% of the blue wavelengths that can trigger eye pain, dizziness, and headaches.

Gunnar Optiks Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Work from home has got all of us stuck in front of our computers. Apart from the anxiety and stress that living in a pandemic is causing us, work has added a physical strain. This causes you more mental distress. Use these light blocking glasses to gain some respite.

Gunnar produces blue light blocking glasses with patented lens technology. It is recommended by doctors to protect and enhance vision. Gunnar improves performance while viewing electronic screen devices. Along with that, it reduces digital eye strain, fatigue, tiredness and headaches.

LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In many people, their sensitivity to light actually leads to severe anxiety. This may include feelings of nervousness or disarray when exposed to certain types of light. Light sensitivity anxiety can show itself during work or studying when it is important to be able to focus.

LNEKEI glasses alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights. With UV400 protection and glare reduction, this can be your perfect work-from-home partner. It eliminates eye strain that causes headaches, and discomfort.

Axon Optics FLEX CURVE

People diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorder, have a high susceptibility to greater light sensitivity. These individuals have a lower tolerance for light in general, particularly toward bright stimuli. Wearing protective glasses can put an end to your miseries.

Nearly 90% of Axon Optics users experience a decrease in the impact of their light sensitivity or migraine. Axon glasses’ lenses can be used all day every day, during the onset of discomfort, or during a migraine attack. Moreover, it is a natural, drug-free solution for this.

Spectra479 Blue Blocking Amber Glasses

Type of light has a big role to play in its effect on the eyes. Lights with specific wavelengths have been proven to be more damaging and anxiety-inducing than other lights. Prolonged and direct exposure to them might lead to physiological symptoms, and worse, panic attacks. 

Spectra glasses block 99.8% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range. This is the most disruptive wavelength of light at night. It is also the same frequency of light that electronic devices emit directly at you. Protect your eyes using these glasses.

CGID Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In humans, light exposure in the evening suppresses the production of melatonin which delays the timing of the body clock. Harsh lights can affect this and cause disruptions. A comfortable lens can be quite beneficial to prevent this. 

CGID glasses are available in 2 types. The transparent lens can be used during the daytime to comfortably work, study, or relax. On the other hand, the yellow lens is for night use. Wear it for your activities before sleep to fall asleep easily.

Ultralite Digitec Computer Reading Glasses

People who lack appropriate light intake during the day also are more likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. It affected their sleep habits as well. Lack of sleep can cause myriads of anxiety-related symptoms and make an individual all-around miserable. 

The crystal filter lens blocks scattered blue light emission from e-devices and computers. Thereby reducing eye strain, squinting, fatigue and tired eyes, and psychological stress. Its ultra-light, stainless-steel frame has been designed with your needs in mind to enhance the visual experience.

SafetyBlue Yellow Fit

Therapeutic glass can be highly effective against sleep-disrupting light. You will feel a physiological effect when you put them on. They block blue and green light which sends a signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. 

SafetyBlue fit-over glasses are unlike most light blocking glasses that allow harmful light to leak in around frames. However, these glasses are large enough to make sure sleep-disrupting light doesn’t leak in. Help your body reset your circadian rhythm to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


This was a useful list of the best therapeutic glasses for individuals dealing with anxiety. The products listed here use special filters to block excessive light. As a result, the user is less triggered due to sensory noise.

Glasses described here were AtEase Therapeutic Sunglasses, Ascetic by Status Anxiety, GloFX Color Therapy Glasses Yellow, Spy+ Optics Crossway Sunglasses, TheraSpecs Nora Migraine Glasses, BioWaves Color Therapy Glasses, Axon Optics Migraine Glasses, and Somnilight Light Sensitivity Glasses.

We also mentioned Somnilight Polarised Glasses, Gunnar Optiks Blue Light Blocking Glasses, LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Axon Optics FLEX CURVE, Spectra479 Blue Blocking Amber Glasses, CGID Blue Light Blocking Glassesm, Ultralite Digitec Computer Reading Glasses, and SafetyBlue Yellow Fit.

FAQs (Best Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety)

Do sunglasses help with anxiety?

Sunglasses can help with anxiety by limiting the amount of sensory information entering your neural connections. This prevents you from getting overwhelmed and helps you focus slightly better. It can also protect you from visual noise that might trigger a migraine.

Primarily, sunglasses help by giving you privacy. They let you feel less conscious about other people picking up on any emotions you don’t want to reveal. This can be highly useful when dealing with social anxiety

Does wearing sunglasses make you more confident?

Wearing sunglasses has a certain sex appeal that makes us feel more attractive. The confidence that we get from wearing shades is basically because of this. Other than that, one feels less vulnerable when eye contact is prevented.

How can I get rid of social anxiety fast?

The fastest way to effectively get rid of social anxiety is to consult a therapist. But if you’re looking for something more immediate, try these tricks:

Regulate your breathing and slow it down to an even pace
Make sure no muscles are tense
If you notice any tight muscles, try to release them
Avoid caffeine and sugar
Practice what you want to say in front of a mirror
Pay attention to your self talk and make it positive
Try aromatherapy

Can social anxiety go away?

Social anxiety cannot go away on its own without any treatment. Having said that, if you do consult a professional it can help you recover. They will use treatments like medication, behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy, or even alternative healing practices like supplements and adaptogens.


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