Best Sage for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a quick guide to the best sage products that will help you deal with anxiety. The items mentioned here are split into four categories. You’ll find soaps, essential oils, scented candles, and teas to access the goodness of sage.

What is the Best Sage for Anxiety?

If you want to use sage products to quell symptoms of anxiety, try these:

Sage Soaps for Anxiety

A lovely way to start using sage for anxiety management is through soaps. It gives you access to the calming fragrance while creating an opportunity for self care. Use these sage soaps to not only cleanse your skin but to touch yourself in a healing manner:

Alternative Imagination Cold Press Soap Bar

Sage eases anxiety and boosts alertness. Even in the 16th Century it was known to be good for the head and brain. A famous English herbalist said, it sharpened the senses and memory. Anxiety can make you very lethargic or even wary of leaving your house. 

Use this soap while bathing in the morning to forget these woes. Handcrafted with natural ingredients and fragrant oils, this everyday soap will give you the motivation to start your day! Its optimal alkaline level will make your body feel supple.

Pre de Provence Luxury Gift Set

Even after a hard day of work or play, you might not be able to go to sleep, or sustain it. Some of the big reasons for this can be stress or anxiety. Sage has been known to boost cognitive function to fight against this, and is an active ingredient in the soap.

This soap is made using old-world methods practised in the French Provence. This leads to the creation of a soap that has few impurities and an incredibly smooth texture., which is long-lasting.

Moon Valley Organics Oatmeal Sage

Warm baths help ease tension, relax anxious muscles, and give an euphoric, yet calm feeling, when you are tightly wound. Add to this, the magic of Sage, which is known for its effects against depression and anxiety.

This oatmeal sage moisturizing body bar blends oats, with sage and nettle leaf, known for their cleansing and exfoliating powers. These medicinal herbs are combined in mineral and antioxidant-rich oils to seal in their goodness.

Amish Farms White Sage Soap

Burning sage is still popular among many communities, like it was earlier. This miracle herb was used by early natives for its natural therapeutic properties to heal fear and anxiety. Experience the same calmness and healing with this modern blend of powerful herbs.

The soap has a natural loofah texture of ground White Prairie Sage leaves, infused with soothing lavender essential oil. Relax with this soap after a long day, in a warm bath, to forget all the worries and negative thoughts.

Sage Essential Oils for Anxiety

The fastest way to use sage in aromatherapy for anxiety is through essential oils. These are natural and pure extracts that give you concentrated goodness. Apply dilutions topically or fill your room with the scent through a diffuser. The top sage essential oils online are:

Gya Labs Clary Sage Essential Oil

Gya Lab’s clary sage oil essential oil perspires an earthy and herby aroma just like clary sage herb itself. Feel yourself being in the bosom of nature, where anxiety and worry doesn’t exist. 

Sage has known benefits to clear your head of negative thoughts and feelings. It helps you calm your nerves and feel relaxed and fresh. Anxiety can be very tiring and confusing. However, with this essential oil, a few drops are guaranteed to give you the peace and calm you deserve.

ArOmis Clary Sage Essential Oil

ArOmis is a certified organic 100% pure clary sage essential oil. Made from plants grown by small farmers in Africa, it is environmentally sustainable as well. Users have raved about how this essential oil has helped with their anxiety. 

Yoga and Aromatherapy practitioners have been known to use this as well. They said how they see patients start to relax and go into a more neutral state within minutes. If you are facing problems taking a break, relaxing or going to sleep, use this sage essential oil today!

NOW Essential Oils

Sage is normalizing, balancing and soothing with a warm, camphoraceous scent that promotes balance and relaxation. Essential oils for relaxation are a natural and effective way to stay calm, no matter what challenge you face. 

So, make this sage essential oil a part of your life to feel peaceful and tranquil. NOW essential oils are highly concentrated and 100% pure and free of synthetic ingredients. This ensures that they deliver the very best benefit of the source of the herb.

Miracle Botanicals Kashmir Clary Sage Essential Oil

Kashmir Clary Sage oil is often used in aromatherapy to ease stress, anxiety and depression. While doing so, it also instills a sense of calm and happiness. The world is in a never-seen-before situation right now, which is causing anxiety and distress for a lot of us. Take care of yourself using this essential oil.

Kashmir Clary Sage may be used in a massage oil for its relaxing and revitalizing properties. The multiple herbs and plant roots present in this liquid makes it an effective solution for mental health related problems.

Sage Scented Candles for Anxiety

Besides essential oils, you can also use sage-scented candles for aromatherapy. These create a calming ambience as the dim glow of the flame goes well with the fragrance. Indulge in some much needed self care with these candles to lower your anxiety:

Sage Your Life Anxiety Relief Candle

No one needs to be dwelling in anxious thoughts while they are busy working or after coming back from work. Sage Anxiety Candle was created with your mental health in mind. It is topped with Lavender, and other herbs to help relieve the stress that causes anxiety. 

It has been infused with quartz crystals at the bottom, which are known to spread positivity. The beautiful purple colour of this candle and calming lavender scent sparks a calming sensation. Let it help you keep your peace of mind, wherever you are.

Craft & Kin White Sage Candle

Infused with white sage, this aromatherapy candle will help you soothe, restore and harmonize your body and mind. The calming and relaxing notes of the herbs, will make you feel serene, relaxed and peaceful enough to take some rest. The latter becomes really hard if you have anxiety. 

How are you supposed to close your eyes and just relax, when you have a thousand thoughts bombarding your mind? The burn time of this candle is 45 hours, while the smell is ever-lasting. They are designed in California and are non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.

Harmony Home Studio White Sage Energy

Sage moves energy, dissipates stagnancy, and gives a clear enlightened radiance from within. This herb is known to aid in natural care anxiety and stress relief. Burning white sage promotes positive energy. 

This candle has combined white sage essence with natural soy wax to create a grounding and refreshing scent. Let this candle serve as a visual reminder everyday to take time for yourself. Tune in to how you feel, how you want to feel, and visualize a clear intention, with it.

The Sunny Factory Pure White Sage Smudge Candle

Smudging dissolves negativity through the intentional act of burning a natural herb. Consistency conquers, and thus burning sage daily (smudging) as a cleansing practice and method to mindfulness would work wonders. However, it might not be suitable for people with respiratory problems. 

This is why a mudge candle would be a perfect substitute for it. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this improves your mental clarity. It allows you to set your intention and dedicate yourself to self-improvement. Use this candle to banish negative energy and manifest positivity.

Sage Tea for Anxiety

The final category in this blog is of sage-infused teas. You can drink them hot or iced according to your preference. As sage is an adaptogen, these beverages will make you feel a lot calmer and composed:

Dogadan Adacayi (Sage Herbal Tea)

There are several purported benefits of using sage internally. Some of them are protection against memory loss, depression and improving mood. You can use it in the morning to calm your nerves before a big day of exams, meetings or performances. 

Or, you can use it to put yourself to sleep, without having to think about scary, negative stuff. This tea has a distinctly more deeply herbal flavour to it. Regular users have mentioned that it was light and flavourful and all around very good.

Buddha Teas Organic Sage Leaf Tea

Both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine readily incorporate sage leaf into healing prescriptions. More specifically, to support mental function, help alleviate pain, and offer relief to those dealing with symptoms of anxiety. Sage Leaf Tea offers numerous essential nutrients. 

This tea is a delicious, savoury tea with a nurturing, warming essence. It has many health benefits, apart from being a relaxing beverage. Buddha Teas are made using nothing but pure, organic sage leaves, unadulterated by the use of artificial additives or flavourings.

Celebration Herbals Tea

Scientific studies show improved memory and cognition (thinking ability), as a result of consuming sage. In addition, increased dosages were related to improvements in mood and feeling alert, calm, and content.

Try this tea in the morning and before you go to bed, to experience all its benefits! These herbs are grown and harvested with the highest standards of quality control. They are organic, ethically harvested and certified pure and unadulterated.

Alvita Organic Sage Herbal Tea

Since ancient times, sage (Salvia officinalis) has been associated with good health. The herb’s Latin name, Salvia, translates into “to be saved”. In Chinese, Indian, and North American herbal practices, tea made from sage leaves has been used as a soothing aid. It has always been widely used for mental health related issues like anxious thoughts and stress.

Alvita Sage Tea is made with premium-quality, organic sage leaves, and produces a peppery fragrance with a mildly astringent flavour. It is delicious to consume and gives you a light and nice feeling.


This was a quick guide to the best sage products that will help you deal with anxiety. The items mentioned here were split into four categories. You read about soaps, essential oils, scented candles, and teas that provide you with the goodness of sage.

Sage products listed here were Alternative Imagination Cold Press Soap Bar, Pre de Provence Luxury Gift Set, Moon Valley Organics Oatmeal Sage, Amish Farms White Sage Soap, Gya Labs Clary Sage Essential Oil, ArOmis Clary Sage Essential Oil, NOW Essential Oils, Miracle Botanicals Kashmir Clary Sage Essential Oil, Sage Your Life Anxiety Relief Candle.

We also described Craft & Kin White Sage Candle, Harmony Home Studio White Sage Energy, The Sunny Factory Pure White Sage Smudge Candle, Dogadan Adacayi (Sage Herbal Tea), Buddha Teas Organic Sage Leaf Tea, Celebration Herbals Tea, Alvita Organic Sage Herbal Tea.

FAQs (Best Sage for Anxiety)

Is burning sage bad for your lungs?

If you’re burning sage, it should be done for short durations. Doing so is unlikely to cause any harm. However, if you have breathing issues like asthma or lung problems, it’s better to avoid burning it altogether.

What is blue sage burned for?

In occult practices, blue sage is burnt as a cleansing activity to get rid of negativity and evil spirits. It is generally burnt as a part of rituals and ceremonies to shoo the evil eye. Some people simply burn it for the pleasant fragrance.

Can sage be harmful?

Sage can be harmful if consumed and in large amounts. It contains chemicals that might cause damage to the liver or nervous system. However, when infused in tea, it is taken in safe portions and is harmless.