Best Jobs for People with Anxiety (19 jobs)


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Page last updated: 15/09/2022

Best Jobs for People with Anxiety (19 jobs)

In this blog post, we will address the best jobs for people with anxiety. We will understand the best jobs for people with a social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. 

Anxiety is our mental and physical response to a seemingly threatening situation, such as stress, danger, and unfamiliarity. It makes people feel an array of unpleasant emotions like fear, panic, and dread. Anxiety is different from feeling shy or having a preference for being alone.

In this article, we will cover the best jobs for people with anxiety and two specific types of anxiety disorders, namely generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). 

GAD involves “free-floating worry” or persistent and excessive worry about everything, even trivial, everyday issues. SAD entails severe anxiety and even avoidance of social situations due to self-consciousness and concern about being judged negatively. 

Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

People with anxiety disorders have a difficult time to navigate a career. The possibility of the condition getting triggered while at work adds to the pressure of existing responsibilities. However, several jobs cater to people with anxiety. 

In general, jobs that are of low stress can be incredibly useful for your performance and productivity. It avoids the pressure that comes with stressful jobs, thereby focusing on your mental health while maintaining employment. 

Several jobs that are great for people with anxiety are as follows:

  • Freelance writing
  • Blogging
  • social media manager
  • accountant or bookkeeper
  • computer programmer or IT specialist
  • Librarian

Freelance writing, blogging, and editing

If you are interested in jobs related to words and skilled at it, you can become a freelance writer or editor for various online platforms. There is ample flexibility to schedule your work the way you want and work wherever you want. They also enable you to work with clients and meet deadlines but at a relatively more leisurely pace.

Freelance jobs are great part-time jobs for people with anxiety as they are usually less stressful and allow you to dictate when and how you work.

Best Jobs for People with Anxiety (19 jobs)

Social Media Manager 

If you enjoy working on creating content and managing social media, you can consider this job. It allows you to learn to work with people while producing creative outcomes at your pace and convenience. 

Accountant or Bookkeeper

These jobs are usually in environments that provide freedom from triggering stimuli. Some responsibilities may be stressful, so look for a role in a smaller company or one that does not need you to do many things at once. 

Computer programmer and IT specialist

This job provides work from home options, which is excellent for people with anxiety. It does not always require a college degree, which is also beneficial. You may try attempting competency courses and exams for coding languages and mention that in your applications. 


If you take joy in being around books, this job is the one for you. Librarians have minimal interactions, and the only time they work with people is when they have to host low-key events.

The jobs mentioned above only briefly outline the best ones for people with anxiety in general. Let us now understand the best jobs for people with a social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. 

Best Jobs for People with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

The following is a list of best jobs for people with a social anxiety disorder (SAD):

  • Entrepreneur
  • Artist
  • Dog trainer
  • Landscaper
  • Computer programmer
  • Accountant  


This job implies you work independently and are accountable only to yourself. Such factors enable you to be flexible with work hours and workspaces. You get to take charge of everything you do, and you also determine the people to hire to perform work you may not typically enjoy doing. 

There will be interactions with suppliers or clients as an entrepreneur, but you will not have an employer overseeing it. Even though you can outsource work involving communications, try not to do that. Instead, use this opportunity to work on your anxiety and fears at your pace and convenience.


This job can be ideal for people with social anxiety. Pay is unpredictable, so it is best to have another job on the side to earn a living. If you enjoy expressing yourself through art, you can become an artist. You will have a creative outlet and the opportunity to work alone often. 

Graphic design is an option you can consider to support your artistic side. As mentioned for entrepreneurs, learn to use this opportunity to put yourself in anxiety-provoking situations, such as presenting at art exhibitions, to overcome your fears. In this field, communicating with potential clients and other artists is crucial in making it big. 

Dog Trainer

If you enjoy working with animals, this profession is an excellent choice. Other related jobs include veterinary technician, pet-sitter, zookeeper, rescue worker, and kennel operator. 

These jobs can be highly rewarding and require minimal to no social interactions. It gives you space to work on your own peacefully. Try interacting with clients and other professionals to challenge yourself. 

If you have dogs with anxiety, you can buy them dog beds, they can find small, medium, large size, as well as pillows.

You can also get sprays, aromatherapy supplies, anti-anxiety shirts, and other supplements that will keep your dog calm.

If your pet won’t calm down or you are going to travel, try buying a duty dog crave and a harness.


Landscapers can work in various settings, such as golf courses and companies. They can also be self-employed. This profession allows you to work alone and in the outdoors. This benefit is more useful if you despise working in typical offices.

For self-employed landscapers, communicating with clients, other professionals, and employees is crucial, providing an opportunity for you to overcome your anxiety. You can do so while having ample downtime.

Computer Programmer

If you are good at paying attention to detail, interested in problem-solving, and have sustained focus, this job is the one for you. Although minimal interactions may be required, computer programmers are mainly necessary for their analytical and logical skills. This job also gives you the option to work alone and even from home. 


Accountants perform bookkeeping and other financial responsibilities for a company or individual. If you are interested in working with numbers, this job is an excellent choice, allowing you to work independently. 

You can work in a company or be self-employed. Some interaction with clients and at networking events is required, but it would improve with time as you focus on your abilities and work and get more skilled at and confident with what you do. Such minimal interactions provide you with opportunities to face your social fears gradually.

Best Jobs for People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

The following list entails the best jobs for people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). 

  • Fitness trainer
  • Teacher
  • Private investigator
  • Massage therapist
  • Emergency room nurse
  • Counselor/Psychologist 
  • Tradesman
  • Electrical engineer
  • Wine sommelier 

Fitness Trainer

This job is highly rewarding as you help other people improve their health. You teach them to use gym equipment appropriately and develop custom training plans. You also work on your health, which helps regulate your anxiety, as this job necessitates you to be fit. 

Related jobs in this field are dietician and nutritionist, which can help you utilize your perfectionistic tendencies while enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Being a teacher enables you to not focus on your unnecessary worrying and anxiety-provoking thoughts and feelings, as this job keeps you busy. You would have to prepare for classes and continuously be updated in your field of expertise. Remember that this job entails public-speaking, so ensure you can take this on given the anxiety.

Private Investigator

These professionals work in various areas like domestic situations, corporates, and ground surveillance. You get to achieve a healthy balance as there will be busy times and inactive ones when you summarise your findings. Forensic analysts, crime scene investigators, and home inspectors are related jobs. 

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist works in a calming environment and provides relaxing and rejuvenating services to clients. A healthy combination of physical and mental responsibilities will keep you occupied from having unnecessary worries. Interacting with clients also does this, and you may find the service in itself soothing. 

Emergency Room Nurse

Although this job involves a fast-paced environment and is not typically free of stress, it keeps you busy from feeling anxiety. If this job is stressful, consider something along the times of a pharmacy technician.

If you’re a nurse dealing with an anxiety disorder, here are some specialisations that will suit you better.


This job allows you to help others facing psychological difficulties. Having gone through a mental health condition yourself, you may be more understanding and empathetic of your clients’ problems. Moreover, this role may provide further insight into your emotional health. 


This job requires mental and physical work, which helps you from thinking anxious thoughts. Any tradesmen jobs like plumber, carpenter, or mechanic require you to comprehend the issue and develop solutions to fix them. This diagnosing and resolving process is suitable for people with GAD as they tend to think of a problem from every possible angle.

Electrical Engineer

People with GAD typically benefit from jobs that entail designing and engineering. An electrical engineer performs tasks like studying, designing, and implementing equipment that use electricity. These responsibilities can engage you and disallow you to worry.   

Wine Sommelier

A wine sommelier gathers detailed information on various wines and shares this data with people, helping them make their wine selections. They typically work in fine restaurants. This job is excellent for people with GAD, as it allows them not to worry while working. 


In this blog post, we found out the best jobs for people with anxiety. We also understood what the best jobs for people with a social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder are. 

For people with SAD, jobs that entail minimal stress and social interactions are ideal. For people with GAD, jobs that are typically less stressful with fewer time pressures are ideal. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

What is an ideal job for people with a generalized anxiety disorder?

A job that entails designing or engineering is an ideal job for people with GAD. Jobs like electrical engineering, tradesman, and architecture may be suitable for people with GAD as these jobs help keep them from worrying. 

How can I work when I have severe anxiety?

Here are a few tips when you have to work and have severe anxiety: 

Take breaks whenever deemed necessary;
Go on walks; 
Take vacations;
Do not multitask. Finish the task at hand. Take it one step at a time and do not think of everything that needs to be done;
Establish smaller deadlines to maintain focus;
Talk to your employer and coworkers;
Try to lead a healthy lifestyle; and
Practice mindfulness. 

Is anxiety a disability?

Yes, anxiety is a disability if it is severe and chronic, diagnosed by a doctor, and limits you from engaging in necessary activities. If your condition meets the criteria in place for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) programs, it is a disability as per the Social Security law.  

Can they fire me for my anxiety?

No, they cannot fire you for your anxiety. As per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employees are prohibited from discriminating among employees based on their disabilities, including mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression.


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