Best Gadgets for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a list of the best gadgets for people who are dealing with chronic anxiety. Some of these are smartwatches and smart lights. Others are therapeutic devices specifically meant for improved mental health.

What are the Best Gadgets for Anxiety?

The top gadgets to use for someone with anxiety are listed below:

Gadgets & Devices That Ease Anxiety

In this section, we are going to give more detailed descriptions of each of these gadgets and devices. Readers will learn how each particular item can help them to improve their overall mental health.

Check out the latest technology that can help you lower the symptoms or severity of anxiety:


Flow is a smart health device that you can wear on your head to treat depression and anxiety. It passes mild and safe amounts of current to a particular part of your brain. By doing so, it stimulates the brain areas that tend to show low activity when one is anxious. 

Electrical stimulation causes the mind and body to react in a way that alleviates symptoms. Flow isn’t like the electrical stimulation from ECT or TMS because you can self administer it. Moreover, it doesn’t involve bulky machines with heavy duty cords.

The Flow brain stimulation is accompanied by established techniques in psychotherapy. These primarily include behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy that target unhelpful habits and thoughts that perpetuate anxiety. Together, the stimulation and therapy help individuals to fight their disorder and work their way towards wellbeing.


Muse is a brain-sensing headband meant for EEG-powered sleep tracking and meditation. The band contains receptors that record electroencephalogram waves to monitor your focus, sleep, and recovery. 

It gives you insights for sleep stage visualisation, sleep position tracking, and a personalised sleep efficiency score. It pairs with the Muse meditation app so you can take sessions and track your progress.


Here is another neurostimulation device that uses tDCS through electrodes targeted at specific areas of the brain. It is meant to be an alternative to chemical stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and other performance enhancers. As a healthier option, LIFTiD helps users improve their attention, focus, and alertness.

LIFTiD helps individuals who often find it challenging to get on with their work and responsibilities. Poor concentration and memory is a common symptom of anxiety. For such situations, LIFTiD can help one be more functional.


MindPlace is a related product used to simulate meditation through audios and visuals. Their unique feature is the light and sound meditation that relaxes the mind and body while inducing sleep. 

The GanzFrame light glasses from MindPlace wrap your eyes in a spectrum of color spread evenly across inner space. LED lights and binaural beats create a conducive environment for you to sit back and uplift your mood. MindPlace also offers their customers a wide range of sessions and tutorials that let people optimise their meditation skills.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro helps you watch what you eat. Research shows that eating junk food can make you more prone to anger and anxiety in high-stress situations. Are you eating too much high-fat and high-sugar foods? 

To take stock of your diet, commit to keeping a track of your meals on your smartwatch. This expert-developed guide will make the experience painless. Its personalized Motivation feature lets you customize your own wellness plan with tailored goals and alerts.

The watch also acts as a remote control, whether for a PowerPoint presentation or Samsung Gear VR headset.

Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat Leaf products do not need charging. They include a coin cell battery that lasts for approximately 6 months. This allows you to track 24 hours a day. Bella beat Leaf products can be re-synced to a new device at any time through the App.

The stress you might experience throughout the day is calculated taking multiple factors into account. It takes into account, sleep time, number of hours slept and activity schedule. 

Leaf helps you cope with stress by encouraging you to learn and practice deep breathing techniques through guided meditation exercises.The reproductive health feature keeps a record of the mindfulness activities.  These values will help calculate your stress level too.

Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 is a slimline wearable that’s swim-friendly and comes loaded with fitness and well-being features. These are designed to help you become more active, healthier and less prone to stress, anxiety, and burnout. 

It does this through its range of sensors and features. It has a Pulse Ox sensor, optical heart rate sensor, stress tracking, guided breathing, and Body Battery energy monitoring. These features help you figure out when you’re primed to be active or when you may need to rest.

Its battery life keeps up with you and lasts up to 7 days (excluding pulse ox sleep tracking). It is safe for swimming and showering too.

Fitbit Ionic

Here is a new device announced by the Fitbit company. It comes with new health tracking features like measuring the body’s response to stress, skin temperature, and taking an electrocardiogram.

The Fitbit Iconic smartwatch can help you see how your body responds to stress based on your activity levels. You can also reflect on how stressed you are to see connections between how you feel and your score.

Fitbit is diving more deeply into mental health management in addition to physical wellbeing.To make better use of this data, it offers tips for stress management alongside the stress score in its app.

Apple Watch Series 5

This watch monitors heart rate and irregular rhythmic notifications. So you will be able to monitor physiological changes that might be caused by anxiety. Anxiety gets us down a lot of times and prevents us from doing things we like. 

This watch motivates you to move, exercise and stand. It tracks your menstrual cycle so you don’t have to worry about it. It helps you string unlimited songs to calm down your nerves whenever you need it.

Daylight Therapy Lamp & Clock

Mental health professionals often recommend spending some time in daylight to improve sleep. A wake-up light alarm clock uses the same mechanism to promote healthy sleep cycles. This can be extremely useful for someone with anxiety as sleep disturbances are a common symptom.

Philips offers multiple models for wake-up light alarm clocks. Here, we’re talking about the HF3520/60, which has many smart features like tap snooze, dimmable display, and FM radio. There are 20 brightness settings and 5 natural alarm sounds.


PureGuardian Spa Deluxe is primarily an essential oils diffuser but with an LED clock display and gentle alarm. This is a useful product for individuals struggling with anxiety because it wakes you up with calming fragrances. 

It isn’t bulky or heavy so it’s ideal for a night stand. Quiet ultrasonic technology makes this humidifier function without any loud sounds, letting you sleep peacefully at night. Silver 

Clean Protection prevents fungal growth as is common with regular diffusers. This alarm clock by PureGuardian  is specially designed for people who want to calm their nerves and improve sleep.


If you are seeking a non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment for your psychological issues, you may choose tDCS. Studies worldwide suggest that tDCS can improve memory, enhance problem-solving skills and increase hand-eye coordination response times. They are often affected by depression and anxiety. 

The BrainDrive provides a professional tDCS system for peak performance enthusiasts. Its electrode placements reduce depression-pain and anxiety and increase speed, attention, and heightened awareness. It will also deepen your sleep cycles and induce sleepiness in you.

David Delight Pro

David Delight Pro can help you improve aspects of your life including sleep, mood, cognition and physical and mental health. The patented dual-frequency brain stimulation, dissociation, brain frequency tracking and music modulation sessions are absolutely unique. It has 25 programmed sessions to quickly achieve the best results.

Some of the sessions that help fight anxiety are the Meditate Sessions and the Alpha session. They can relax and calm you quickly along with helping creative visualization and improve sleep.  Deal with negative emotions and anxiety and enhance relaxation!

Lief Therapeutics

Lief is a wearable HRV monitor that can be used as an instrument to track your recovery from anxiety disorders. HRV or heart rate variability is an important metric that lets you know whether your body gets enough homeostasis.

Consider anxiety to be the antithesis of homeostasis. Not only are your thoughts out of control but your body too is prioritising the worry. Reacting to the possibility of a bad outcome becomes more important than logic, growth, healing, digestion, and even sleep! 

By tracking your HRV, you can get a reminder at the right time to switch off your threat response. Use it in addition to therapy to understand how this works. Lief Therapeutics are currently leading the market for such wearable monitors.

LUMIMAN E12 Smart Light Bulb

Activating ambience is physiologically more arousing than the neutral ambience. Cosy ambience is more effective in calming anxious individuals than the latter. Create your favourite light effects with 16 million colours whose brightness is dimmable. 

You can also set up schedules to turn on/off according to the preset time. Feel free to switch light modes on the Smartlife App to match different occasions including the room. This wifi led smart light bulb also can be used for table lamps, cafe, bar, party, etc.

NuCalm CES

Each of us copes with stress in different ways, but the impact of stress on our bodies is universally damaging. It is thus critical to your health to effectively manage stress to maintain a healthy balance. If not, there can be a large number of repercussions.

NuCalm can improve your focus, decision making, mood and sleep quality. Apart from that, it is known to increase your productivity and strengthen your immune system. It is the first and only patented system for “balancing and maintaining the health of the nervous system.”


This was a list of the best gadgets for people who are dealing with chronic anxiety. Some of these were smartwatches and smart lights. Others were therapeutic devices specifically meant for improved mental health.

The gadgets listed here were Flow, Muse, LIFTiD, Mindplace, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, Bellabeat Leaf, Vivosmart 4, Fitbit Ionic, Apple Watch Series 5, Daylight Therapy Lamp & Clock, PureGuardian, TheBrainDriver, David Delight Pro, Lief Therapeutics, LUMIMAN E12 Smart Light Bulb, and NuCalm CES.

FAQs (Best Gadgets for Anxiety)

Does fitbit help with anxiety?

Fitbit wearables can help with anxiety by allowing you to monitor your physiological signs of stress. By tracking your body activity and fitness levels, you exert a certain level of control over them. This allows you to be more mindful and to make necessary changes to lower physical anxiety.

The Relax function is a new feature that provides guided breathing. It allows users to start breathing in a rhythmic way. These personalised guided breathing sessions create sustained moments of calm so you can stay relaxed.

Do Sun alarm clocks really work?

It is scientifically proven that lights that mimic the sun’s activity do help improve sleep. They have a softer light that either dims or get brighter progressively just like nature. This cues the body to follow its natural rhythm and helps keep the biological clock regular.

How do you cheer up someone with anxiety?

You can try the following things to cheer someone up if they’re anxious:

Help them breathe slowly and deeply and do it with them
Allow them to relax their body and let go of muscle tension
Give them something to comfort them like a blanket, massage, hugs
Try aromatherapy
Make sure their well fed and hydrated
Listen to them empathetically and without judgement
Support them in their search for a therapist


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