Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny (+4 Samples)

This blog post is a guide for individuals who want to resign in the funniest way possible. The tips and samples included cover both appropriate and inappropriate jokes for this purpose.

Writing the Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny

Writing funny resignation letters can be a tricky job. If you have no regard for the workplace and don’t mind burning bridges, we have some hilarious samples you can refer to. However, if you want to preserve the relationship and still be funny, here are some tips you can use”

  • Try using double meanings with reference to elements of the workplace
  • Utilize inside company jokes that your boss will understand
  • You can be facetious but don’t take it too far
  • Use some self-deprecating humour
  • Don’t joke about leaking confidential information as you may get in trouble

Sample 1: Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny

Write the following message on a piece of toilet paper:


I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel this company is going.



You can also make a doodle of a toilet at the bottom.

Sample 2: Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny


I am writing this letter to you as my resignation of employment at (company name) as (designation).

I have had a lifelong dream of becoming a pirate. And today, I have been given the opportunity to finally become one. I set sale on (date) and will spend most of my time at work until then thinking of a pirate name. I am open to suggestions.

Please do not be alarmed if I start talking strange during this time too.

Yarrr, as per my contract of employment, I am giving ye 2 weeks notice and me last date will be the (date). 

Thank ye matey for ye support during me employment.


Scurvy Legs McGee”

Sample 3: Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny

(Sketch a dinosaur)

Write on the top: “This is a sketch of a dinosaur”

Write at the bottom: “This is also my two weeks notice”

Sample 4: Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny

“Dear (Supervisor Name)

Notice of Termination of Employment

The joab’s crap and am leaving.

I’ll no be back after (date). Canny wait.

Good luck in getting some other mug to clean the place.


(Your Name)

Yee ha.”

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FAQs (Best Resignation Letter Ever Funny)

How do you write a sassy resignation letter?

You should try to avoid writing a sassy resignation letter full of angry or sarcastic sentences as this may burn bridges with your workplace. Moreover, your letter will be added to your file so future employers may have access to it.

How do you resign in style?

If you want to resign in style, write a brilliant letter that showcases your character strengths such as openness, gratitude, compassion, and class.

What is the most professional way to resign?

The most professional way to resign is to give adequate notice, inform your superiors in person as well, and to submit a well written letter of resignation.


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