Best Singing Bowl for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a list of the best singing bowls you can use to fight your anxiety better. Singing bowls are a meditation instrument that are recommended for mindfulness. These bowls can help you lower symptoms of anxiety by aiding meditation.

What are the Best Singing Bowls for Anxiety?

Here are some amazing singing bowls you can use to lower stress and anxiety:

Singing Bowls that Help with Anxiety

A singing bowl is a special type of bell that has Tibetan origins. It is used to produce rich, deep-toned vibrations that are said to have healing properties. These sounds are elicited by circulating a mallet around the surface of the bowl.

This motion causes the healing sounds and requires a mindful rotation of your wrist. That is why a singing bowl is traditionally used as an instrument for meditation. In addition to their calming and relaxing effects, singing bowls are also believed to have many health benefits.

Regular practice with a singing bowl can improve sleep, relieve pain, increase immunity, and relax your mind and body. It can also help with certain mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Below is a list of the best singing bowls for anxiety:

Healing Lama Hand Hammered

This bowl has the “A”note which is the pitch for the Third Eye chakra. It governs our intuition and potential psychic abilities. Unlocking or balancing the third eye chakra nurtures intuitive ability and improves memory and imagination. 

When your third eye chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may experience feelings of worthlessness or doubt yourself. These cause anxiety. Additionally, you may have trouble sleeping and struggle with learning new things. Use this singing bowl to heal yourself from your anxiousness.

Tobelifo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The sounds generated by this singing bowl is a type of energy medicine that promotes healing from stress disorders, depression. Research shows that the kind of sound can stimulate specific brain wave states. 

These initiate the relaxation response, restoring peace and harmony within the mind and body. So you’ll experience the enhanced creativity and mental clarity. It produces the music in C note, which will make you feel more grounded and have more trust in the world. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel afraid, anxious or fatigued.

TM Thamelmart for Beautiful Minds

This singing bowl creates a deep sound perfectly suitable in meditation or sound bath uses. The sounds generated by this bowl is a type of energy medicine. The melodies promote healing from stress disorders, depression and anxiety significantly. Anxiety takes away our sanity and leaves us irritable, jittery and sad. 

A singing bowl’s sound can be used to create an ambience for emotional calming & healing. It is a D note bown which heals the Sacral Chakra. When this chakra is out of balance, you may experience boredom and frustration or feel uninspired.

Telsha Meditative Himalayan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls have been widely used for healing and calming. The reaction between the bowl and the mallet causes deep, soothing vibrations. It produces a healing sound that lends itself to feelings of zen and peace. 

This helps to control your anxiety and stress and makes you feel grounded. A Note E singing bow, it heals the Solar Plexus Chakra. When this chakra is blocked, you may experience poor self-esteem or overcompensate your lack of confidence. These are symptoms of anxiety and this bown will help you control them.

Himalayan Bazaar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The sound of the bowl has calming effects and provides one with clarity and peace of mind. Also aiding in logical thinking, this bowl can be used for meditation to feel grounded. It is used for healing from stress disorders and anxiety. 

This bowl stimulates the Note A and the Third Eye Chakra. When your third eye chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may experience feelings of worthlessness or doubt yourself. All of these are clearly signs of having anxiety and this bowl will help you get rid of them.

Himalayan Bazaar Singing Bowl Set with Endless Knot

Popular among zen practitioners and healers for prayer meditation, these singing bowls are frequently used for cleansing. Oftentimes, negativity and bad energy makes us feel restless and nervous. It gives rise to negative automatic thoughts in our mind. 

However, this bowl is known for stress and anxiety reduction and deep relaxation. The singing bowl mostly produces the Note E, which heals the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can become misaligned if you experience failure or unpleasant social interactions and may cause poor self-esteem and stress.

Topfund Blue

The Topfund bowl gives off the Note G, which is known for healing the fifth chakra – the Throat Chakra. The main challenge for the fifth chakra is doubt and negative thinking. Anxious thoughts might be a result of this doubt and negativity. 

When you gain and verify your knowledge through meditation and direct experience, then doubt and negativity are removed. Instances of poor communication, such as a bad interview or argument, can shift the throat chakra. Meditating with this bowl, will give you clarity about such situations. You will feel grounded and energised for whatever life throws at you next.

Topfund Red

Topfund’s root chakra singing bowl is tuned C note. This chakra is related to our emotional and mental stability. When this chakra is aligned, we feel more grounded. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel afraid or anxious. This chakra can become blocked or unbalanced if something threatens your basic survival needs. 

This might be caused by negativity around you or inside you. Both can give rise to anxiety which affects physical and mental health adversely. Soothe yourself and calm your nerves using this melodious bowl set.

Leize Crystal Singing Bowl

The D note crystal singing bowl here is used for the healing of the Sacral chakra (Navel) Chakra. Known for bringing you confidence, will-power, and courage, unalignment of this chakra may be distressing. 

When this chakra is out of balance, you may experience boredom and frustration or feel uninspired. All of these can lead to anxiety and spinning out. You might start doubting and questioning everything inside and around you. Heal your chakra using this melodic bowl and improve your mental well-being.

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Silent Mind bowl gives a multi-sensory path to a more gentle, peaceful place. Anxiety makes us nervous, jittery and scared. It reduces and compromises with our anxiety. To get rid of this anxiety, make this bowl your constant spiritual companion. 

The fascinating blend of vibrational harmonics produced are widely used for meditation and space clearing. Its pleasant and long-lasting sound also helps to reduce stress. The melody alters consciousness and creates a deep sense of peace, well-being and better health. Wave your anxiety good-bye and get ready for a better life!

DomeStar Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls produce the resonant sounds and deep vibrations that can relax your mind and release stress. They make a great choice for yoga meditation, sound therapy, spiritual gatherings and stress relief. This bowl is ideal for healing from stress disorders, and depression. 

It gives off the musical Note F, which is associated with the Heart Chakra. When the heart chakra is blocked or unbalanced, our relationships with others suffer. That can make us paranoid and anxious. Using this bowl, we can heal and align our chakra, to relieve anxiety and feel grounded.

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

We all know how hard it is to focus and concentrate when we feel anxious. It becomes impossible to feel grounded and centred. But not anymore. Use this melodic singing bowl to attain, enhance and facilitate a fully immersive experience of meditation, mindfulness and deep harmony. 

Your anxiety might also be caused by non-alignment of chakras. Chakras are energy centres. When one or more of these energy centers are out of balance or blocked, there might be distress. Singing bowls are highly effective in aligning chakras.

Yak Therapy Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

With its harmonic, long-lasting ambient sound, this buddhist bowl will soon be your favorite item for relaxation and meditation. The high resonance of this traditional Tibetan singing bowl balances your crown chakra, relaxes your body, and relieves stress. 

The Crown Chakra corresponds to the musical Note B. A crown chakra that is unbalanced or blocked may cause you to feel lost, confused and depressed. Feeling lost and confused are common tell-tale signs of anxiety. Heal your mental health using this euphonious singing bowl.

Biggo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Striking this bowl will generate a type of sound energy medicine which is a type of natural treatment. It can promote healing from diseases ,such as frustration, insomnia, pain, depression etc. 

Meditation bowls are known for assisting yogis and stylites to open a deeper level of emotional self-regulation. Use this bowl to relax and de-stress for a calm and focused life. Exude positive energy using this tuneful instrument. Heal your chakras and attain groundedness and relief from your anxiety.

Wish Well Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

When your body parts are vibrating non-harmoniously internally, it can cause pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and hypertension. Properly aligned chakras allow energy to flow freely through our body, contributing to our happiness and health. 

When chakras are blocked,the deep tone of this chakra bowl can help balance them in a natural manner. Anxiety can cause havoc in your life if it is not nipped in the bud. It can cause physical and emotional disturbance. Get healed naturally, in the privacy of your homes using this bowl.

Myshape Time Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The sound vibration produced by the hand-crafted Tibetan singing bowl set is captivating. From using the sound vibrations for healing the mind to using them for the introspection period. 

The excellent vibrations can give you the motive of imparting enlightenment and peace, to yourself and others. It helps you relax and relieve stress after a hard day’s work. It promotes relaxation and offers powerful healing properties. Align your chakras, cure your anxiety and learn how to ground yourself using this bowl set.

Ohm Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. You can easily play peaceful and mesmerizing tones on this unique Tibetan singing bowl

You can create a type of energy medicine using this bowl, that reduces stress and promotes spiritual and mental healing. Use of a Himalayan singing bowl can help you access theta and alpha brain waves. Anxiety prevents us from thinking rationally. This bowl opens you up to insight and calm, beyond the rational mind.


This was a list of the best singing bowls you can use to fight your anxiety better. Singing bowls are a meditation instrument that are recommended for mindfulness. These bowls can help you lower symptoms of anxiety by aiding meditation.

The best singing bowls described in our list were Healing Lama Hand Hammered, Tobelifo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, TM Thamelmart for Beautiful Minds, Telsha Meditative Himalayan Singing Bowl, Himalayan Bazaar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Himalayan Bazaar Singing Bowl Set with Endless Knot, and Topfund Blue.

We also talked about Topfund Red, Leize Crystal Singing Bowl, Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, DomeStar Tibetan Singing Bowl, Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Yak Therapy Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Biggo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Wish Well Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Myshape Time Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, and Ohm Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

FAQs (Best Singing Bowl for Anxiety)

How do I choose a singing bowl?

Choosing the right singing bowl for yourself will involve understanding some things about the instrument. Pick a size that feels natural to you and look for a tone that heals the chakra you need to balance. 
Sellers will indicate whether the bowl you have chosen is meant for healing the whole body or any body part. Check for any cracks or damage before your final purchase.

Can singing bowls heal?

Yes, it is a historical belief that these bowls can help a person by promoting holistic wellness. Using a singing bowl is a grounding experience that involves the synchrony of both mind and body. The meditative nature of this practice also stimulates spiritual healing.

How often should you use a singing bowl?

It is said that the best results come from using a singing bowl daily. You can even practice it twice a day as you start and end your daily routine.


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