Best Gifts for Stress & Anxiety (15+ List)

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In this brief article, we are going to describe some brilliant gift ideas for loved ones struggling with stress and anxiety. If you care about someone who seems to have difficulty relaxing, resting, sleeping, or feeling good, try giving them one of the items listed here.

What are the Best Gifts for Stress & Anxiety?

Here is a quick list of some of the best things that you can give to your friends if they’re stressed or anxious:

Gift Ideas for Friends Struggling with Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety were already pretty common among people before the pandemic exacerbated things. Now, since so many situations are unpredictable and beyond one’s control, a general feeling of helplessness plagues our communities.

As a result, people are struggling far more than ever with things like stress and anxiety. If you want to make someone you love feel a little better, less stressed, and more relaxed, try these gift ideas:

Smart Watch

Smart watches host a ton of features like GPS tracking, maps, instant music and contactless pay. It is truly a tech miracle for people who suffer from anxiety. Fossil watches give high performance, superior connectivity, smart sensing, and compelling features like Wear OS by Google.

You can use these features to track the physiological signs of your anxiety. Notice when your heartbeat or breathing is dysregulated. Track heart rate variability for better physical and mental health.

Inspirational Bracelet

This inspirational bracelet can serve as a perfect reminder when you’re struggling. The arrows on the bracelet symbolises resilience which is present in all of us. The engraving reminds us that negative thoughts are rarely factual. This simple reminder can help us keep calm and our heads up. 

It is an absolutely powerful and uplifting piece of jewellery. Well-made, simple, fashionable, and elegant, it has 360-degree delicate polish. It can be a perfect gift for you or your loved one and serve as your mental health support charm.


Muse is a brain-sensing headband meant for EEG-powered sleep tracking and meditation. The band contains receptors that record electroencephalogram waves to monitor your focus, sleep, and recovery. 

Muse can give you insights for sleep stage visualisation, sleep position tracking, and a personalised sleep efficiency score. It pairs with the Muse meditation app so you can take sessions and track your progress. 

The neurofeedback from your brainwaves helps you keep a check on your anxiety and measure your progress.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy using essential oils is an effective treatment for depression. This is a pack of four blends of essential oils pre-mixed and packaged in portable, convenient roll-on bottles. Dream is a mix that promotes better sleep, has a relaxing scent, and is made of calming ingredients. 

Fresh will lift your mood, reduce anxiety, and boost concentration. Shield will support your immune system, make your body defenses stronger, and is great for seasonal changes. Finally, Head Ease is a blend that targets the bodily symptoms of anxiety. It relieves pain, alleviates stress, and soothes sore muscles.


Your friend will love this 5-in-1 function aromatherapy diffuser. Along with spreading therapeutic scents, it also works as a humidifier, night light, decorative item, and an oil diffuser. It has four built-in timer setting modes and seven soothing LED lights. 

The automatic power off setting makes it super convenient to use. Try it for spa treatment, yoga, work, sleep, or even for kids.


MindPlace is a related product used to simulate meditation through audios and visuals. Their unique feature is the light and sound meditation that relaxes the mind and body while inducing sleep. 

The GanzFrame light glasses from MindPlace wrap your eyes in a spectrum of color spread evenly across inner space. LED lights and binaural beats create a conducive environment for you to sit back and calm your nerves. MindPlace also offers their customers a wide range of sessions and tutorials that let people optimise their meditation skills.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is like a regular blanket but heavier so that it can create a deep relaxing pressure. Putting on a weighted blanket can make body parts less restless and calm the person wearing it.

The Layla Sleep store is a US-based company for mattresses and sleep accessories. Their range of weighted blankets are designed to feel like someone is hugging you. They compare the gentle pressure with the warm embrace of a pile of puppies.

Daylight Therapy Lamp & Clock

Mental health professionals often recommend spending some time in daylight to improve sleep. A wake-up light alarm clock uses the same mechanism to promote healthy sleep cycles. This can be extremely useful for someone with anxiety as sleep disturbances are a common symptom.

Philips offers multiple models for wake-up light alarm clocks. Here, we’re talking about the HF3520/60, which has many smart features like tap snooze, dimmable display, and FM radio. There are 20 brightness settings and 5 natural alarm sounds.

Hemi Sync

Hemi Sync is a large online collection of content that helps viewers relax, focus, meditate, sleep, and thrive. The content on this website is categorised based on the desired outcome. They can be guided meditation, ambient music, practical tools, and much more. Each item has a rating given by previous users from more than 50 years of service. 

These products are available in numerous European and Asian languages and cost between $10 – $100. There are some useful courses as well that can cost more than that. You can pick the ones that you think your friend will like and buy the subscription.

Casper Glow Light

Anxiety can cause sleeplessness. The mind gets extremely focused on negative automatic thoughts. Even if you feel extremely tired and worn out, you just can’t go to sleep. This glowlight cues your body for bed. The warm light helps you wind down as you read and relax and then softly lulls you to sleep. 

It gradually dims so you can doze off without interruptions and gently wakes you up. By filling the room with soft light, it helps you get an easy morning rise. These processes help your circadian rhythm and relax your body, which in turn relaxes your mind.

SomniLight Glasses

SomniLight Light Therapy uses amber light to make it easier for the eyes to relax and sleep. In the form of glasses, amber light can block up to 99% of blue wavelengths. This in turn preserves your body’s natural levels of melatonin and allows you to sleep peacefully. 

SomniLight glasses are easy to wear, fashionable, and convenient for travel. These are available in many different designs and frames so you can pick one that matches your wardrobe. SomniLight glasses can prevent your anxiety attacks at night by letting you get some much needed sleep.

White Noise Machine

White noise helps us relax by giving us a sound to focus on instead of the cacophony of stressful thoughts. It is also ideal for reducing the distracting effects of outside noises for a more relaxing and disturbance-free environment. 

You can use this small device whenever you need to focus on work instead of distracting thoughts. It provides ten fan sounds, ten white, pink and brown noise variations, and two varieties of ocean sounds.

Deep Tissue Massager

Nothing relaxes the body quite like a deep tissue massage. Going to the spa since the pandemic started is not as easy as it once was. But you can gift your friend a massage at home using this effective massage gun. 

It is highly recommended by physiotherapists because of its high-quality performance and versatility. It comes with six different massage heads to give you just the right pressure and texture. It’s lightweight, portable, and has  an intuitive LED control.

Anxiety Workbook

This is the seventh edition of this book to celebrate 30 years as a classic in its field. It is a revised, updated, practical, and step-by-step guide to numerous coping techniques that lower anxiety. 

Learn how to use relaxation, exercise, nutrition, medication, and meditation to fight your anxiousness. This book also covers topics like overcoming panic, negative self-talk, mistaken beliefs, specific phobias, worry, and health-related anxiety. Dr. Bourne guides his readers on how to prevent relapses as well.

Fidget Toys

Fidget spinners are creative little toys that keep your anxious fingers busy. They can be a lot of fun and almost addictive because they build muscle memory. When we get better and faster at maneuvering these devices, the reward centres of the brain get activated. 

A feeling of pleasure instills in the mind and body, making it easier to overcome anxiety. This fidget spinner by Duomishu is different from the classic design and a lot more fun. Relax your anxious thought on your next flight by fidgeting with this spinner.

Bach Remedy Set

Bach flower remedies were developed by Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor from the UK. Recently, Siegler and others found that these remedies can help lower anxiety, elevate mood, and relax the mind. 

This goes to suggest that Bach remedies can be an awesome gift for someone with anxiety but further research is warranted. Here is a set with all the different flower remedies that you can give as a present.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.


In this brief article, we described some brilliant gift ideas for loved ones struggling with stress and anxiety. If you care about someone who seems to have difficulty relaxing, resting, sleeping, or feeling good, try giving them one of the items listed here.

Gifts we described included Smart Watch, Inspirational Bracelet, Muse, Essential Oils, Diffuser, MindPlace, Weighted Blanket, Daylight Therapy Lamp & Clock, Hemi Sync, Casper Glow Light, SomniLight Glasses, White Noise Machine, Deep Tissue Massager, Anxiety Workbook, Fidget Toys, and Bach Remedy Set.

FAQs (Best Gifts for Stress & Anxiety)

What do I say to a friend with anxiety?

If someone you know is struggling with anxiety, let them know that you’re available and willing to help. They need to calm their body down so try to get them to breathe slower and relax their muscles. It helps to try grounding techniques that make them pay attention to their senses. Say things that are empathetic, motivating, and non-judgemental.

How do you cheer up someone with anxiety?

You can try the following things to cheer someone up if they’re anxious:

Help them breathe slowly and deeply and do it with them
Allow them to relax their body and let go of muscle tension
Give them something to comfort them like a blanket, massage, hugs
Try aromatherapy
Make sure their well fed and hydrated
Listen to them empathetically and without judgement
Support them in their search for a therapist

Do scented candles help with anxiety?

Scented candles release essential oils into the air that get inhaled. These oils generally have adaptogenic properties that make one feel more relaxed and less worked up. Any pleasant fragrance, adaptogenic or not, can help with anxiety. 

That’s because it makes you pay attention to sensory inputs based in reality rather than negative thoughts that are based on imagination.

Should I get a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket provides a sense of comfort by exerting a gentle pressure. It feels like a warm embrace or the comforting touch of someone you love. You should purchase a weighted blanket if you like sensory stimulation, suffer from anxiety, or feel lonely.


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