Best Night Light for Anxiety (Top 15)

Anxiety that occurs around bed time can be better handled with using a night light. Here is a list of the best night lights for anxiety. This blog gives a detailed description for each product and explains how it can lower anxiety symptoms.

What is the Best Night Light for Anxiety?

Some of the best night lights that can help with anxiety are:

Night Lights that Help with Anxiety

Sleep disturbances and anxiety share a correlation. One often ends up causing the other. It can be quite bothersome to wake up in the middle of the night. Often, it’s hard to fall back asleep again. Some people even experience frequent awakenings through the night.

For such cases, it always helps to have a good night light. The dimmer glow helps one ease into sleep and when they wake up, they’re not disturbed. Many night lights are now designed to cater to the special needs of people with anxiety.

Here, we have curated a list of the best night lights for anxious individuals:

Casper Glow Light

Anxiety can cause sleeplessness. The mind gets extremely focused on negative automatic thoughts. Even if you feel extremely tired and worn out, you just can’t go to sleep. This glowlight, cues your body for bed. The warm light helps you wind down as you read and relax and then softly lulls you to sleep. 

It gradually dims so you can doze off without interruptions and gently wakes you up. By filling the room with soft light, it helps you get an easy morning rise. These processes help your circadian rhythm and relax your body, which in turn relaxes your mind.

The Anxiety Relieving Sleep Lamp

The Anxiety Relieving Sleep Lamp projects a calming pattern of blue light onto your ceiling. This helps you focus your mind and slow your breathing. It reduces negative anxious thoughts and can relax and fall asleep. 

Researchers say that blue light accelerates the relaxation process after acute psychosocial stress. So you can peacefully forget about the fights you have had with your friends or the stress from reaching a deadline. Who needs that during sleep time?

Modernhome Luna Lamp

The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history. And it brings you delight, and relief among other things. This Luna Lamp emits a warm yellow glow in the dark, just like the real moon. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, moonlight is believed to help heal and soothe the body. The moon gently energizes, in contrast with the sun’s sharp brightness. Moonlight exposure is thought to also relieve anxiety and stress and improve relaxation by prompting the natural release of melatonin. Enjoy the tranquility of moon-watching, in your home!

MIPOW Playbulb

The Playbulb sphere gives the 4 preset colour effects – Rainbow, Rainbow Fade, Flashing, and Pulsing. The rainbow combines bright, warm colours for instance orange and yellow with cool, calm colours like green and blue. 

Pastel colours like pink and peach can also have an uplifting effect on mood. And the cool toned pastels like baby blue, mint and lilac have a calming effect. It is bluetooth enabled. So you don’t have to leave the bed to adjust or the settings, and can have a peaceful sleep instead.

Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Science can’t fully determine the health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. But there’s no doubt at all that a natural crystal lamp adds a magical feeling to a room. Place one of these in your kids sleeping room and watch them experience great night sleep. 

All the while contributing to calm them down after a rushing day. Besides all its benefits, it is also a great tool of elegance and calmness. It can help you feel grounded in any room, office or even yoga studios.

iTimo LED Night Light

This light is very sensitive. If the room you plug in the light is gloomy, the light will stay on constantly even in daytime. Gloomy rooms can often add on to our sadness and depression. It can give rise to negative automatic thoughts, which make us feel bad about ourselves. 

Fortunately, this calming light can help you avoid that sadness and anxiety. People who have anxiety sleeping in a dark room or in new places, can easily carry this portable lamp. It will help you sleep in peace.

Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Nightlight

It is normal for young children to have fears of the dark and going to bed at night. Most children experience nighttime fears at some point during childhood. If these are not addressed in their childhood, it may lead to anxiety and abandonment issues. 

Your child would seem fatigued and unfocused because of their lack of sleep. A night-light may be helpful for providing security at night even if your child is not afraid of the dark.

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

Your child might have a difficult time separating from you after being tucked in for the night. They may be having fear of the dark. Or if they call out in fear soon after bedtime, they may be suffering from anxiety or phobia

In situations like these, it will harm your child in the long run. This multi-colored, interactive nightlight is a simple, yet effective solution for this problem. So that kids and infants can sleep with ease, alone.

Ginkgo Edge

The Edge Light Alarm Clock features two alarms with shake snooze and dimmable soft screen light. So you can nicely see the time at night when needed whilst not disturbing your sleep. To turn off the alarm, simply flip it over to turn itself into a warm and cosy dimmable ambient light. 

Night lights are useful for people with nyctophobia, or an intense fear of the dark. They might have anxious thoughts just by sleeping alone. If you share the same worries, get this alarm clock and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

8 Pieces LED Mushroom Night Light

These mini mushroom lights will automatically change multiple colors when the light is on, making your space lively and sweet. The mushroom wall lamp is suitable for many occasions, such as bedroom, entryway or other place where you like. 

You would only need to plug it to a socket, and receive a soft and warm light at night. Feel calm and centred in any room of your house, using these!

NASHARIA Wooden Book Light

Switching the light color by opening and closing – yellow, red, white, green, blue, this book light has automatic gradient mode. It can be used as atmosphere light, desk lamp,nightlight,  emergency light etc. 

The warm yellow light gives great help to people to get into sleep. Its beautiful design makes it a beautiful addition to your room. This gives you a chance to get a good night’s sleep without getting anxious thoughts.

GARMAR Motion Sensor LED Night Light

A lot of kids are afraid of the dark. This usually starts in childhood as your child’s cognitive abilities advance, which includes their imagination. If your child wakes up in the middle of the night they will be afraid. 

However, they will immediately see there’s nothing in the room with a night light. Lit rooms are not as scary as dark rooms. Use this for your children or for yourself. Get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about waking up scared at night.

Creative Motion Supernova Color Changing Sphere

The colour changing sphere, once plugged in, begins shifting into a sea of colors, mixing ghostly blues, with shades of green. Then it moves on to a lava like red. It’s appearance could be described as a holographic mixture of fire, blue mist, and ghost like jade. 

Flowing slowly as if it’s some magic energy or spirit hovering in the dark. This magic will transport you to a world, which has no place for anxiety or stress. You can feel relaxed and fall into a deep, calming slumber.

Zulux Galaxy Crystal Ball

Imagine lying back in your recliner on a warm summer evening. Looking up at a beautiful night sky filled with stars and soft puffy clouds. The galaxy with its pinpoints of brilliance is immense before you. Imagine the peacefulness and comfort this brings to you. 

In the times of Corona, when you cannot leave the house, what do you do? Do you not deserve the same peace and comfort? Yes, you do! Get this brilliant Crystal Ball lamp and forget about all your worries and anxiety!

FC-Fancier Dimmable Light

A very large portion of the population suffers from anxiety and depression. These disorders prevent them from having restful sleep. Some might also take medication, which may help, but can also be increasing your night sweats. 

Night sweats have the evil power to wake you up. This dimmable light will be right by you when you wake up. You will feel relieved and calm by seeing a calming light by your side.

Lightshare 18 Inch Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

Having an underlying anxiety disorder can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle on top of those everyday stressors. Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep then exacerbates anxiety, so it’s a destructive cycle. 

Put an end to it right now! Other than making you feel better, this beautiful tree shaped light can be a beautiful addition to your room. The calming glow from the structure will help you focus on your breathing and forget your anxious thoughts. You will be able to fall back asleep.


Anxiety that occurs around bed time can be better handled with using a night light. This was a list of the best night lights for anxiety. The blog gave a detailed description for each product and explained how it can lower anxiety symptoms.

The lamps included here were Casper Glow Light, The Anxiety Relieving Sleep Lamp, Modernhome Luna Lamp, MIPOW Playbulb, Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, iTimo LED Night Light, Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Nightlight, and Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls.

We also mentioned the Ginkgo Edge, 8 Pieces LED Mushroom Night Light, NASHARIA Wooden Book Light, GARMAR Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Creative Motion Supernova Color Changing Sphere, Zulux Galaxy Crystal Ball, FC-Fancier Dimmable Light, and Lightshare 18 Inch Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree.

FAQs (Best Night Light for Anxiety)

How can I calm my anxiety at night?

To calm anxiety that shows up at night, try some of these steps:
Maintain a bedtime routine
Avoid screens half an hour before bed
Do light exercise and stretching before entering bed
Try progressive muscular relaxation
Listen to guided meditation
Only use the bed for sleep or sex
Try aromatherapy

What colour night light is best for sleeping?

Experts say that red light is much better than others to sleep in. It does not disrupt the circadian rhythm as much as others and helps you get back to sleep. However, the only disadvantage is that it can feel a little creepy to sleep in the red light.

What is the most calming colour of light?

It has been found that blue is the most calming colour of light. It is considered better than conventional white lighting. Some people also prefer soft yellow light to calm themselves and to create a relaxing ambience.


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