Best Essential Oil Blend for Anxiety & Depression (15+ List)

This is a list of the best essential oil blends that you can use for aromatherapy treatment for depression and anxiety. Each item listed here is a mix of therapeutic essential oils that can help elevate mood, relax your body, and lower intensity of symptoms.

What is the Best Essential Oil Blend for Anxiety & Depression?

Try these powerful aromatherapy blends to help manage depression and anxiety better:

Essential Oil Blends to Treat Depression & Anxiety

Anyone who has tried aromatherapy can confirm that the beautiful scents of diffused essential oils can have a healing effect on the mind and body. This effect is only enhanced when oils of different plants are blended together.

We’ve curated a list of the best essential oil blends that can help you if you’re dealing with depression or anxiety. Try these blends to feel better and reduce severity of symptoms:

Healing Solutions Good Sleep

Here is a blend of clary sage, copaiba, and lavender oils. Each of these prepares the body and mind for a good night’s rest. Apply a little every night before bed. We’ve already discussed the benefits of lavender essential oil. 

Inhaling or applying clary sage reduces cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels in the body. In consequence, the person feels a lot calmer and in control. Copaiba oil too has sleep promoting properties as mentioned in this article.

Edens Garden Good Night

Good Night is a blend of many calming and sleep-inducing plant extracts. The ingredients are lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, key lime, lime and vanilla. 

These are all oils that have been clinically proven to show anxiety-reducing and sleep-promoting effects. This product is completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, preservatives or synthetic materials. Edens Garden is a woman-owned enterprise that makes vegan products.

Plant Therapy Tranquil

Tranquil is a blend of grapefruit, patchouli, ylang ylang, bergamot, and orange essential oils. These sleep-aiding extracts are infused in a coconut carrier oil, which is incredibly gentle on skin. Coconut oil when applied topically also increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes

Plant Therapy is popular for selling high-quality affordable essential oils. The roll on design makes topical application a lot easier. Roll some of this on your body to get some much needed restorative sleep.

Maple Holistics Dream

Dream by Maple Holistics is a combination of calming lavender, Roman chamomile, and ylang ylang essential oils. Ylang ylang has sedative properties that help relax muscles and bring down nervous energy levels.

Roman chamomile has been recommended as a nursing intervention for reducing anxiety levels. When combined, these oils make an excellent aromatherapy blend to get you to fall asleep. Dream away for a sufficient period with a little bit of Dream on your skin.

Healing Solutions Calm Body Calm Mind

This is a mix of sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, and lavender essential oils. They come pre-diluted in a bottle with a glass roller ball. 

It is a 100% pure product and has been GCMS tested and analyzed for purity and lack of adulterants. The makers are so sure of its effectiveness that they will give you a full refund if dissatisfied. No questions asked!

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter

A natural, organic blend of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rosemary, this is a blend for dual purposes. Not only will it calm your body and mind but also help you fight diseases. Lemon and clove oil are great for preventing infections and inflammation. 

A Japanese study found positive effects of eucalyptus oil on pain, anxiety, and sleep patterns. All Plant Therapy products go through multiple rounds of testing including organoleptic testing and GC-MS testing by several third-party laboratories.

Plant Therapy Immune Boom

Another blend by Plant Therapy, this one contains lemon, palmarosa, dill weed, petitgrain, Copaiba oleoresin, and frankincense extracts. Each of these essential oils boost immunity and help heal infections. This is especially true for lemon and copaiba oil.

Along with helping you fight diseases, this blend is also capable of relaxing you when worked up. Mortazavi and Tabatabaeichehr also found that frankincense can lower symptoms of anxiety.

Young Living Deep Relief

Get the benefits of peppermint, lemon, balsam fir, clove, wintergreen, vetiver, and Dorado Azul essential oils in this high-quality blend. Deep Relief provides a chilling scent that is soothing, stimulating, and great for chronic pain. 

You can roll it onto fatigued body parts for almost instantaneous relief. Bodily symptoms are common in people dealing with long-term anxiety. Deep Relief will help you be a calmer, more composed, and pain-free version of yourself.

Edens Garden Calm ‘Em Down

Another product from the women-owned company Edens Garden, this roll on essential oils blend is safe for kids. When the little ones get too restless or excited and could benefit from some “chilling”, apply some of this oil. 

Filled with the goodness of lavender, sweet orange, vetiver, damiana and vanilla, it’ll quickly calm them down to healthy levels. A 2012 study found that sweet orange essential oil has a potential anxiolytic effect. If you have children with behavioural issues, this could be a lifesaver.

UpNature Calm

UpNature is a frequent name in this list because they have made roll on essential oils their niche. The Calm blend by this company has peppermint, Spanish sage, cardamom, ginger, and sweet fennel essential oils. These extracts give it a spicy and sweet smell, almost like an Eurasian dessert. 

Completely organic, non-GMO and free of toxins, this product will bring comfort, rejuvenation, and mental clarity. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for the rare chance that buyers won’t be satisfied.

Sacred Mountain

The Sacred Mountain blend gives you a sense of comfort and peace with its fresh, woodsy scents of trees. It is a mix of black spruce, ylang ylang, grand fir, and cedarwood essential oils. Ylang ylang oil has sedative properties that  help relax muscles and bring down nervous energy levels.

Black spruce and fir oil are used for their anti-inflammatory nature. Long-term anxiety or depression can mess up the body’s immune system. That’s why the Sacred Mountain oil can be very helpful in such circumstances.


Another blend with the aromatic power of spices is En-R-Gee, which will pump you up with vigour and spirit. This is a mixture of rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, nutmeg, balsam fir, clove, and black pepper. 

These stimulating scents get rid of the dullness of depression and bring back vitality to your daily life. Combine this with a few drops of Clarity for long drives or overnight study sessions for sustained alertness.


We could all use a little bit of hope, especially when drowning in depression. Hope is the only positive emotion that can be experienced in negative situations. Young Living has named this blend with the same term because it connects you to feelings of strength and stability.

Melissa, juniper, myrrh, and black spruce essential oils combine to have a restorative, balancing impact on your soul. Diffuse some of Hope thrice a day for a calming experience in tough times.


Harmony is a unique blend of 17 different essential oils mixed together in a balanced formula. It helps you relax and is good for the skin. Its soothing nature helps you create inner peace and allows you to let go of tensions.

The ingredients of this Young Living product are plenty and powerful. They include geranium, angelica, bergamot, lavender, black spruce, ylang ylang, royal Hawaiian sandalwood, hyssop, palmarosa, Spanish sage, rose, frankincense, jasmine, lemon, orange, Roman chamomile, and coriander.


If you’re reading this article, we bet you could use some Joy in your life. This oil combines the floral scents of geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, and rose with the citric richness of tangerine, bergamot, and lemon.

To top it all, a little bit of ylang ylang gives this mix just the right amount of balance. Together, these plant fluids create a pleasant and inviting environment at home. Diffuse it in the family room to increase levels of bonding.

Benatu Blends

Benatu’s pack of three essential oil blends. Happiness is a combination of jasmine, sandalwood, sweet almond, grape seed extracts and more oils that make you feel pleasant. 

Focus On contains eucalyptus, citrus, sweet almond, and fruit extracts that promote concentration. Breathe is a calming mix of eucalyptus, citrus, and Monarda didyma, which will help lower anxiety. All three are made of 100% pure and organic ingredients.


This was a list of the best essential oil blends that you can use for aromatherapy treatment for depression and anxiety. Each item listed here was a mix of therapeutic essential oils that can help elevate mood, relax your body, and lower intensity of symptoms.

The blends we described were Healing Solutions Good Sleep, Edens Garden Good Night, Plant Therapy Tranquil, Maple Holistics Dream, Healing Solutions Calm Body Calm Mind, Plant Therapy Germ Fighter, Plant Therapy Immune Boom, Young Living Deep Relief, Edens Garden Calm ‘Em Down, UpNature Calm, Sacred Mountain, En-R-Gee, Hope, Harmony, Joy, and Benatu Blends.

FAQs (Best Essential Oil Blends for Anxiety & Depression)

What essential oils lift your mood?

Mood elevating essential oils include the following:

Sweet marjoram

What oils are good for stress and anxiety?

Essential oils can help with many symptoms of anxiety. These could be uncontrollable thoughts, fear of the worst, nervous tension, worry, panic attacks, sleep issues, and other bodily symptoms. Research-backed, effective essential oils that reduce anxiety are:

Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Rose-scented Geranium
Sweet Orange
Sweet Marjoram
Tea Tree
Holy Basil

What is the most calming essential oil?

Research has shown that there are many essential oils with calming effects. But none of these can be the best for everyone because each person’s system may respond differently. Commonly used essential oils for relaxation are lavender, patchouli, orange, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, marjoram, clary rose, and sandalwood.