Best Stuffed Animals for Adults with Anxiety (19+ List)

In this blog, we are going to talk about the best stuffed animals for adults with anxiety. The list is broken down into three categories based on the type of stuffed animal. We’ll describe huggable, weighted, and therapeutic stuffed animals.

The Best Stuffed Animals for Adults with Anxiety

Here are some of the best stuffed animals for adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety:

  • Abilitations Lap Dog
  • Comfort Cub
  • Fun and Function Teddy Bear
  • Hugo Warmkins Giraffe
  • Hugo Warmkins Monkey
  • Moonpals
  • Sensory4U Lap Dog
  • Warm Pals Hedgehog
  • Warm Pals Koala
  • Warm Pals Snake
  • Warmies Black Bear
  • Warmies Husky
  • Warmies Marshmallow Bear
  • Warmies Sloth
  • Wild Baby Dinosaur
  • Wild Baby Elephant
  • Wild Baby Fox
  • Wild Baby Purple Bear
  • Animal Adventure Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Bear
  • Kangaroos Giant Teddy
  • Lunarbaboon Anxiety Troll

Can Stuffed Animals Help with Anxiety?

Stuffed animals give us a lot of reasons to feel better. Not only are they incredibly cute, but they can actually help relieve symptoms of anxiety. That’s because a stuffed animal is soft and furry giving it the desired texture and thickness for a warm embrace. 

It’s natural to want to hug a stuffed toy because they are so inviting and cozy. By hugging them, our body ends up releasing happy hormones that improve our mood. Often, physical contact with these soft friends brings back our childhood memories. 

These could be pleasant ones that make us smile. Or they could be of times when we were scared and needed to hold something tight and close. 

Either way, this is a good thing. While smiling is always positive, if the latter is the case, we’re reminded of how much we have overcome. Our stuffed animals bear witness to our resilience and remind us of it when we’re troubled.

Aren’t Stuffed Animals Meant for Kids?

Some people are concerned that owning a stuffed animal at adulthood is weird. But that isn’t true if the toy is actually designed to have an anxiolytic effect. Today, there are special stuffed toys that feature many therapeutic advantages. 

The most common of these is the tactile stimulation that the touch and feel of the material provide. Another type of comfort comes from stuffed animals that are weighted. They contain light weights inside the stuffing that create a tender pressure when brought close to us. 

Some higher end products even use aromatherapy to make people less tense and more relaxed. These fragrances are said to improve sleep and reduce cortisol levels.

Huggable Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

Hugs are known to release the hormone oxytocin. This body chemical is fondly referred to as the “cuddle hormone” because it is released in moments of physical intimacy. Anxiety tends to make people slightly withdrawn, especially if its social anxiety or social phobia. 

In isolation, one gets stuck in a vicious cycle because the loneliness and absence of emotional support exacerbate anxious thoughts. Till the time therapy starts showing effects in your social behaviour, it makes sense to find other sources of oxytocin release. 

A huggable stuffed animal can get you through those dark times and give you the warmth of touch when most needed. Here are some cuddly soft toys you can use for hugs:

Animal Adventure Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Bear

This 54-inch jumbo teddy bear almost feels like another person. It’s fun to unpack this buddy because it comes in a much smaller box. That’s what the Sqoosh2Poof element is. When you open the box, you have to squeeze it a little and it’ll expand to its actual size. The box also contains surprise goodies that allow you to take it easy and have some fun.

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Kangaroos Giant Teddy

Slightly smaller than the previous one, this 36-inch giant teddy is a great hugger. It has the classic teddy bear design complete with the footprints on its soles. Hugging this fellow will feel like a mini-vacation from all your woes and troubles. Keep it in bed with you for company or take it out whenever you need to quell an anxiety attack.

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Lunarbaboon Anxiety Troll

If teddy bears aren’t your think, maybe the Anxiety Troll is. This character first appeared in the Lunarbaboon comic series and is known for his anxiousness. He comes with arms that you can wrap around your neck for some extra lovin’. The Anxiety Troll will understand what you’re going through because his facial expression matches yours when you’re apprehensive.

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Weighted Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

Sometimes, no matter how hard you hug a soft buddy, it just doesn’t feel real. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that which doesn’t involve depending on other people. Weighted stuffed toys are a growing trend because they genuinely feel like a real hug. 

The pressure of the weight against your body tricks your mind into believing it. A soft and gentle pressure against you feels like a puppy, kitten, bunny, or small child embracing you. The cute face on the stuffed toy fills you up with warm fuzzies. 

Weighted stuffed toys also reduce restlessness, something commonly experienced in anxiety. Here are some of the best weighted stuffed animals for anxiety:

Abilitations Lap Dog

Weighted 4.6 pounds, this cute little Dalmatian can ease you at your worst. His button nose and dark eyes serve as a source of comfort to your tensed mind. Made of a blend of cotton and polyester, he’s easy to wash and won’t be hard to take care of. Rather, it might be the one taking care of you.

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Comfort Cub

The makers of the Comfort Cub say that it was invented with love to help heal a broken heart. Its soft, plush, and cuddly fabric brings sensory relief to your arms when you feel worry, fear, or grief. The weighted bottom offers solace when you are down in the dumps. The website even lets you donate to others in need of a cub.

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Fun and Function Teddy Bear

This brown bear is soothing and snuggly as it provides tactile stimulation through its soft wooly fabric. Placing it in your lap will create a calming pressure to console you when upset. Besides anxiety, this cutie works really well for autism, ADHD, and stress-related conditions. It weighs 3 pounds and is travel-friendly.

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Warmkins Giraffe

The Warmkins giraffe is not only weighted but can give you temperature comfort as well. It features a removable insert bag that can be microwaved or frozen. A warm and weighted pal can induce a resting sleep on cold winter nights. Similarly, in hot summers, it can act like a cooling weight to calm you down.

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Warmkins Monkey

Much like his friend the giraffe, the Warmkins monkey is weighted and microwavable too. You can choose this one if you prefer chimps. His adorable smile has a warm innocence that will cheer you up when worried. If your anxiety is seasonal, this stuffed animal is for you.

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Moonpals is an independent brand of weighted stuffed animals. It has a collection of various characters which are also collectables. Bo is for peace and understanding, Mylo for honesty and courage, Opal for hope and imagination, Nova for curiosity and intelligence, and Echo for patience and compassion. Pick the one that has the values you desire to help you cope with your source of anxiety.

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Sensory4U Lap Dog

A slight variation in style, this lap dog is flat like a blanket. His head has more volume and seems like a regular stuffed toy. But the body acts as a lap pad so you can rest your book or gadget and work. This stuffed animal is best for the anxiety that pops up at work.

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Therapeutic Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

New and innovative designs of modern stuffed animals are taking into consideration various therapeutic techniques that help with anxiety. There is a wide range of products in the soft toy industry that cater to the needs of someone recovering from anxiety. 

The top three brands for stuffed animals using these designs are Wild Baby, Warmies, and Warm Pal. These stuffed animals use sensory stimulation such as haptic comfort, temperature relief, and aromatherapy. 

Each of the products discussed in this section can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Instead of the pull out bag, you can put the whole toy in the appliance to reduce the hassle. They are also lavender scented, a fragrance known to attenuate symptoms of anxiety.

Warm Pals Hedgehog

Meet Harley Hedgehog, a warm and cuddly friend to turn to when you’re low. He smells of sweet lavender and has glass beads adding weight to his bottom. He’ll ease your tensed muscles and leave you feeling calmer and in control.

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Warm Pals Koala

Cuddly Koala bear will be there for you when you’re alone. Her soft stuffed head acts as a gentle cushion for your nervous head and her weighted bottom provides relief. Stare into her soulful eyes while you wiggle your nose against her large one and you’re bound to feel better.

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Warm Pals Snake

Sammy the Snake loves to heat up or cool down in your kitchen to give you the rest you need. He’ll slither out and wrap you with some much needed affection. His weighted bottom will apply a gentle pressure on you and his adorable smile will cheer you up.

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Warmies Black Bear

The Warmies cozy plush black bear too comes with a lavender scent. Microwave or freeze it to get the desired temperature and snuggle away! His big and inviting dark eyes will call you to him the next time you’re fearing a breakdown. 

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Warmies Husky

If you’re fond of dogs, you’ll love the Warmies lavender-scented husky. He has a hopeful look in his eyes and will be your quiet companion in rough times. Microwave him to get some warmth or freeze him and apply him like a cold compress.

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Warmies Marshmallow Bear

This marshmallow bear is snuggable, huggable, and lovable like all the Warmies animals. He is all white except for his black eyes and nose. This one has a neutral face so he won’t annoy you when you’re feeling agitated.

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Warmies Sloth

If you tend to be slow and gradual at getting stuff done, you’ll click well with the Warmies sloth. She’s passive, reassuring, and will serve you in every way possible. Microwave her for a warm bedtime buddy or freeze her for some cold and affectionate relief when you’re all worked up.

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Wild Baby Dinosaur

The Wild Baby dinosaur is green and made of a knitted fabric. She’s made of zero plastic parts and can be used as a heating pack or ice pack. The scent of dried lavender will help you calm down and sleep better. 

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Wild Baby Elephant

This cute elephant is also plastic-free and highly comforting. He’s great for fevers, sprains, bruises, swelling, aches, pains, sinus pressure, bursitis, cramps, colic, and tendonitis. Pick him up the next time you need a friendly nurse at home.

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Wild Baby Fox

If you’re fond of foxes, check out the Wild Baby one. She’s patient, caring, and great company for those long anxious nights. Her relaxing lavender scent will calm your nerves and help you become more relaxed.

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Wild Baby Purple Bear

The last item on our list is this adorable purple bear from Wild Baby. Its colour matches its lavender smell that will help you take it easy. Next time you’re feeling worries, just look at its lovable smile and cuddle up for some comfort.

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In this blog, we talked about the best stuffed animals for adults with anxiety. The list was broken down into three categories based on the type of stuffed animal. We described huggable, weighted, and therapeutic stuffed animals.

Hugging stuffed toys brings a sense of comfort and warmth as it releases the hormone oxytocin in our bodies. When the toy is weighted, this impact is a lot more effective. Some stuffed animals are specially designed to help with anxiety as they use sensory stimulation. These can be heated or cooled and give out therapeutic fragrances.

FAQs (Best Stuffed Animals for Adults with Anxiety)

Is it OK for adults to have stuffed animals?

Mental health professionals agree that it is perfectly normal for adults to have seemingly childish personal belongings. It’s the use and purpose of these stuffed animals that matters the most. If they are used to make someone feel less anxious and more comfortable, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Do Warmies help with anxiety?

Warmies are huggable soft toys that can be heated directly in the microwave. They can also be frozen in the refrigerator to be used as a cold compress. Since they are lavender-scented, they offer different kinds of sensory stimulation that can be quite therapeutic. Stuffed animals by Warmies reduce anxiety by making people feel at ease. 

Why do adults carry stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals can provide a sense of security and reduces negative feelings, such as loneliness and anxiety. They aren’t exactly toys but are tools for mental wellbeing. A stuffed toy can make you feel at peace and un-threatened.


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