Best Pet Bed for Anxiety


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Page last updated: 15/09/2022

Best Pet Bed for Anxiety

In this article, we are going to discuss the best Pet Bed for anxiety. We will start by explaining what a pet bed is and how they’re helpful.

What are the Best Pet Beds for Anxiety?

Following is the list of best pet beds for Anxiety:

What is dog Anxiety?

Dog anxiety affects all breeds, although it differs from one dog to the next. While all dogs feel anxiety from time to time, if excessive levels of anxiety are not addressed, a dog may develop an anxiety disorder. Dog anxiety, if left unchecked, can lead to behavioural and other problems.

What are the symptoms of dog Anxiety?

Common signs of anxiety in dogs include:

  • Barking or howling when owner isn’t home
  • Panting and pacing (even when it’s not hot)
  • Shivering
  • Running away and/or cowering in the corner of a house
  • Digging
  • Escaping the yard
  • Destroying furniture
  • Self-harm, including excessive licking or chewing
  • Not eating
  • Urinating more frequently
  • A general inability to settle.

What is a pet bed?

They can be used for daytime napping and nighttime sleeping. A bed, rather than the floor, will keep your dog warm, provide protection for arthritic joints, and avoid calluses. And, unlike a sofa or a human bed, dog beds are private spaces where pups can relax.

Best Pet Bed for Anxiety

What is Calming dog bed?

Calming dog beds are basically dog beds that are built to offer extra warmth and comfort to your dog. They’re super cute, allowing your dog to relax and cuddle in a more relaxed environment.

Most calming dog beds have the following features:

  • They come in a cuddle style, so a dog can easily sink in them
  • They tend to engulf and surround a dog in one way or another
  • They feature super flush materials like Sherpa and faux fur

How do these beds work?

Calming dog beds may benefit a dog who stays at home or is under a lot of stress. Thanks to their design and soft feel, these beds are built to relax and relieve tension in dogs. The concept behind these beds is that the material and shape adapt to your dog’s size, hugging them and providing instant comfort.

These beds are fluffy and soft, with a cushioned base that will protect your dog, and they’re made with pet-safe filler ingredients.

How does pet beds help older pets?

Because of their design, relaxing beds are even more beneficial for older pets. Beds with a heavy-duty, non-slip base often have a secure nesting zone where older pets can relax and get help, as they can suffer from aching knees, tired muscles, and weak bones in their feet.

What kind of pet beds are there?

Pet bed selection depends on one’s taste and budget, but one thing which needs to keep in mind is the comfort of the pet.

Below is the list of types of pet bed available, one can choose according to the comfort of their pet.

Basic Style of Pet Beds:

  • Flat pads or mats are inexpensive and fit in crates.
  • Snuggle Bed Pillow bed with high-loft comfort ideal for pets that like a little elevation when resting.
  • Bolsters have one long side with a built-in pillow and are often preferred by large dogs.
  • Donut-shaped beds are circular bolsters with a removable center pillow.
  • Waterproof beds are good for outdoor use or incontinent pets.

Special pet beds for pets with Medical Needs:

  • Orthopedic beds support old joints or very large dogs; they usually have medical-grade foam and/or box-spring construction.
  • Heated beds maintain body warmth. This can be beneficial for dogs who get cold easily or for dogs with arthritis that is worsened by the cold.
  • Travel beds are portable, so your dog can have the security of the same bed every night while on the road. For dogs who suffer from anxiety in new places, this can help them relax and get some sleep.
  • Cot-style beds keep your dog off the ground and comfortably support joints by distributing the dog’s weight evenly. They are also usually fairly easy to transport.

How does Pet bed reduce Anxiety?

Anti-anxiety dog beds have been shown to be extremely beneficial in assisting dogs in overcoming their anxiety. For on-edge dogs, having a place to run that is built to relieve their anxieties while still calming their bodies works great.

What is the Best Pet Bed for your Pet?

There are numerous factors to consider, including size, expense, comfort, medical needs of your dog, convenience, and so on.Here are several factors to consider when choosing the best dog bed:

  • A dog Fit Aside from finding something affordable, make sure your dog fits on the bed; heads and limbs shouldn’t have to hang over the edge.
  • Easy Washability Dogs eat treats, spit, pass gas, scratch fleas, and clean their beds with ointment-filled eyes and ears. Since certain dogs urinate on them, being able to toss the bed into the washing machine is a huge benefit, if not a necessity. Allergy-prone dogs will benefit from having their beds cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Safety Make sure the bed is out of the way of high-traffic areas so no one trips over it or the puppy. If the dog chews it up, throw it away–swallowing stuffing will result in emergency surgery (and you thought the bed itself was expensive). Remove any buttons or ribbons that the dog might chew, or look for chew-proof beds, which are now available.
  • Stuffing that works for you and your dog Young, healthy dogs will normally get away with cheap foam filling, but your elderly or arthritic dog would most likely prefer more comfort and care. Although foam is used in some orthopaedic beds, it is thicker and of higher quality, so it does not squash flat. Thick, versatile gel has recently become more popular as a bed filling; it’s more supportive than foam and uniformly distributes weight, making it ideal for senior dogs–but it’s pricey. Some beds also have cedar chips in them to keep rodents away and keep the bed smelling better than your dog.
  • The Environment When it comes to replacing, getting rid of, or recycling a dog pad, some of us are concerned about using environmentally friendly materials. If you’re concerned about the environment, you should look into eco-friendly dog beds.
  • Absorbent pads for dogs who wet the bed Washable or disposable absorbent pads will help sick, incontinent, or geriatric dogs (technically, you benefit because you won’t have to wash the bed). These flat pads would not fit into a nesting bed.

Best pet beds for Anxiety

Below is the detail of best pet beds for Anxiety:

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

The bed was developed to help dogs with their heads, backs, and joints, particularly those who like to curl up. Available in a variety of neutral colours and a chic style. The vegan fabrics and fibres used in the construction of the Best Friends dog bed are all machine washable. Moreover, whether your dog is a scratcher or a biter, the bed is incredibly sturdy, which is invaluable to dog owners.

Big Barker 7” Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker is a handcrafted, large dog bed with a headrest that is ideal for your large dog. One of the Big Barker’s best features is its incredible relaxing dog bed, which has been scientifically shown to support achy dogs. A research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania showed that the bed significantly enhanced the mobility of larger dogs.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Larger sizes of the PetFusion Ultimate dog bed are available. PetFusion Ultimate has elevated ridges to keep dogs healthy and relaxed, but it also has a small ‘doorway’ that makes it easier for dogs with short legs to get in and out. The PetFusion Ultimate’s memory foam provides an additional layer of protection for sore, stressed joints. We really like the accredited memory foam, which meets or exceeds US safety requirements. This relaxing dog bed even comes with a waterproof cover, so you get twice the safety.

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa-Style Bed

When it comes to dog beds, older dogs have very specific requirements, particularly when ageing in dogs is linked to anxiety. The Furhaven Pet offers an easy-to-get-on bed for older dogs that also provides good support and comfort. Furhaven is made of egg crate orthopaedic foam, which cushions pressure points and provides protection and relief to older dogs. The quilted fabric keeps dogs warm on colder days while also allowing them to breathe.

FurHaven Snuggle Deluxe Pillow Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

It has a plush and soft terry fleece sleep surface for your paw-tner to cuddle up on. This bed is gusseted for optimum comfort and uses high-loft 100% polyester spun from recycled plastics in the fiber-filled pillow. It also has a stretchy interior lining that helps you to form the bed with your partner. You’ll be able to keep the FurHaven Snuggle Terry & Suede Deluxe Pillow Pet Bed for your little fuzzy one clean with a zippered liner for refills.

FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

However, the idea of not having to remove any covers and just throwing an entire bed into the washing machine appeals to everyone. The FuzzBall Fluffy features a donut shape, waterproof fabric, and a silicone bottom to prevent the bed from slipping. The bolsters provide much-needed neck support and cuddling space.

Fleece Dog Bed

This bed is made to match eight different sized crates and is available in five different colours. This bed has a dedicated following of dog owners and pups, with over 6,700 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Dog Bed

Purple mattresses provide soft support thanks to an advanced grid-shaped elastic material. Purple’s mattress-style dog bed provides your dog with the same level of comfort. This option is ideal for puppies because it has a super tough, odor-neutralizing cover that can withstand teething. It’s also a little heavier, so it won’t be pulled around by your dog.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

Best Pet Bed for Anxiety

Bed NameBrand NameMaterial
Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler
Best friends by sheri

Big Barker 7” Orthopedic Dog Bed
Big Barker

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Polyster 65% Cotton 35% twill
Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa-Style Bed

FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

Faux Fur
Fleece Dog Bed
MidWest Homes for Pets

Dog Bed

FurHaven Snuggle Deluxe Pillow Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable CoverFurHavenPolyfill with Fleece Cover

FAQs Best Pet Bed For Anxiety

Do calming pet beds really work?

Yes, indeed. According to science, calming beds will work if they have all of the components necessary to have an impact on your dog, but not all calming beds are created equal.

Is the calming pet bed washable?

Warming Washable Rectangular Sleeping Orthopedic Sofa Pet Bed with Breathable Lightweight Cotton and Coral Fleece, Non-Slip Bottom for Big Medium Small Dogs, Relaxing Dog Bed.

What are pet calming beds made of?

Soft sherpa fleece or another calming, extra-cozy material is often used on the inside. This type of dog bed is simply adored by some anxious pups.

What size calming bed should I get for my dog?

The soothing bed should be small enough for your dog to feel safe and comfortable. It must, however, be big enough for your dog to turn around in. 
If you want a flat bed, make sure your dog has enough room to stretch out without hanging over the edges.

What are some essential factors to look for when choosing a calming bed for my dog?

If you buy a high-quality bed, it will last you a long time. As a result, look for beds that can be machine washed (or at least feature washable covers). Some may only be spot-cleanable, but they will all have a waterproof liner.
Also, look for beds that have a microbial shield to assist with odour control. Also, look for one with a non-skid bottom to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding.