The best pens for a bullet journal

Even in the age of technology and the use of tablets, phones and laptops, we have great pleasure in leaving messages, notes and other writings on paper.

When it comes to favourite writing instruments, most people choose the pen because it is light, comfortable and handy.

In this blog post, we talk about the best pens for a bullet journal. Keep reading to discover interesting things about pens.

What we need to know about pens

There are three different types of pens on the market, depending on the type of ink you use:

• ballpoint pens;

• roller pens;

• gel pens.

The most common is the ballpoint pen with a click mechanism, used by everyone due to the comfort, does not require a lid and is quick to use.

It is followed by the twist mechanism, which appears more and more often on the market.

The model with lid is generally used for cheap, disposable pens.

  1. The type of ink used is different
  • Ballpoint pens use ink with a thick paste, based on special oils, which does not dry, run or transfer from the paper to the hand.
  • Rollers use a fluid, water-based ink with longer drying time, from which you can get dirty.
  • The gel pen, with a more fluid consistency, allows manufacturers to use much more colours and add pigments or glitter.
  1. Type of writing

Obviously, the ink is the one that influences and differentiates between the writing with the roller pen, the gel pen and the one with the ballpoint pen.

The ballpoint pen relies on its quality and ink. The lines drawn by it will be slightly more contoured and colourless than those drawn with the roller.

The gel pen comes in many shades, with glitter, metallic, pastel or neon, and is great to organize your diary or notebook.

Often these two types of pens are used together, the one with the ball for writing paragraphs, quick ideas, and the one with gel to emphasize, write titles and subtitles.

In general, a roller pen will draw thicker lines, and the gel pen – thinner.

  1.  Writing pressure

The ballpoint pen requires more pressure than the roller pen and the gel pen. 

The roller pen’s ink is thinner, so it is very easy to use this pen for longer paragraphs.

  1.  The way you write on paper

The type of paper greatly influences the quality of your writing.

The finer and thicker the paper, the better the fluidity and quality of the writing, with any pen.

The ballpoint pen is more versatile from this point of view. The roller needs, most of the time, a dense and fine paper, so that the ink does not spread on the sheet or so that it does not get soaked on the other side. 

  1. Type of document

Obviously, the type of document you need will require a certain type of pen.

  • Ballpoint pens can be used for almost any document, from notes, documents to meetings, recipes, written requests and much more, regardless of the type of paper, 70mg / sqm, 80mg / sqm, cardboard or glossy cardboard.
  • Roller pens can be used for the same type of paper, but it must be tested first. A thin, slightly rough paper can cause the ink to scatter. Glossy cardboard or glossy sheets are not recommended, because the ink dries very hard.
  • Gel pens can also be used for underlining and marking. Here the type of paper is important, since the ink is a bit thicker, depending on the quality of the pen, so the possibility of spreading on the sheet is lower. However, you must be careful to allow it to dry. Glossy cardboard or another type of glossy sheet is not indicated in this case either.

How to choose from roller, gel pen or ballpoint pen

  • The environment in which you write.

For example, on an aeroplane because of the rapid pressure changes, the roller’s too fluid ink will probably leak.

It must be replaced with a ballpoint pen. The same thing happens when you write in rainy conditions. 

  • How much you write and what you write.

If you write a lot, it would be advisable to use a ballpoint pen.

The roller and the gel pen can end much faster, due to the ink flow, almost 3 times higher than with a ballpoint pen.

If you have problems writing and you need a pen where you do not have to put too much pressure, we recommend either a gel pen or a roller pen.

You will write easily, quickly and the writing will always be visible.

  • The type of paper used.

Ballpoint pens are not pretentious at all, their ink does not spread and there are pens that can write on wet paper and in conditions of -20 ° C.

If we speak about rollers, the ink must be applied on a fine, smooth and dense surface.

Gel pens need a smooth sheet, any unevenness or harshness will lead to interrupted writing.

  • Left-handed or right-handed.

Left-handers have always been a little disadvantaged in terms of choosing pens to write with. Rollers are generally not recommended for them due to the drying time of the ink.

For left-handed people, ball pens and even gel pens are much more suitable.

The best pens for bullet journal

Bullet Journal is an organization system created by Ryder Carroll, a New York product designer.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it requires nothing special than an agenda or a notebook and a pen or pencil.

You don’t have to buy anything special, because you can create your own Bullet Journal.

It is called Bullet because the writing is based on… bullets.

The system divides tasks or to-do list into monthly tasks and daily tasks.

The first step is to number your calendar pages or buy one that already has the pages numbered.

Then, in the beginning, you leave empty 2-4 pages for the Index or Contents, the part that will later help you navigate through the content easier. 

Then you will leave 2 pages for Future Log, the area where you can write down more general ideas or tasks, which you will not forget until the month approaches.

Next are the monthly tasks: on one page you will have the list of dates and days, where you can note birthdays, trips or tasks with fixed deadlines, and on the second page a list of monthly tasks: payment invoices, visit the doctor, writing an article about…., etc. The last part is detailing the tasks by day.

That being said, below you will find 8 recommendations that I think are the best pens for bullet journal. 


The clean lines and carefully selected materials of this writing tool make an excellent impression.

It is distinguished by clear visual design, combined with professional functionalism.


– The body of the pen is made of precious resin, engraved with guilloche style

– Geometric lines and colours for a three-dimensional effect

– Chromed and polished metal clip

– High-quality stainless steel pen

– Can be loaded with an ink cartridge or a converter



  • Carbon body
  • Both ends are made of glossy black chrome metal
  • Sturdy clip
  • High quality steel pen
  • The pen comes in a simple Faber-Castell green cardboard box (or can be packed as a gift)

Raden Capless Pilot Pen is the latest version of Capless Pen, the body is decorated using the traditional Japanese technique called Raden: hundreds of small multicoloured fragments finished with ten layers of varnish applied by hand. 18K gold pen.


Four pens in one compact version (20% smaller than the standard model). This is how the Tombow compact Reporter 4 quatropen could be defined. 

As the name suggests, this “multi-writer” has some interesting features that make it the perfect companion for those who travel a lot and have many notes and notes to make, it is the perfect companion for those who appreciate the convenience and prioritize well-organized things. 

Last but not least, this product is the perfect help for those who study or for those who want to transcribe a dialogue between several people.

Due to its technical design, its atypical clip with a large opening that allows the instrument to be attached to thick objects, the small size and variety of fresh colours of the compact Reporter 4 finish is a real attraction for the comfortable and demanding user.

  • polished precious resin body, black
  • mechanism operated by rotation
  • both ends of polished chrome metal
  • resistant clip
  • black reserve, thickness M
  • The writing tool comes in a Faber-Castell gift box

Sheaffer 100 is specially created for us to use it anywhere and anytime. 

It is a range with a strong personality that has behind it the distinct imprint of the style of the American “house” producing luxury writing instruments. It pleasantly surprises us every day with its simplicity and its powerful message to tell us in a subtle, unmistakable way “I love you“, “Good luck with the exams“, “Live the moment of the great reunion“, “Pleasantly celebrate special occasions “,” Admire the beauty around you “,” The gestures that impress us “. 

The decent price, the timeless design, the simple shape, the correct finishes, the special writing comfort and the pleasant feeling to the touch make the Sheaffer 100 the perfect candidate for a bullet journal.


The purpose of creating this roller pen was to give it as an award. Sheaffer wanted to reward, to give an award to all his fans, lovers and writing fans.

This award was intended to be as simple as possible in appearance, but extremely sophisticated and subtle in-depth. 

The end result was a simple, robust, reliable, functional pen –  in a perfect balance, a royal one that would bring joy and satisfaction to any age.

The quality of the materials and finishes was a priority for the “white dot” team (white dot – the symbol of Sheaffer quality) so they managed to resonate with excellence to complete this line of tools.


Featuring a grip with fine rings and a subtly curved shape, the LOOM collection is varied and fascinating.

“LOOM Gun Metal” embodies classic elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the pen’s polished metal body contrasts pure white, black, purple and lime, while the lake adds shine to this collection.

– The body is made of metal plated with polished chrome

– Stamped grip rings help in a comfortable writing position

– Reversible lid

– Spring clip

– High-quality stainless steel pen: F (fine), M (medium)

– Equipped with a cartridge

– Can also be fed with ink using a converter (not included, purchased separately)

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In this blog post, we talk about the best pens for a bullet journal, we gave you 8 suggestions that are among our favourite pens.

We hope that this article will inspire you to get back to journaling, as it has great benefits.

Let us know which interesting things you found about pens from this article, or if you have a question!

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