Best Stress Balls for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is an extensive list of stress balls that you can use to help with your anxiety. We will describe each of these products and explain how they are helpful. We will also discuss why these stress balls are better than others.

What are the Best Stress Balls for Anxiety?

Out of all the stress balls being sold out there, the best ones for anxiety are:

Stress Balls for People with Anxiety

A stress ball is a therapeutic toy with multiple uses. They can be squeezed as a way of rehabilitation or physiotherapy. Some of them provide sensory stimulation for individuals with ADHD or autism spectrum disorders.

Perhaps the most common use of these balls is to deal with stress and anxiety. That’s where they get their name from. But these balls aren’t just toys for recreation. There’s a lot of research that confirms they are an inexpensive and effective stress management technique.

This experiment confirmed this theory by demonstrating that stress balls reduced anxiety levels in participants. Another scientific publication mentions that the effects of using a stress ball can be compared to music therapy.

Stress Less Motivational Quotes

This is a pack of three balls that you can use or gift someone to squeeze away your stress. The unique thing about these balls is that each features a motivational message that will uplift your spirits. 

These inspirational quotes can serve as affirmations you turn to in times of duress. With every squeeze, you can look at the words to give yourself the necessary strength to deal with your challenges.

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Bluetrack Inc. Motivational Stress Ball

Similar to the previous item, this too is a set of three stress balls with inspiring words on them. The difference is that in this set you get a total of five balls. You can keep one for different locations like your workspace, bedroom, and living room. 

Practice your finger dexterity and grip or compress them to release nervous tension. The soothing words printed on them will help you focus on things within your control.

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Lavender Luvies Balls

If you are open to aromatherapy as a means to quell anxiety, these stress balls are perfect for you. This pack of 3 balls comes with assorted colours and each ball is lavender-scented. Linalool is a compound found in this medicinal flower that is an established anxiolytic.

Using these balls can effectively lower your cortisol levels because you’ll be deactivating the fight-or-flight response with each compression.The fragrance of lavender will reinforce this message and make it easier for you to calm down.

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ZGWJ LED Mesh Stress Balls

When you’re dealing with anxiety, a lighter mindset can make all the difference. Remind yourself of your playful childhood with this 12-piece pack of fun stress balls. Technically, these aren’t balls but a round mesh of smaller, squishy spheres that look like grapes when squeezed. 

The best part about them is that each press activates an LED light that makes the grapes glow. As a tactile and visual experience, this stress ball is a lot more attractive than most. 

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PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball

Here are 5 resistance exercise squeeze eggs made of thermoplastic rubber. This durable material retains the shape of the ball no matter how hard you crush it. 

These stress balls will stay with you through thick and thin and survive every panic attack with you. They are available in two resistance levels. The yellow and green one are slightly softer than the rest. Use these for days when you feel too tired to exert yourself. 

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Neliblu Smiling Balls

Remember the original squeezy yellow balls with the smiley faces? This bulk pack of 24 stress balls is of the classic design perfect for releasing energy and boosting your mood. 

They are also available as red heart-shaped balls with the same smile if you like a variation. Manage daily stress with a ball in each room and facilitate your focus and concentration. With enough squeezes, you’ll find yourself smiling just like the balls.

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Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball

Meet Collin, your de-stresser, your meditation buddy, and your travel companion. He’s blue, squishy, and has the ideal facial expression you hope to achieve. The makers of Collin and Rested Mind believe that it’s all a state of mind. That we are in ultimate control of how we feel. 

Squeezing Collin will help you get there and enhance your performance by bringing your mind to a state of calm. Rest, relax, and recharge yourself with this lovable stress ball.

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StringyBall Tethered Stress Ball

What gives this stress ball a competitive edge over other products is the attached string. You can wear it on your wrist and prevent it from dropping or rolling away. We all get a little shaky when we’re anxious and that can make us accidentally lose our grip. 

That won’t be a problem with this stress ball because it’ll stay close to you throughout your anxiety spell. Stringyball’s product is ideal for squeezing while driving.

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Friendly Swede Hand Grip Stress Ball

This is a pack of three stress balls with an optimised shape for better grip. The egg-like form is better suited to one’s palm especially if they have small hands. These come in attractive colours and have three levels of softness. Pick one based on your mood and needs. 

They are also available in three different sizes so you can pick a set that works best for you. The texture is slightly graded for an enhanced tactile experience.

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Piploc the Fube Fidget Cube

Anxiety can also be relieved using fidget toys that give your restless fingers something to do. The Fube combines the functionality of a stress ball and a fidget spinner in this playful cube. 

You get the feel of holding a ball thanks to the volume. But instead of just squeezing, you can press and play with the six different surfaces. It comes with a carry case and is available in multiple colours.

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Serenilite Firm Gel Star Stress Balls

The Serenilite stress ball is shaped like a cube as well and is filled with gel material. It features premium Dura-Grip Technology for an improved experience and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Buyers also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if they are not happy with their purchase. Available in grey, white, and black, these stress balls have a more sophisticated look. they’ll blend in with your office space as the unique design makes them more professional-looking. 

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Smack a Sack-Stress Relief Ball Sack

If you don’t mind something slightly naughty, you’ll love the Smack a Sack stress relief balls. They come in a pair with a creative sack for extra laughs. When your anxiety has got you feeling aggressive, smack away at this sack till you start smiling. 

The sellers are so sure of this that they offer a 30-day return policy that is easy, painless, and fast. Release all that pent up frustration with this toy or gift it to someone as a funny gag.

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Freegrace Stress Ball

Here is a pack of four balls meant for different purposes. Three of them are made of thermoplastic rubber and come in progressive resistance levels. They are egg-shaped for better grip. The fourth ball is a medium-sized sphere filled with gel. It has a soft coating that feels smooth and cloth-like against your palm. 

Customers find this a special deal because of the variations, price, and 90-day refund policy. The next time anxiety comes knocking, pick any one of these to let go of nervous energy.

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Super Z Mini Foam Sports Balls

Another bulk pack for people who love squeezing balls to lower their anxiety. This set is appropriate for individuals with a soft spot for sports as they are shaped like sports equipment. 

These are miniature basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and rugby balls (or soccer balls and American footballs). If you get pre-game jitters and want to avoid choking, take one of your favourites and calm your nerves with some fast-paced squeezes. 

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Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

SamcraftStudio Dice D20

Unlike other stress balls, this one by SamcraftStudio is shaped like a dice. Not the regular six-faced cube, this one has twenty triangular faces and looks exactly like the kind you’d roll for a board game. 

Except that this is made of foam and much larger so it can fit in your fist. The foam is firm so it retains its shape no matter how hard you grasp it. Play a game on your anxiety and thwart unnecessary panic by squeezing this dice stress ball.

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Koogel Globe Squeeze

Sometimes, anxiety makes you feel like you can’t control anything but everything can control you. Use this globe stress ball as a metaphor to practice your self affirmations. You are in control of yourself. The world can be at the palm of your hand if you restore your full functionality. 

The neatly labelled countries can actually serve as a grounding technique to distract yourself from unhelpful thoughts. Make future travel plans as you squeeze to motivate yourself to keep going.

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This was an extensive list of stress balls that you can use to help with your anxiety. We described each of these products and explained how they are helpful. We also discussed why these stress balls are better than others.

The stress balls mentioned in this list were Stress Less Motivational Quotes, Bluetrack Inc. Motivational Stress Ball, Lavender Luvies Balls, MalechaKnitting Tiny Jellyfish, PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball, Neliblu Smiling Balls, Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball, StringyBall Tethered Stress Ball, and Friendly Swede Hand Grip Stress Ball. 

Our list also included Piploc the Fube Fidget Cube, Serenilite Firm Gel Star Stress Balls, Smack a Sack-Stress Relief Ball Sack, Freegrace Stress Ball, Super Z Mini Foam Sports Balls, SamcraftStudio Dice D20, and Koogel Globe Squeeze.


What is inside a stress ball?

A stress ball normally contains closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber to give it the squishy feeling we enjoy. Some stress balls may also be filled with gels of different densities. These are preferred for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

What can you put inside a stress ball?

If you’re making DIY stress balls, there’s a lot of different kinds of materials you can use for the filling. Try using play dough or water beads if you have craft supplies. Or else, a visit to the kitchen can get you flour or rice, which can do the trick.

Do stress balls help with anxiety?

When you squeeze a foam ball, it relieves tension or stiffness built up in your muscles. That’s because you are repeatedly contracting and relaxing the body part. Doing this is an effective relaxation technique that’s great for lowering anxiety.