Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance (9+ jobs)

In this blog post, we will list out the best jobs for work-life balance. We will understand why work-life balance matters, the determinants of, and the unideal jobs for such balance.

Work-life balance refers to a person who experiences the pleasures of day-to-day activities while being employed. Jobs that cater to work-life balance do not make their employees work for extended periods, offering flexibility and ample paid-leaves. 

There are many benefits to striking a balance between work and life, such as high job satisfaction levels, decreased stress, and improved overall health.

Let us find out which are the best jobs for work-life balance.

Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

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Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Following is a list of the best jobs for work-life balance:

  • Mobile developer
  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Strategy Manager
  • Online Tax Advisor
  • Nail Technician
  • UI Designer
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Data scientist
  • Research Engineer

Mobile developer

Many people report that this profession entails high pay and does not require even a college degree. A mobile developer creates and modifies apps, fixes bugs, and writes codes. This profession is a rapidly evolving field and has a projected growth rate of 19% over a decade. It provides you with job security and an excellent work-life balance, making it a great fit.

Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting coordinators interview and hire applicants for various job openings. This profession entails an excellent work-life balance. This statement is more accurate if you are sociable and extroverted; work may feel like you have interesting conversations with people and give them money via signing bonuses. 

The only possible disadvantage is the salary, which sometimes may be less than what the newly selected candidates would be making. 

Speech Pathologist

These professionals allow patients to deal with their speech and communication disorders. It is a highly satisfying job as you enable a person to lead a more fulfilling life. Speech pathologists typically work for an organization, but some skilled professionals make it on their own. In both cases, you have flexibility in scheduling appointments, which allows for an appropriate work-life balance.

Technical Account Manager

Akin to speech pathologists, technical account managers also have a flexible schedule, making this job great for work-life balance. These professionals act as a liaison between project managers and clients, and they coordinate among various customers and the technical support team. 

Some of them work from home and have a flexible schedule, although occasionally they may work overtime.

Strategy Manager

Strategy managers provide advice to organizations on how to make progress while minimizing risks. They strategize on goals, the means of reaching these goals, and what possible hindrances they need to overcome. Most strategy managers work directly under the senior executives, which implies a work-life balance is a part of the job perks. 

Online Tax Advisor

Tax-filing can be intensely stressful for people every year. Moreover, they may doubt how their current circumstance fits in the taxation scheme (e.g., freelance, work-from-home). 

An online tax advisor, you can provide your services to these people with questions while sitting at home. If you are not looking for freelance jobs, you can work with a company. Although the business peak is during tax season, you can find part-time roles for the rest of the year while working elsewhere.

Nail Technician

A nail technician, also commonly referred to as a manicurist or pedicurist, has flexibility in schedule and work environment. Although most nail technicians work in spas, salons, and the like, some are self-employed. 

Nail technicians offer many services, including cleaning, filing, coloring nails, removing dead skin cells, moisturizing, and even performing nail art. There are short-term courses, which include theoretical and hands-on training, to become a state-approved and licensed nail technician.

User Interface (UI) Designer

“User interface (UI)” refers to the interaction between humans and products. A UI designer develops the visual components of various applications, websites, and games. There is a requirement for creativity, computer coding, and knowledge of understanding human behavior and mind. This job is enjoyable in itself, offering an excellent work-life balance.

User experience (UX) designer

“User experience (UX)” refers to the overall experience of the interaction. A UX designer typically has a better work-life balance and is paid more than a UI designer. They play an integral role in determining the experience of the interaction. For example, they can decide whether a person presses a button or double taps to like a post.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a professional who works with the IT team and developers. They supervise the release of codes. They can choose to be administrators who script and code or developers if they are interested in deployment and network operations. Administrators usually go on to become developers to plan tests and deployment. 

DevOps engineers can do various things like code, collaborate, and re-engineer processes. They have great pay, plenty of opportunities for employment and career growth.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists typically have a healthy work-life balance. Most of them work part-time roles, even though full-time positions are available. Working part-time enables them to spend time with their family and pursue their interests, hobbies, and other enjoyable activities.

Dental hygienists provide services such as cleaning teeth, assisting dentists, educating the public on appropriate oral and dental hygiene, and taking dental X-rays. It is not required for you to do a four-year program. You can pursue an associate degree to work as a licensed dental hygienist.

Data scientist

Data scientists screen data to gain information to utilize in various ways. It is a job with high pay and a healthy work-life balance, and there is going to be a massive demand for these professionals. 

Research Engineer

Research engineers work in areas ranging from mechanics to aerospace and petroleum. They gather information, samples, data and test different variables to utilize in methods, products, and materials. As a research engineer, you can work in many settings, including laboratories, R&D departments, and provide your services to companies and projects. There is an excellent work-life balance offered.  

Why It Matters

One survey concerning job stress found that more than three-fourths of the participants reported a negative influence of job stress on their interpersonal relationships. More than 65% of the participants also claimed to experience a loss of sleep because of work pressure. Further, more than 15% said they had left the job owing to immense anxiety and stress.

Motivation is negatively affected by stress, which in turn suppresses creative imagination and innovation. Only one-third of the U.S.employees claim to have a high engagement level in their job and report being satisfied with their employers. The same study noticed an unprecedented drop in job satisfaction from May 2020 to June 2020. 

People misconceive the number of working hours being a determinant of productivity. In reality, work-life balance is the aspect that leads to increased productivity and improved well-being, which in turn results in greater retention levels. Moreover, employees who perceive to maintain a healthy balance between work and life tend to work harder than those who do not. 

People, particularly employers, have misconceptions that they believe reduced workload implies decreased stress. However, the same survey found that more than 75% of the participants reported feeling even more stressed when they do not have work instead of having too much work. Almost 75% said that they would rather have more work than higher pay.

Therefore, we can gather that work-life balance is crucial in almost every employee’s life, so it should matter to employers.

Factors that Determine Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is determined by several factors concerning their work environment, work ethic, flexibility in terms of hours and workplace, paid leave and sick leave policies, and the support schemes in place (e.g., employment assistance programs (EAPs), childcare facilities). 

The policies placed by the ruling government for employer and employee roles and responsibilities also determine the work-life balance. For instance, policies affecting child-care and parental leave schemes may make it more comfortable or challenging for parents to continue employment without hindering their work-life balance. 

Moreover, the components of a person’s life also bear a significant influence on their work-life balance. If you have too many familial or other non-work commitments, it may be more challenging to juggle these and work-related issues. For instance, those who are required to do a lot of volunteering or need to study or travel excessively may find it harder to strike a balance.  

Specific parenting requirements like breastfeeding and child-rearing can also determine the work-life balance. The amount of control you can exert over your work and its flexibility is crucial if you are a working parent.

Unideal Jobs for Work-Life Balance

There are professions with tight deadlines, immense work pressure, and stress that work-life balance seems entirely out of reach. The working hours, stressors, and job profile contribute toward work-life balance. Based on these determinants, let us understand the unideal jobs for work-life balance. These jobs include:

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Lawyer
  • Surgeon
  • Firefighter
  • Journalist 
  • Stock Broker 


In this blog post, we got to know the best jobs for work-life balance. We understood why work-life balance matters, what factors determine this balance, and what the unideal jobs are if you want to maintain a balance between work and life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Which job offers the ideal work-life balance?

These jobs offer the ideal work-life balance:

Recreation and fitness worker
Management analyst
Nail technician
Dental hygienist
Web developer
Interpreter and translator

Which job pays high and entails effortless responsibilities?

These jobs pay well and come with effortless responsibilities:

Massage therapist
Celebrity assistant
Power plan operator
Freelance writer

Keep in mind that all jobs entail stress and effort. People enjoy these jobs, and hence, they seem effortless. 

Employees of which job are the happiest?

These jobs have the happiest employees:

IT consultant
HR manager
Teaching assistant
Real estate agent
Construction manager

Which is the least stressful job?

Here are a few jobs that are the least stressful:

Insulation contractor
Radiation therapist 
Survey researcher
Environmental science and protection technician
Hearing aid specialist

Which jobs are likely to vanish by 2030?

Here are a few jobs that are likely to vanish by 2030.

Fastfood chef
Bank teller
Sports referee or umpire
Printing press operator
Mail career
Travel agent
Textile worker

What are the most boring jobs?

Following is a set of jobs that are considered the most boring:

Financial management
Legal jobs
Customer support
Consulting and accounting
Project management
Financial services and banking

What are the ideal jobs for lazy people?

These are the ideal jobs for lazy people:

Professional cuddler
Video game tester
Sleep study participant
Beer taster
Hotel sleep tester
Professional foreigner
Movie extra

Which jobs pay well without a college degree?

Here are a few jobs that do not require a college degree but pay well:

Radiation therapist
Funeral service manager
Air traffic controller
Commercial pilot
Real estate broker
Detectives and criminal investigators
Constructing manager
Nuclear power reactor operator


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