25 best hobbies for men

In this article, we will talk bout the best hobbies for men that will you both great independence but will also make you more attractive. 

What are the best hobbies for men?

In the old days, that is, before technology completely took over us and turned us into its slaves, free time was much more generous.

In short, people had free time, which they did not lose on the digital walls of Facebook or by tapping their finger on a display, in activities lacking the slightest degree of intelligence and intellectual involvement.

In the past, men had more passions and their hobbies were of various kinds.

They engaged in creative activities, carried out more or less in the middle of nature, they interacted with each other and, in general, they were happier. 

Nowadays, the stressful job or too much dependence on computers and other digital devices, bring us into depressive situations from which we have to find a loophole.

Sometimes, this escape can be an activity that we turn into a hobby that fulfils us and makes us feel better.

What kind of hobby? We give you only 25 ideas:

25. Enrol in a dance class

It may seem trivial and obsolete but think that your grandfather knew how to dance, your father did it quite nicely too but your friends look like walking brooms when they get on a (real) dance floor and not in a club in which all you have to do is nod like a broken robot, on onomatopoeic rhythms. 

Dancing is one of the coolest arts and even if you don’t have to become an artist in the true sense of the word, learning to dance will put you in a favourable light from all points of view.

A dance class will increase your confidence, will make you have a better posture, will put you in a position to exercise, and last but not least, will create an image of a God in front of women.

And if you already know how to dance, revive this passion and go to a dance hall.

All big cities have this – places where people come to feel good about the music, to dance, to socialize, to make friends.

24. Play the guitar

Knowing how to play the guitar is a great asset, which will make your own person much appreciated by friends and ad hoc acquaintances.

Who doesn’t like a guy who plays the guitar and whose girl doesn’t shiver when she hears the warm strings, in more or less romantic moments?

Buy a guitar, take a course (there are a lot of online courses, for example, many free) and even if you don’t have a bright musical ear, work to stage at least a few songs to delight and surprise the audience.

23. Try parkour

If you are an active guy, still young, full of energy and talent, take into account parkour, the sport that makes you jump on walls, on and off buildings, like a modern spider-man.

Parkour is, rather, an art of exercise, which cultivates the ability to move in the most natural and efficient way possible through a crowded environment, often even hostile.

Nowadays we think of parkour as an interesting form of recreation, but it developed, practically, from the tactical training of soldiers.

The benefits of this hobby are many: it’s fun, it’s a great way to exercise and, in other words, it can save your life if you get into a borderline situation where you need to run and jump between objects.

 You just have to train your hands and especially your legs.

We are not saying that you will not have accidents at the beginning, but believe us, it is worth the effort.

22. Collecting things 

Many people do not understand collectors, considering that collecting things in the same category is a waste of time.

But what would mankind have done if collectors had not existed? People obsessed with gathering valuable things who later “spoke” to future generations about events over time.

There are a lot of men who collect things.

It doesn’t even matter what, but the more you manage to have a bigger and more valuable collection, the more you will be appreciated in that niche. 

You probably think that making a collection is equivalent to having an obsession, but this is not always the case.

A collection can represent the image of a great passion. Which, if you have, you shouldn’t let it die.

21. Put boats in bottles

Sounds completely stupid, right? Put a boat in a bottle. Since when have you never seen anything like it?

Or, the better question is: have you ever seen such a miracle?

If you saw it when you were a child, you probably asked yourself an obsessive question: how the hell did that ship end up in the thin-necked bottle?

The answer is simple but terribly complicated: with passion, concentration and dedication. And a handful of iron.

Usually, the ship is built outside the bottle, with the mast down. After inserting it into the bottle, lift the mast with the help of long pliers. 

In addition to the bottles with the ships, you can create other “impossible” bottles: with playing cards, tennis balls, etc.

It’s all about finding a way to insert the object inside.

20. Read

There can be no better hobby than reading. Theodore Roosevelt, for example, was an avid reader.

And many of the world’s leading men were like him. Reading allows you to connect with the great writers of history, who have exposed their ideas over time.

 With their help, you will become a wiser, more fulfilled and more intelligent man.

If you have access to a library, you have already found the right place to perpetuate this noble hobby.

(Extra) Cigar as a hobby

Cigars can be a huge hobby if you enjoy smoking and collecting them. Exquisite cigars are a classic male leisure activity that can be used for relaxing evenings. Smoking cigars moderately will help you get rid of stress and negative thoughts. You can try various premium cigars such as Trinidad Vigia, Cohiba Siglo V, and Montecristo No 4. If you like a mix of coffee, wood, spice, and sweet cream flavors then you can try Montecristo No 4 or Trinidad Vigia.

19. Take care of the garden

It may seem like a suggestion for the elderly, but it’s not.

Don’t think of those images of older women taking care of their plants like the eyes in their heads, approaching relaxed smiles. 

Gardening is, indeed, a relaxing occupation and if you like nature and have a house with a little land, the moments when you return from work and sit in the yard, with a beer next to it, in the middle of pleasant environmental vegetation, what gives you fresh air is the first step to a state of zen. 

But for such a thing, you have to arrange your garden.

As you discover the benefits and satisfaction of this hobby, you will like it more and more and it will “catch” you so that your friends will be speechless when they visit you and admire your creation.

18. Lift weights

Not the weights of life, because those are obligatory to lift anyway.

For some men, a weight lifting session in the morning has the effect of a quality invigoration on both body and mind. 

As you get in shape you will make more and more room in your life for this physical activity.

You will be stronger, you will look better and from time to time you may surprise someone with your ability to lift things up like a local Schwarzenegger.

For example, when a friend calls you to move his furniture.

17. Play bowling

What do Fred Flinstone, Homer Simpson and Al Bundy have in common? The all play bowling.

You have to find 2-3 more friends to ally with because it’s not really ok to go alone and throw balls in the bowling alley like crazy. 

But even this is not a problem: bowling is a very good opportunity to socialize, to drink a beer, to have fun, to relax in an active way.

And no, you don’t have to buy your own ball, as you saw in the movies.

16. Practice martial arts

There are many benefits you can have if you learn how to properly practice one of the forms of martial arts: self-defence, self-discipline, better health, connection with an important tradition and, last but not least, the development to a “warrior” side in a positive sense. 

There are many branches of martial arts – choose one that suits your personality.

Document yourself a bit, find a good instructor and then create a routine of going to the gym to learn those techniques.

You will free your mind and strengthen your body.

15. Ride a bike

Cycling in nature and in parks is invaluable.

Buy your equipment, go to the mountains, approach various types of training and, why not participate in organized races.

You can also consider cycling holidays, visiting different places in the country on just two wheels. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s ecological.

14. Take online courses

If you want to train in a specific field but still do not have time to physically participate in an organized course (which would be desirable), keep in mind that there are a lot of online resources. 

Websites that allow you to buy (or even take for free) courses of various types, for various fields.

Many of these are held by experts in the field. Choose wisely, after reading reviews about them, and in the end, you will not regret it. 

It’s all about keeping up with the course, step by step, lesson by lesson.

You will receive digital diplomas and, moreover, you will learn and improve in your chosen field. 

13. Buy antiques

The successful American Pawn Stars series have revealed that it’s not so bad to collect old things.

In fact, they can bring you a fortune, smaller or larger, at some point. 

You don’t have to develop a mania like the one that some people who never throw anything and find that they can’t breathe how many things are around them.

As a hobby, antiques refer to buying and collecting valuables from shops, malls, etc. 

In many cases, this involves returning them, making a profit, sometimes after restoring them.

Buy directly from collectors, from historians, from people you know have untapped valuables, then sell them to antique shops.

The best way to do this is to choose a niche and start looking for objects in that specific niche.

12. Play golf

Gold is a bourgeois sport, a gentlemen’s sport: the clothes are special, the movements are graceful, the lawns are perfectly cut.

There are few other ways for a group of men to meet on such a pleasant occasion and spend the best possible few hours. 

It’s a hard sport to learn, but this is also fun. You always compete against others but also against yourself.

In other sports, you have to be better than others but in golf, your equipment must be better than others to win.

11. Write

Journaling has been a hobby for many, many years.

Even though they worked in other fields, people had collaborations with various newspapers and magazines, being considered as some of the most talented. 

With the untimely death of the print media, things have shifted to some extent online.

But some men write only to put their thoughts in order. Or to publish a book. To solve problems. To avoid stress. There are many motivations to make you write. 

If you write a lot and have ideas, make a blog. Keep a journal. You don’t have to write for a million readers.

It is enough to do it for the grandchildren who will discover over the years what a great and full of ideas grandfather they had.

10. Do scuba diving

Sailing brings you on the waves of the seas and oceans.

But scuba diving takes you into their depths, to discover a fascinating world full of mysteries. Take a scuba class and soar in the “big blue”. 

You need to get a diving certificate and buy the right equipment.

Then the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or the Red Sea can’t wait to tell you a dream story.

9. Climb

Climbing is a sport in itself. If in scuba we are talking about depths, this time we refer to heights and the desire of man to climb higher, as high as possible.

In a special way, which is true, that is, not on the straightest and smoothest way. On the contrary. 

Learn to climb, with all that entails, to have the satisfaction of reaching unsuspectedly beautiful places and enjoy alone landscapes that others do not even see in pictures.

The most convenient way is to start with an indoor course, in which you will learn what is necessary about ropes and all cutlery.

Then make friends in this area and go together to explore the climbing walls. It’s a dangerous hobby, but if you learn it properly, you’ll love it.

8. Collect vinyls

In the ‘50s and ‘70s, people gathered around a pickup truck spinning a record, triggering unforgettable parties.

Some still keep their record collections, although they don’t have much to listen to.

But if you are careful, you will see that pickups are sold as a kind of object for hipsters. 

Going beyond this aspect, a music lover knows how to collect valuable types of vinyl, which he listens to in the evening, in the smoke of a cigar, with a glass of brandy in his hand.

It is the cleanest sound that can be integrated into a recording.

7. Observe the birds

If you’ve ever been to a lek, you may have passed another boat that looked downright suspicious, because it was standing still and some tarpaulin-covered individuals were stretching their cannons of sophisticated cameras at the surrounding vegetation. 

These are bird watchers, a species of tourists who aim to capture rare bird species in photos.

It’s a passion that many consider bizarre and that seems to delight an elderly person.

But once you get caught up in it, you will see that things are different. 

Because this hobby combines detailed ornithological knowledge with peace and relaxation in the middle of nature.

And especially in areas where rare species of birds live.

6. Learn photography

If you have always wanted to practice art but did not have the talent of a painter, try photography.

Nowadays, when digital photography and editing software are practically everywhere, it is much easier to take this passion to the next level.

You can take a photography course organized by professional photographers or you can take an online photography course – you can find them in a simple Google search.

It is not enough to have a digital camera or a phone with a powerful camera.

Quality photography involves much more than pressing a button, with the “auto” function activated.

5. Volunteer

This could be an occupation for any man who does not consider himself a materialist and is not greedy for his own free time.

Giving can sometimes make us happier than we think.

I am sure there are many beautiful projects that are being developed in your city/country and that need the help of volunteers.

By helping others, you are helping yourself.

And if your home country is not the country where you feel you have to offer your services, then enter this site and it is impossible not to find a project that will please you, somewhere in the wide world.

4. Learn to cook

Every man should know how to cook. It is known that men are the best cooks and this is not said in vain.

That’s why, in order to keep the banner of gastronomic masculinity high, start cooking. 

The satisfactions are multiple: it gives you independence, you will save money, you will impress absolutely any woman, you will be healthier (because you will control what you eat).

It’s an affordable hobby that will make you happy and relax. 

And there are so many online resources, blogs and gastronomic sites, that it is impossible that after a week of study you will not be able to prepare at least a delicious dinner for your loved one.

3. Surf

Few things create a closer connection between man and nature than the one that brings man on a surfboard, on the waves of the sea or the ocean.

In one of your exotic vacations take a surfing course, then you will surely fall in love with… riding the waves like a modern Neptune.

2. Learn magic tricks

Do you remember your childhood years, when you certainly learned some magic tricks that impressed your friends?

The child in you could resume those times, at a higher level, and learn from the secrets of magic, which is then practised at parties and meetings, to entertain the audience.

If you practice a trick many times, you will end up learning it so well that you will arouse everyone’s envy.

All you need is a magic card and a pair of playing cards. The more sophisticated props, for more complex tricks, you can buy later.

1. Learn a foreign language

Of all, this is probably the most useful hobby. A learned foreign language is like an acquired job.

Not only will it allow you to easily manage in the countries where it is spoken, but it can give you the opportunity to, at some point, get a job as a translator or transcriber.

 Most people know English, many know French, Spanish, Italian, German… but consider learning a heavier language, which not many know and which could give you multiple satisfactions.

How about Japanese or Arabic, for example?

You can also read a profit first book to gain knowledge of the business world.


In this blog post, we wrote about 25 of the best hobbies for men, that hopefully will inspire you to do great things, to change bad behaviours and to become the best version of yourself. 

Which among these 25 best hobbies for men did you find to be more interesting, appealing?

Let us know in the comments section!

FAQ about the best hobbies for men

What’s a good hobby for a man?

A good hobby for a man is a hobby that teaches him a new skill, that is done with passion and will make him a better man, long-term speaking. 

What are the most attractive hobbies?

Some of the most attractive hobbies are considered to be:  reading, dancing, cooking, climbing, writing. 

What are good hobbies for adults?

Good hobbies for adults are: travelling, taking photographs, learning a new skill, learning a foreign language, watching documentaries, going to the theatre, etc. 

What are impressive hobbies?

Some impressive hobbies are related to endurance sports, bird watching, yoga, climbing, volunteering. 

How do I find my hobby or passion?

To find your hobby or passion think about the things that you’d like to improve about yourself.
What would you like your life to be in a few years? What can you do today to make sure you accomplish your goals?

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