What is the best status to make your ex jealous? (+19 more)


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Page last updated: 12/11/2022

The following post will be giving you the best status to make your ex jealous. We have also given you a ton of other examples and samples that you can use on your social media. If you want to make your ex jealous, the easiest way is to put up a post or status.

What is the best status to make your ex jealous?

The best status to make your ex jealous is

‘Thinking about you makes me happy!’

In posting a status like this, your ex is bound to be curious as to who you are referring to and is definitely going to be jealous. This is also pretty safe since you are not exactly mentioning a certain person’s name. Apart from this, here are the best statuses to make your ex jealous.

  • ‘I had so much fun at the concert yesterday! Thank you for coming with me and making it even more worthwhile.’

This status can show that you have already started moving on and are getting a taste of new experiences in life. It can make your ex jealous since they are missing out on something great. Bonus points if the concert is for a band that you and your ex both love.

  • ‘I am looking forward to seeing you again. Hope it’s as soon as possible!’

In posting such a status, you can easily get your ex riled up since it shows that you have already dipped your toe into the dating pool. Since you are mentioning that you are keen on a second date, this is going to bring up even more jealousy as it shows that you really like the new person.

  • ‘I love working out with others. This is so much fun.’

This status is also going to immediately get the attention of your ex since it shows that you are having a fun time with others, but are not specifically mentioning who it is. You are also demonstrating that you are improving yourself, which can invoke more curiosity.

  • ‘It is so important to start your day on the right note. I am starting my day with the right person.’

A status like this is sure to get your ex crazy jealous. First off, it looks like you are with someone else already. Secondly, it makes it seem that you are starting your day with someone who just spent the night at your place.

  • ‘You are definitely the funniest person I have ever met. I can’t stop laughing because of you!’

This status works especially well if you are attempting to make a man jealous. This is because men find a high need to be the funny one in a relationship. Knowing that you have found someone who makes you laugh out loud is sure to make them jealous.

  • ‘Life just keeps getting better and better with each passing day!’

While this status does not point out any other person and is pretty vague, it still is highly positive. It also shows that you are experiencing great things in each day. Your ex is definitely going to be jealous especially since the message is not too clear.

  • ‘Thank you for making my birthday extra-special. Too stuffed with cake to speak to anyone for now!’

If you have recently had a birthday, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and post them up with this status. Especially since they have not been invited to your birthday party, your ex is going to be seething with jealousy.

  • ‘Girls night out! So excited to meet and dance with new people!’

This type of status can also be great for making your ex jealous. Since you are going out with your friends to meet new people, your ex is going to be curious about whom you are talking to and what you are up to.

  • ‘My wish has been granted!’

While in this status you are not exactly saying what wish has been granted, it sure is enough to catch the attention of many people, including your ex. A status such as this is going to make your ex curious about what wish you are talking about, especially if it is in the form of someone new.

  • ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’re simply the best!’

Through this status, your ex will be left curious as to who you are referring to. They will also be pretty insecure since you seem to have found someone new in your life who is helping you and satisfying your needs.

  • ‘I simply love … restaurant. The food and the people were both incredible last night.’

Many times when we are in a relationship we would not be able to go to all restaurants, mainly if the other person does not like a particular cuisine or if they are allergic to something. In this status, you can put up a name of a certain restaurant which your ex does not care much for.

  • ‘I can’t wait to try … again. Last time was so much fun!’

In this status, you can put the name of a certain fun activity. You get bonus points if the activity is something very unique and extremely unlike you. In doing so, your ex will be feeling pretty left out and also jealous that you are trying new things that you normally would not do.

  • ‘Finally my hair looks good again!’

Everyone is curious when their ex tries a new look, especially male ex-boyfriends. By putting up a status like this, you will be stoking the curiosity of your ex especially if you have not put up a pic. If you are indeed putting up a picture along with the status, you will be getting noticed more.

  • ‘Thank you for all the lovely gifts! Day made!’

When you put up a status such as this, it is bound to make your ex crazy jealous especially since you are getting gifts from someone and are all excited about it. This status is sure to get their attention more so if you are putting up a picture of all your gifts online.

  • ‘Everyone looks beautiful when they are truly in love. Blessed!’

A status like this is bound to bring many curious questions from well-wishers and even your ex. The best thing about such a status is that your ex is going to constantly wonder as to who you are referring to and if you have indeed found someone new in your life.

  • ‘I am back after my trip. Had so much fun and met tons of interesting people!’

This status is definitely going to get your ex seething with jealousy especially since you have gone on a trip by yourself. The consecutive line in the status is also bound to bring up some curiosity as to if you may have met a new potential romantic interest during this particular trip.

  • ‘Learning to dance with someone with two left-feet. This is definitely going to be interesting!’

In this status, you can include any type of activity, but can also mention dancing if you want to. Since learning to do an activity with someone means that you are comfortable with them, your ex is going to be asking themselves if it is too late to get you back in their lives.

  • ‘I never knew … could be so much fun. Thank you for making me do this!’

This status is going to get the attention of your ex, especially if you are including an activity that your ex hated to do or was not exactly so great at doing. When you put up a status such as this, your ex is going to be left wondering and curious, and even jealous that you are having fun.

  • ‘Blessed with my dream job! All is well!’

While this status may not involve someone else in the picture, it definitely is going to make your ex jealous since everything in your life is going smoothly. Putting up a picture of new workplace can also add to the effect.


The following post has given you the best status to make your ex jealous. We have also listed for you a ton of other examples and samples that you can use on your social media to make your ex jealous and curious about you.

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