Best Night Time Tea for Anxiety (15+ List)

In this blog, we are going to explore some of the best teas for night time. These are better drunk hot since the warmth promotes relaxation. The items on our list are specially made to induce sleep, lower anxiety, and help people calm down at night.

What are the Best Night Time Teas for Anxiety?

Add a cup of these teas to your sleep hygiene routine for anxiety-free nights:

Sip These Teas for Anxiety-Free Nights

For people struggling with anxiety on a daily basis, rescue may lie in the form of adaptogens. These are plant extracts that can help lower stress levels and promote relaxation. Herbal teas are a fast and effective way of availing the benefits of these plants.

Drinking these teas can lower stress hormone levels, relax your body, and induce sleep. Since many people find that their anxiety grows stronger at night, especially at bed time, drinking teas can help reverse that. 

Here are some teas that you can enjoy just before bed for a more peaceful night time:

Pukka Night Time

Pukka’s Night Time tea is made with a sleepy crush of organic oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet lime flower. This is the perfect cup before bedtime. Lavender can alleviate nervous jitters and improve one’s mood. 

It can also relieve body tension, headaches, and sore muscles. Lime has been found to have sedative and anxiety-reducing properties. Oat flower extract has been used to relieve stress and depression. This tea is literally peace in a teacup.

Best Night Time Tea for Anxiety (15+ List)

Traditional Medicinals Valerian

Recently, investigators examined the effects of Valerian extracts on hospitalised patients with coronary heart disease. They found that oral intake of valerian reduced anxiety levels and promoted sleep. 

The study compared the effects of Valerian oils with those of Oxazepam, an anti-anxiety drug. Surprisingly, valerian essence was found to be equally effective. If you’re not a fan of pharmacotherapy, valerian root can be a good substitute for Oxazepam.

David’s Silk Dragon Jasmine

Anxiety can be tumultuous. Other than ruining your day, it also has the potential to keep you up all night. Jasmine tea is a natural relaxant for the mind and body. It is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system, improving restlessness, and therefore, insomnia. 

The scent of Jasmine can be a more effective sedative than sleeping pills. Enjoy it by drinking David’s silk dragon jasmine organic tea. To create it, when the flowers burst open and release their scent, they are placed with the tea leaves.

DXN Reishi

Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi is a mushroom that grows in hot and humid areas. It is kidney-shaped, red in colour, and looks like it has a coat of varnish. 

People take reishi mushrooms to enhance their immunity, improve sleep, and help with high blood pressure or cholesterol. Ali, Muhammad, and Akbar (2016), found that reishi mushroom has anxiolytic activity which is comparable to 1 mg/Kg of diazepam.

David’s Genmaicha

A distinctive blend of Japanese green tea and whole roasted brown rice, Genmaicha is sometimes called popcorn tea. Genmaicha tea will not make you tired. Instead, it will help you relax and get a good night’s sleep when you turn in. 

This tea contains GABA which is a neurotransmitter so it allows you to be relaxed. The amino acids found in Genmaicha can help with relaxation and focus. Enjoy this green tea’s sweet and toasty roasted rice flavour every day!

Alvita Fennel

Fennel has long been used as alternative medicine in many households. Fennel tea helps treat nausea and vomiting. It is also helpful for calming down children. This tea is perfect for those with sleeping problems. 

The Alvita Fennel Tea is made with premium-quality, organic fennel seeds and has a sweet aroma and flavour. The beautifully illustrated boxes are made using recycled paperboard and the tea bags are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated.  This ensures that the packaging is earth-friendly.

David’s Chamomile Dreamland

Chamomile dreamland is a blend of delicate caffeine-free rooibos with a handful of soothing chamomile buds. This delicious tea has the potential to be your new bedtime favourite. On top of that, it contains lavender accents that help relax the mind. 

Lemon balm which is known to help induce sleep is also present. Without any flavouring, this blend is the perfect mix of sweet, sleepy ingredients. The taste is pleasant and unique compared with other sleepy time teas.

Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger

Pukka’s Lemongrass and Ginger tea is the good news you need for uplifting and refreshing your day. This tea is made with organic ginger, lemon verbena, lemongrass and liquorice. Lemon verbena is beneficial in improving the quality of sleep and reducing stress and anxiety. 

Smelling lemongrass may also help people with anxiety. Enjoy a zesty swirl of the finest lemongrass and the spicy lift of ginger while drinking this tea. Pukka’s tea is naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced.

Allegro Peaceful Slumber

Peaceful Slumber will bring what it’s name suggests because it is packed with organic herbs and flowers. All of these ingredients are known to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and bring you a good rest.

Each tea bag contains lavender, elder flower, oat straw, vanilla, and chamomile. These calming and natural substances increase the chances of a smooth night. Drink a warm cup of this tea to lull yourself into the land of dreams.

Traditional Medicinals Turmeric

Cortisol levels can be lowered using turmeric, report these Indian nutritionists. Turmeric is a traditional remedy for sleep disturbances. It is an old wive’s tale that drinking turmeric before bed brings a dreamless night’s rest. 

Indian culture celebrates the nutritional benefits of turmeric as can be seen from its generous use in cooking. Besides lowering stress hormones, turmeric can also help with pain, inflammation, rashes, and healing injuries.

Pukka Relax

A perfect way to unwind in the evening is to drink Pukka’s Relax herbal tea. The tea is made with chamomile flowers to help you to unwind and fennel seed and ginger to ease digestion. 

Several compounds in ginger have positive effects on the brain. Research has shown that chamomile supplements may benefit people with mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. Drink this tea and let yourself unravel.

Taylor’s Organic Chamomile & Jasmine

If you feel like refreshing yourself after a long day at work, drink jasmine tea. Jasmine tea has been a part of the eastern culture for many centuries. Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine is an aromatic tea with powerful antioxidant benefits. 

It should be served without milk and can be sweetened with sugar or honey. A cup of jasmine herbal tea will calm down your senses and help your system to rejuvenate.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime

Here is a pack of decaffeinated tea bags made from a sleep-inducing blend of chamomile and valerian. This tea contains no artificial flavouring and only the choicest organic ingredients. 

Treat yourself to a peaceful night with a warm mug of Sleepytime. In addition to the calming adaptogens, this tea also contains Tilia Estrella, better known to the world as Linden tea.

Celebrations Herbals Passion Flower

In 2019, a Japanese trial showed how effective passionflower supplements can be in reducing anxiety. The investigators also found that exposure to this natural extract and improves a person’s diurnal rhythm.

A helpful rhythm adaptive to our circumstances in life promotes wellbeing. The diurnal rhythm has advantages because it makes the most of daylight. Passionflower supplements and tea will reduce anxiety as well as improve the quality of your daily life.

Traditional Medicinals Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is effective in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. It works by boosting Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in anxiety. When nerve signals fire too quickly, GABA acts to slow the signals down. This reduces the overwhelming feelings of anxiety. 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm Herbal Tea calms the nervous system and supports digestion. With broad leaves and a pleasing lemony scent, lemon balm is known as the “bringer of gladness”. A cup of lemon balm tea will surely brighten up your day.

Pukka Peace

Pukka’s Peace herbal tea is made with hemp from the Cannabis sativa plant species, chamomile flowers and ashwagandha. After examining existing studies, researchers concluded that preliminary evidence strongly supports the use of hemp oil for anxiety disorders. 

So just sit, breathe deeply and weave your body and mind into a world of magical herbal gifts. The finest jewels from the treasure chest of natural peace. This is a cup of true tranquillity.


In this blog, we explored some of the best teas for night time. These are better drunk hot since the warmth promotes relaxation. The items on our list are specially made to induce sleep, lower anxiety, and help people calm down at night.

The teas mentioned here were Pukka Night Time, Traditional Medicinals Valerian, David’s Silk Dragon Jasmine, DXN Reishi, David’s Genmaicha, Alvita Fennel, David’s Chamomile Dreamland, Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger, Allegro Peaceful Slumber, Traditional Medicinals Turmeric, Pukka Relax, Taylor’s Organic Chamomile & Jasmine, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime, Celebrations Herbals Passion Flower, Traditional Medicinals Lemon Balm, and Pukka Peace.

FAQs (Best Night Time Tea for Anxiety)

Why is tea calming?

Regular tea is calming because of its catechins, amino acids, and antioxidants. When consumed, these compounds have a relaxing effect on the body as the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated. 

The teas mentioned here are even more relaxing than regular tea. That’s because they are made of herbal extracts known to show anxiolytic effects. Moreover, herbal teas are caffeine-free so they won’t lead to excessive energy.

What’s the best natural medicine for anxiety?

The best all natural supplements for anxiety are:

Vitamin D
Passion Flower
Omega 3
Rhodiola rosea
Vitamin C
St. John’s Wort

How can I calm my anxiety fast?

The fastest way to calm anxiety is to make sure that each and every muscle in the body is being relaxed. When the muscles are tense, it is almost impossible to control anxious thoughts. A relaxed body signals to the brain that it need not feel threatened. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and thus restores our ability to regulate thoughts.