Best Sheets for Anxiety (15+ List)

Here, we are going to describe some of the best bed sheets for anxiety. These are soft, heat insulated, quick-drying, and moisture-preventing fabrics. Together, the properties listed help promote a good night’s sleep despite struggles with anxiety.

What are the Best Sheets for Anxiety?

These are the best bed sheets for people with anxiety disorders:

Top Sheets to Suit Your Anxiety

When one’s dealing with an anxiety disorder, there are things you can do in addition to seeking professional help. Many of these are simple lifestyle changes you can make to support your recovery and manage symptoms better. Using the right sheets for your bed is one such technique.

Anxiety and sleep often go hand in hand where one causes a disturbance to the other. Many research studies show that anxiety causes difficulty sleeping, frequent awakenings, and night sweats. Fortunately, there are special sheets designed to counter these effects.

Here are the best sheets for anxiety that can help improve your experience:

Bed Bath & Beyond Italian

Anxiety and depression are highly prevalent mental health conditions in today’s world. These prevent them from having restful sleep. Some might also take medications for this. Which may help the disorder, but can also be increasing your night sweats

That is why you need a bed sheet that can guarantee you a peaceful sleep. This organic cotton bedsheet does exactly that for you. Say good night to your anxiety forever and wake up feeling refreshed.

Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale

Coyuchi’s 100% cotton bed sheet is relaxing, lightweights and durably soft. Its relaxed percale relaxes you. Anxiety might cause nervousness, jitters and night sweats. It might also cause Restless leg syndrome.

 All of these create a cocktail that prevents you from getting a full night’s rest. The softness of the bed sheet makes you relaxed and calm. The organic cotton prevents allergies, as they are hypoallergenic. Get relief from your anxiety by sleeping on this amazing sheet.

Wicked Sheets Cooling

In comparison to traditional bed sheets, these cooling bed sheets and products allow three times more air flow and breathability. You can be assured that you will be comfortable the whole night. 

They dry  four times faster, so you do not have to be anxious about them being moist. The fabric prevents absorption of heat from light sources, so the bed sheet remains cool and doesn’t accentuate night sweats. The best features include moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology that free you from the worry that other bed sheets might give you.

Sijo Premium Lyocell Cooling

Sijo Premium bed sheets provide exceptional temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. It absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton in a controlled manner. Then, it quickly releases it to provide the perfect dry sleeping environment. A dry sleeping environment guarantees an uninterrupted sleep. 

Excess worry and fear makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. These might be aggravated with uncomfortable bed sheets. Sleep deprivation can worsen anxiety, spurring a negative cycle involving insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Parachute Linen

Having an underlying anxiety disorder can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle on top of those everyday stressors. Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep then exacerbates anxiety, so it’s a destructive cycle. Put an end to it right now! 

Parachute’s durable, breathable linen starts soft and only gets softer over time. It is also extremely suitable for hot sleepers who might get night sweats. Night sweats can be caused by anxiety and stress. Close your eyes on these soft and cool bed sheets to get a night of peaceful rest.

Parachute Percale

Crafted from 100% premium Egyptian cotton – this percale is lightweight and durable with a crisp finish that only gets better with time. This sheet will give you a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.  

Anxiety might cause disturbed sleep. It is also possible to worry yourself awake. To prevent this, you will need comfortable, cooling sheets that can keep you from stressing during sleep time.

Threadmill Home Linen Queen Sheets

Made using extra-long staple cotton yarns, these 600 thread count sheets are the perfect combination of smoothness, breathability, and durability. Breathability is of crucial importance when choosing bed sheets. 

If not, you might feel hot and suffocated, and not be comfortable enough to sustain sleepiness. Not getting a full night’s sleep can induce stress and worry and give rise to anxiety. This in turn, can cause night sweats and bad dreams, which constitute anxiety during bed time. Put an end to this vicious cycle using this amazing bedsheet.

Slumber Cloud Essential Sheet Set

Airy, breathable, and perfectly weighted, this bed sheet combines the soft durability of cotton with the performance of temperature-regulating fibers. Night sweats might wake you up mid-sleep. Not being rested completely at night, can cause anxiety during the day. 

Put an end to overheating and humidity build-up for maximum sleep comfort. The bedroom staple that stays cool, comfortable, and supremely soft. Wake up refreshed and stress-free, using this essential sheet set.

Layla Bamboo Sheets

These bamboo sheets made of 100% Viscose from bamboo are incredibly soft, light and lush. Sleeping on coarse material can not only be uncomfortable, but downright distressing. It might make you unable to feel completely rested, which in turn would cause you to feel restless and tired. 

Anxious thoughts might keep wandering in your head and make you jittery and sick. All of these can be solved with a night of good sleep. Reward yourself with these soft sheets and treat yourself the right way.

HotelSheetsDirect Bed Sheets

Lack of sleep can lead to or worsen psychiatric issues like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and ADHD. It can cause emotional disturbance and instigate your anxiety. Anxious thoughts have the capability of ruining every nice moment in your day and leave you feeling down and miserable. 

Using these top grade, bamboo fibers, a softer than silk bedding has been created that assures you a good sleep. Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed without any worry or anxiety.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy, using this relaxing bed sheet. Even if you feel distressed and anxious throughout the day, you deserve to find peace at night. 

Having a good rest, is something most hard-working people look forward to during the whole day. These products are extra soft, easy to care for, and are built to last. You get the comfort you deserve after dealing with life the whole day. Rest up, and get rid of your anxiety!

Snowe Percale Sheet Set

Italian milled percale with which this bed sheet is made is breathable, crisp, and incredibly smooth. It is exceptionally made to provide you the rest that you need to be fully functioning. Anxiety mostly renders us lethargic and makes us jittery and nervous. 

Sleeplessness can also be a common symptom of anxiety, as the nervousness and negative thoughts keep us awake. But not anymore. Wave good-bye to your anxiety and nervousness with these comfortable bed sheets.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

These cool and crisp sheets are perfect for hot sleepers. These sheets will help you stay cool all night long. Now, no more night sweats or restless leg syndrome that keep you up all night. 

Made with 100% long-staple cotton, you’ll feel like you’re snuggling up in luxury every single night. The 8 hour sleep that will follow will make you feel rejuvenated and boost your well-being. Forget anxious, nervous thoughts interrupting your life and take control of it with joy and happiness.

Sleep Mantra Cotton

Sheets from this company are cool and crisp to the touch. A lightweight collection that keeps you cool in the summer, these are unlike heavy Egyptian cotton or sateen sheets. Sheets like these give you a good night’s sleep and prevents you from feeling tired and sad during the day. 

Tired minds often give rise to anxiety and stress and makes you unable to focus on anything that you do. Stop this cycle once and for all using these magically comforting sheets.

Gravity Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are the cooling, moisture-wicking sheets of your dreams. Whether anxiety or related disorder is the cause of your night sweats or overheating, these bed sheets will solve it. Doctors and therapists all around the world are its biggest advocates.

They know that sleep interruptions can absolutely be the result of your sleep environment being too hot or your sleep spot being wet from sweat. You get a complete sleep and wake up without any anxiety.

Nest Bedding Tencel

Tencel fibers channel moisture away from the body, making it 70 percent more absorbent than cotton and temperature neutral. You won’t have night sweats or overheating problems with this sheet. 

Having unfinished sleep might be caused by this. Anxiety and stress that result from not having enough sleep create dysfunction and irritability. Difficulty falling asleep may unleash its own set of worries and fuel the cycle of anxiety and insomnia. Put an end to this using these wonderful sheets.


Here, we described some of the best bed sheets for anxiety. These were soft, heat-insulated, quick-drying, and moisture-preventing fabrics. Together, the properties listed help promote a good night’s sleep despite struggles with anxiety.

The sheets included in this list were Bed Bath & Beyond Italian, Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale, Wicked Sheets Cooling, and Sijo Premium Lyocell Cooling.

We also mentioned Parachute Linen, Parachute Percale, Threadmill Home Linen Queen Sheets, Slumber Cloud Essential Sheet Set, Layla Bamboo Sheets, HotelSheetsDirect Bed Sheets, Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, Snowe Percale Sheet Set, Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set, Sleep Mantra Cotton, Gravity Bamboo Sheets, and Nest Bedding Tencel.

FAQs (Best Sheets for Anxiety)

What sheets will stop night sweats?

There are a couple of fabrics used in making bed sheets that can prevent you from having night sweats. These are:
Eucalyptus fiber

What is the best material for sheets to keep you cool?

You can try any of these materials for a nice breathable bed:

How do you know which sheets are best to buy?

When looking for a good bed sheet, consider the following steps:
The softer the better
Look for a threadcount from 200-800
Don’t assume that it will fit your mattress
Educate yourself about different weaves
Find something that suits your budget


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