Best Nootropics for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a compilation of the best nootropics available online that help with anxiety. These supplements come in powder or pill form and can be added to your daily diet. They not only lower anxiety symptoms but also boost cognitive performance.

What are the Best Nootropics for Anxiety?

If you’re looking for the best nootropics, search no more. We’ve made a list of the best ones here:

Nootropics that Help with Anxiety

A nootropic is a substance that increases your ability to use cognitive powers. It can help you take in and process information faster, learn and apply new knowledge, and remember things better.

It is also considered as a treatment for the cognitive symptoms of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. As research is advancing, experts are finding ways to extract nootropic compounds from natural and herbal raw material. 

If you’re interested in trying nootropics to better manage your anxiety disorder, try the following ones:

ZHOU Neuro Peak

Nootropics are a wide range of supplements and compounds that work to boost your mental function or moods. They are supposed to be useful for improving your memory and focus. But some nootropics can help you manage your anxiety too. For example- Zhou’s Neuro – Peak contains Rhodiola. 

Rhodiola has been used all over the world in traditional medicine for centuries. It has several health benefits including improved mood, reduced anxiety, increased energy, and reduced fatigue. Neuro-Peak’s carefully curated blend combines ancient herbs and naturally occurring compounds.

Synalign Alpha GPC

In case you’re suffering from anxiety and are looking for an alternative treatment method, try nootropics. A major benefit of nootropics is that they are generally safer and don’t carry the same risk of addiction as many prescription anxiety meds. 

Of course, anything that improves the way you feel can be addictive, so make sure to always use good judgement. Synalign Alpha GPC is made with the highest quality Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC (choline alfoscerate) may boost memory function, improve brain development and treat anxiety and other mental disorders.

Eunoia Ultra Potency Nootropics

General anxiety and social anxiety are just two types of anxiety disorder and doctors often prescribe pharmaceuticals to people for support. But have you heard of Nootropics for social anxiety? They help mitigate the symptoms of anxiety. 

Eunoia ultra-high potency nootropic supplement also contains premium Bacopa Monnieri, plant-sourced Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC and Huperzine A. Bacopa monnieri can reduce stress and anxiety. Eunoia nootropics can also increase memory and learning speed.

Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement

If you’re looking for an over the counter treatment to ease your symptoms of anxiety, then nootropics are your best bet. But these in no way should replace medications and therapy. Vital vitamins Brain Supplement is a great choice for nootropics. 

The Brain Booster contains Dmae, which may help produce feelings of improved mental clarity, cognitive ability, memory and physical energy. It also contains Ginkgo Biloba which supports people who suffer from panic attacks, allowing them a presence of mind.

Life Extension Quick Brain

If you’ve had a crappy week and are extremely stressed out, you’re not alone. Many people are using nootropics to improve their mood and refresh themselves. These are also great for people with anxiety. Life Extension Quick Brain is one such nootropic. 

It promotes sharper mental alertness and accuracy. It contains Lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatic), and water Hyssop (Bacopa monnieri). Studies have pointed to bacopa monnieri as an option for lowering cortisol levels, one of the difficulties of social anxiety and depression.

1 Body Brain Support

People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. Anxiety is usually treated with medicines and therapy. But nootropics can be a good alternative treatment. 

1 Body Brain Support contains Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea and Huperzine A. Research has shown that Rhodiola Rosea supports the immune system and optimizes physiological functions while lowering stress levels. Ginkgo Biloba is said to enhance memory and reduce anxiety.

Nootrix Brain Boost

One big benefit that nootropics have over prescription anxiety pills is that they don’t cause tiredness and loss of motivation. Most people report having more motivation and less anxiety with these nootropics. One such nootropic is Nootrix Brain Boost. 

This highly concentrated premium quality brain support supplement is designed to activate your brain to perform at its full potential. Brain Boost features nutrients that research suggests may cross the blood-brain barrier. It helps improve memory, supports healthy cognitive functions and mitigates symptoms of anxiety.

ONNIT Alpha Brain

In our fast-paced world, we always have something to finish. This can create a great deal of anxiety. But nootropics can help to calm yourself. Another great feature of nootropics is that it can increase your focus, so you can get more work done. 

ONNIT’s Alpha Brain is an example of Nootropics for social anxiety and depression and stress that may help improve memory. Research shows that it supports mental clarity through a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients, all beneficial for the mind.

Jocko Discipline GO

We all experience anxiety.  And a lot of the time it can be good for us.  But when it prevents us from living the life that we want to, it can become a real problem. But a lot of people are using nootropics to reduce stress and anxiety. 

JOCKO’s Discipline GO is an example of a nootropic that eases anxiety. This is an energizing nootropic formulated to give you the energy you need to push through. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola help fight stress during crucial times of performance.

Qualia Mind Nootropics

If you’ve had a bad day at work and need something to improve your mood, the nootropics are for you. They are also good for people with anxiety. Try Qualia Mind Nootropics. It’s a high-performance, anti-stress and anti-anxiety nootropic. 

It may help prevent panic attacks, which many people with stress and anxiety often suffer from. You could see an uptick in creativity and energy, as well. It can also lift your mood with its support of dopamine production, one of the essential neurotransmitters.

Purely Optimal Brain Booster

There are some times when anxiety is good for us. But most of the time, anxiety is debilitating. If you’re an anxious person, then you might benefit from nootropics. They’re said to improve your mood and help you stay calm. 

Purely Optimal Brain Booster can help you stay in the zone and feel good every day with a relaxed mind. It will elevate your mood, bolster your natural energy, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Shoden Ashwagandha Extract

If you experience mild-to-moderate social anxiety and are looking for something to help you stay calm in social situations, several nootropics can help. Users have been using these substances to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase an overall sense of well-being. 

Shoden’s Ashwagandha Extract Capsules are a great example of nootropics. Ashwagandha has become popular in the nootropics community for its ability to decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood, and reduce fatigue. Also, there’s quite a bit of science to support ashwagandha’s use as a stress-relieving nootropic.

Nature’s Craft Neuro Health

Some believe that nootropics are just for programmers, engineers, or workers focused on productivity. But they have so much more potential. Many nootropics can help to calm anxious people. Nature Crafts Neuro-Health contains natural green tea extract, selenium, biotin, vitamin D and C with zinc. 

The amino acid, found in green tea, called t-theanine promotes a calm, focused feeling. Hence green tea helps in alleviating symptoms of anxiety. The herbs and extracts work together to boost attention, creativity, flexibility, focus, speed, memory and clarity.

Havasu Ignite

You may have heard of nootropics for improving your memory and productivity. But you have missed another benefit of nootropics – managing anxiety symptoms. Many nootropics are beneficial for those with anxiety. 

Havasu Ignite nootropic is carefully formulated with saint john’s wort, ginkgo biloba, and other nootropic brain boosters. These help support mental performance, promote a positive mood, and boost energy. This energy supplement is a caffeine-free mood booster that helps you stay alert and focused without the caffeine crash.

Fairmile Organics Brain Support

If you’re someone who has social anxiety, you can try nootropics. They’re made from natural ingredients and work to calm the brain, relieving people from the ongoing challenges that come with stress and social anxiety. Fairmile Organics Brain Supplement contains naturally sourced ingredients like green coffee beans, gotu kola, ashwagandha, ginseng etc. 

This brain supplement is a natural nootropic that will provide impressive memory-enhancing results. A few drops each morning will increase brain health and focus, boost mood, and reduce mental fogginess.

Wild Foods Focus Nootropic

People with anxiety are unable to set aside a worry and are restless. While medications and therapy are important to treat anxiety, one can also try nootropics. These contain compounds that can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Wild Foods Brain Supplement contains mane mushroom. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is an edible fungus that serves as a natural remedy. It can help in treating disorders such as dementia while relieving minor symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also contains ginkgo biloba and turmeric for energy, alertness and to support a healthy stress response.


This was a compilation of the best nootropics available online that help with anxiety. These supplements come in powder or pill form and can be added to your daily diet. They not only lower anxiety symptoms but also boost cognitive performance.

Nootropics on our list included ZHOU Neuro Peak, Synalign Alpha GPC, Eunoia Ultra Potency Nootropics, Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement, Life Extension Quick Brain, 1 Body Brain Support, Nootrix Brain Boost, ONNIT Alpha Brain.

We also described Jocko Discipline GO, Qualia Mind Nootropics, Purely Optimal Brain Booster, Shoden Ashwagandha Extract, Nature’s Craft Neuro Health, Havasu Ignite, Fairmile Organics Brain Support, and Wild Foods Focus Nootropic.

FAQs (Best Nootropics for Anxiety)

Does Noopept help with anxiety?

Noopept is considered to be a supplement with diverse properties. Regular intake can lead to improvement in learning, memory, stress, and focus. It can even help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It manages to offer these benefits without getting you high or addicted.

What is the strongest Nootropic stimulant?

One of the most potent nootropic stimulants is Ritalin, which is generally prescribed for ADHD. This drug is meant to enhance information processing, memory and attention. However, one should be careful with its intake and only do so when suggested by a physician.

Does Alpha Brain help with anxiety?

Alpha Brain is a combination of caffeine and sun-theanine, both of which are effective in enhancing brain functions. This product can help with anxiety by lowering stress, reducing pain, and preventing fatigue.