Best Podcasts for Anxiety (15 Great options)

The current article will be checking out some of the best podcasts for anxiety that you can find on the internet today. These podcasts can not only be used for reducing your anxiety levels but to also improve your mental health.

Best Podcasts for Anxiety

The best podcasts for anxiety have been discussed in the following section,

  • The Anxiety Guy
  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
  • The Anxiety Coaches
  • Meditation Minis Podcast
  • Your Anxiety Toolkit
  • The Overwhelmed Brain
  • Rebel Buddhist
  • Not Another Anxiety Show
  • The Positive Psychology Podcast
  • The Hilarious World of Depression
  • Black Mental Health Podcast
  • Get Sleepy
  • Anxious in Austin
  • Your Social Anxiety Bestie

The Anxiety Guy

This podcast was created by Dennis Simset who is a retired professional tennis player. After his experience with anxiety and mental health issues, he decided to create a podcast to help others cope with their anxiety

The podcast is not only about Simset explaining various coping strategies and solutions, but is also about him expressing his thoughts and feelings, like a video diary. This podcast can be listened to for free on iTunes.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The ever-fantastic Oprah is the creator of this podcast. While this podcast is not entirely scientific when it comes to mental health, it can be very inspiring and can be superb if you have been feeling down in the dumps and need a boost in your self-esteem.

In this podcast, you can listen to interviews with mental health experts and even other inspirational people who give away brilliant strategies and techniques which can bring down your levels of anxiety and make you feel more positive.

The Anxiety Coaches

This podcast is run by Gina Ryan who is an anxiety coach who is also a nutritionist. The Anxiety Coaches of the podcast are not exactly mental health experts but are actually people who have simply experienced anxiety before and managed to fight it.

In this podcast, you can get information about science-back coping strategies for your anxiety and also information to improve your spirituality and your prayer life. This podcast gives two new refreshing episodes every week.

Meditation Minis Podcast

As the name suggests, the Meditation Minis Podcast is specifically designed to help you meditate through simple baby steps every day. The podcast is hosted by Chel Hamilton and can be found on Apple.

The guided meditations in this podcast are short and are led using simple language. The meditations in the podcast las for about 10 minutes on an average, but there are also much longer meditations for about 20 minutes.

Your Anxiety Toolkit

In this podcast, it is all about science. This place is a perfect collection of mental health tools and resources which can be used for reducing anxiety levels. The host of this podcast is Kimberly Quinlan who is originally a marriage therapist.

The podcast has new episodes every week and the guests who offer their advice here bring new perspectives on the matter. According to Quinlan, the aim of the podcast is to give the audience the right tools, to inspire them and bring them compassion.

The Overwhelmed Brain

The Overwhelmed Brain is led by Paul Colaianni who is a behavioral coach. After his experience with depression in the past, Colaianni created this podcast to help others who are going through the same experience as he did.

The podcast mainly centers on relationships, marriage and dating, but even covers many other topics. The biggest overview of this podcast is promoting accountability, particularly self-accountability.

Rebel Buddhist

This podcast is led by Ana Verzone who is a life coach and is perfect for overall mental health. It is called the Rebel Buddhist podcast because it encourages people to swim against the tide and make mistakes and learn lessons on their own.

Not Another Anxiety Show

Kelli Walker is the host of the ‘Not Another Anxiety Show’ and in this podcast, you can find information on how to scientifically cope with anxiety and manage panic attacks on your own. You will also be able to learn from a variety of mental health experts in this podcast.

The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology Podcast is definitely one of the best podcasts out there which can be used to cope with anxiety. Apart from anxiety, this podcast covers numerous mental health topics.

The podcast offers information about positive psychology which is very easy to follow. The techniques offered through The Positive Psychology Podcast can be used for lowering anxiety levels on your own and also for improving your mental health in general.

The Hilarious World of Depression

If you are looking for a humorous spin on mental health and anxiety, The Hilarious World of Depression podcast is the way to go. This podcast is very popular among its audience due to its light-hearted take on normally tabooed topics like mental health.

The main aim of this podcast is to break the stigma around mental health conditions. This can be great for reducing anxiety levels and coping with mental health diagnoses in general since the stigma around them is the biggest barrier to seeking treatment.

Black Mental Health Podcast

The Black Mental Health Podcast is specifically created for Black people and even for BIPOC people. The host of the Black Mental Health Podcast is Reginald A. Howard. Apart from mental health specifically, the podcast also covers other social issues concerning the community.


This podcast is not particularly directed toward anxiety, but has been created for people from the LGBTQ&A community. In this podcast, the most common factors which target this community are covered, along with their mental health issues.

The host of LGBTQ&A is Jeffrey Masters and the podcast covers a range of topics and also has interviews which are all about improving the self-esteem of the listener. There may be no scientific strategies given here, but the podcast can still be perfect for inspiration.

Get Sleepy

Get Sleepy is the perfect place to come by if you have not been able to get some solid sleep due to anxiety issues. In this podcast, you will find a number of sleep stories which are directed towards helping the listener sleep well.

The Get Sleepy podcast can be found on Apple and the stories are narrated by different people. The sleep stories are not just stories but are directed towards relaxation. The free version of the Get Sleepy podcast has ads and this can be a disadvantage for sleepy listeners.

Anxious in Austin

The ‘Anxious in Austin’ podcast is perfect for those who are struggling with anxiety and want new coping strategies and techniques to cope with this condition. This podcast is run by Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smithyman who are both psychologists from Austin.

Apart from anxiety in particular, the podcast also covers other mental health issues like burnout and relationships. However, one drawback of this podcast is that the episodes do not come regularly and you might have to wait for a couple of months for the next episode.

Your Social Anxiety Bestie

Another great podcast that you can explore is ‘Your Social Anxiety Bestie’. This podcast is more specifically directed with social anxiety, which has actually affected a lot of people, especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

This podcast is hosted by Sadie Hall who also lives with social anxiety. In this podcast, you will be able to find a number of coping tools that you can use to cope with social anxiety on a daily basis. This podcast can be found on Apple and has a superb rating.


The current article has checked out some of the best podcasts for anxiety that you can find on the internet today, which can not only be used for reducing your anxiety levels but to also improve your mental health.

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