Best Lush Bath Bombs for Anxiety (15+ List)

This blog will introduce you to some life-saving Lush bath bombs to ease your anxiety. We’ll give you all the details you need to know about this company and then explore over 15 products. These can help you decrease symptoms of anxiety.

What are the Best Lush bath Bombs for Anxiety?

We looked at all the bath bombs offered by Lush and sieved out the following best ones for anxiety:

Calming Bath Bombs by Lush

A bath bomb is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients. It can be moulded into various shapes like the standard sphere or more fun rocket ships. When added to a bath, this will cause the water to effervesce at the surface.

Calming bath bombs by Lush are a range of similar products that can pacify you at your worst. These come with carefully chosen ingredients that have been shown to reduce anxiety.

Introducing Lush – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush is a company that manufactures vegan and luxurious body products. It is headquartered in Poole, UK. It’s been in the cosmetics industry for over two decades now. Recently, the company released 17 relaxing vegan bubble bath bars to aid anxiety. 

These came out at a very troubling time for people enduring the challenges brought by the pandemic. Bath bombs are a quick and easy way to treat yourself and your loved ones with spa-like relaxation. Many of the bath bombs listed here use ingredients with anxiolytic properties.

Here are the best Lush bath bombs for anxiety:

Rocket Science Bath Bomb

This is a cute little blue bath bomb shaped like a rocket ship that will transport you to another world. Its uplifting and cleansing Sicilian lemon oil will calm your anxious mind. Meanwhile, the sunny bergamot oil will give you some much needed sleep. 

Citric oils like bergamot have shown sleep improving effects as confirmed by this 2020 publication. Drop this little rocket into your bath to forget about your troubles.

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Golden Egg

Enjoy more citrus with the Golden Egg bath bomb and let the stress fade away. This one adds a toning sweetness of Brazilian orange oil to the classic bergamot for extra relaxation. 

Moreover, the moisturising fair trade organic cocoa butter will leave your skin silky soft after each use. All that glitters isn’t gold but this luxurious egg will definitely uplift your mood to gold standards.

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The Comforter Bubble Bar

This bestlessing product on the Lush website isn’t exactly a bath bomb but is used for the same purposes. You need to break chunks off to make your bath fizzy with pink berry bubbles. 

That gives it more value than other bombs because you get more uses out of one unit. This too has bergamot oil topped with black currant aroma and soothing cypress oil for detoxification. Comfort yourself with the pink Comforter Bubble Bar.

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The Sleeping Giant

Catch up on some sleep with the help of this floral and sleep-inducing bath bomb. Its lavender and ylang ylang essential oils put you in a dreamy and sedated mode. Meanwhile, the sweetly scented tonka absolute and protective benzoin resinoid take good care of your body’s needs. 

The best thing about this bomb is that it’s full of reusable glow-in-the-dark stars released with dried flowers. Together, these add an extra touch of magic to your bedtime bath.

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Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a shower bomb enriched with juicy berries like black currant and raspberries. These give it fruity and floral notes that also have a soothing and protective impact on skin. 

Its cypress oil detoxifies your body while the chia seeds gently exfoliate you from head to toe. A spa-like shower with this bomb brings ultimate comfort and can help calm you down after a long, stressful day.

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Beats by Lush is a glittering peppermint bath bomb that contains multiple refreshing plant extracts. Hamzeh, Safari-Faramani, and Khatony investigated the effect of peppermint essential oils on sleep quality. 

They found that these extracts are effective as a sleep improving medicine. Other ingredients which are natural coolants that help anxiety include fresh mint, carrageenan, and activated charcoal.

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Extreme anxiety takes a toll on the body, often causing it to break out or get hives. Butterball is the perfect bath bomb for such skin-related symptoms of anxiety disorders. The pieces of cocoa butter will blend with your bath water to nourish you ailing skin. 

It also contains sweet and heady ylang ylang oil that will stimulate good quality sleep. A nice warm bath with the Butterball before bed is probably just what you need.

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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is almost a soothing lavender lullaby because it will give you exactly the kind of rest anxiety warrants. Ease your constantly overactive mind with a pacifying self-care session with this bomb. 

It has both lavender flowers and oil for double the effect of comfort. Linalool is a compound found in this medicinal flower that is an established anxiolytic. In addition to the goodness of linalool, there’s neroli oil, which will uplift and tone your body and mind.

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Sex Bomb

If you’re anxious, tired, or stressed out, you could use some sensual healing. The Sex Bomb is an aphrodisiac filled with floral and seductive jasmine extracts. It also has soothing clary sage oil and dreamy ylang ylang essence. 

Inhaling or applying clary sage reduces cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels in the body. Together, these adaptogenic extracts will clear your mind and elevate your mood. Try a Sex Bomb bath to feel better and enjoy your me-time.

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Bathe yourself with the soothing, calming shimmers of the Twilight bomb. It has all the ingredients of the Sleeping Giant bath bomb but comes in a playful pink sphere. 

The star-shaped texture will remind you that sometimes, you need to take a break from all those anxious thoughts. Escape into a deeply relaxing experience with this bath bomb and enjoy the aftermath of lavender oil aromatherapy.

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Rose Gold

The Rose Gold bath bomb is described by its makers as an aromatic floral sunset. It provides you with the goodness of orris root powder, benzoin resinoid, and ylang ylang essential oil. 

All three of these have calming effects on the body and can activate neurotransmitters that slow thinking down. Another ingredient, sodium alginate, is mucilaginous and softening, which is great for your skin.

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Marshmallow World

Indulge yourself in 20 minutes of pure bliss with the Marshmallow Bomb for an anxiety-free night. Made of marshmallow root powder, granulated sugar, and sweet vanilla extracts, this bath will almost feel like a visit to Candyland. 

It’ll give you all of the sweet-shop glee and none of the post-binge guilt. The calming lavender essential oils will release all mental and physical tension so you can enjoy it peacefully.

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Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

Big Blue

The Big blue is all about sea inspired soothing soaks. A bath with this will feel like drifting off in a summer’s day at the seaside. The Arame seaweed will soften and cleanse your body along with the fine sea salt.

 Lemon oil will uplift your mood from a physiological level. Scientifics studies confirm that lemon oil has a positive impact on symptoms of anxiety. To top it all off, lavender essential oil will help you slow down and take it easy.

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This bomb is the perfect one for those days when you feel just like a nervous wreck. It’ll feel like a mesmerising mermaid bath perfumed with zesty Avocado Co-Wash perfume. 

Litsea cubeba and bergamot oils will give you the freshness of citrus and simultaneously lower cortisol levels. Melusine also contains meditative and resinous olibanum oil, relieving sea salt, and wobbly carrageenan extract.

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Temple Of The Sky

Create blue citrus clouds in your bathtub with the Temple of the Sky. It has a gorgeous design that forms vivid bath art with a refreshing citrus scent and sparkling colours. Sicilian lemon oil and sweet wild orange oil will make you forget all about your anxious thoughts. 

A 2012 study found that sweet orange essential oil has a potential anxiolytic effect. Revive your body and mind with a 15-minute soak in these colourful waters.

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Ickle Baby Bot

Turn to this cute little robot the next time you want to quell a panic attack. It’ll feel like a light blue lavender lullaby with its calming essential oils that will also soothe your skin. This robot-shaped bomb will heal you with aromatherapy using chamomile blue oil. 

Exposure to chamomile has been found to be safe and can significantly reduce moderate-to-severe GAD symptoms. The Ickle Baby Bot is loved by children but adults too can enjoy its quirky fun.

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Turmeric Latte

The Turmeric Latte is ideal for autumn and winters when you need a pick me up. It forms a velvety warm bubble bath with ribbons of gold pirouette through frothy, creamy water. 

It’s sweetly scented with vanilla, coconut, and tonka give you a warm and spicy soak to calm your nerves. Brighten your complexion with its turmeric powder, which has many health benefits. These researchers found that another benefit of turmeric is that it lowers cortisol.

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This blog will introduce you to some life-saving Lush bath bombs to ease your anxiety. We’ll give you all the details you need to know about this company and then explore over 15 products. These can help you decrease symptoms of anxiety.

The best Lush bath bombs for anxiety mentioned here were Rocket Science Bath Bomb, Golden Egg, The Comforter Bubble Bar, The Sleeping Giant, Comfort Zone, Beats, Butterball, Deep Sleep, Sex Bomb, Twilight, Rose Gold, Marshmallow World, Big Blue, Melusine, Temple Of The Sky, Ickle Baby Bot, and Turmeric Latte

FAQs (Best Lush Bath Bombs for Anxiety)

Are Lush bath bombs worth it?

Made of skin-friendly and anxiety-friendly ingredients, these bombs are great for your mental health and skin care. They come at reasonable prices and give you an experience of opulence. Moreover, all of Lush’s websites feature countless positive reviews from other customers across the globe.

Do I need to rinse after a Lush bath bomb?

Generally, you won’t have to. These bath bombs comprise nourishing ingredients that are gentle towards skin. If you’re still concerned about exposure to these substances, notice if your skin shows any signs of lingering residue.

How long should you soak in Lush bath bombs?

A 15-minute soak is ideal so that you make sure all the nutrients get absorbed by your skin. Anything less won’t be enough and anything more could be an overindulgence.