Best dōTERRA Blends for Anxiety (15+ List)

In this quick article, we are going to cover the best dōTERRA essential oil blends for anxiety. We will first introduce readers to this leading brand of alternative healing products. Then we will elaborate on the best blends offered by dōTERRA that help with anxiety.

What are the Best dōTERRA Blends for Anxiety?

We looked at dōTERRA’s vast catalogue of essential oils blends and picked out the best ones for anxiety. Our list includes:

Anxiety-Reducing dōTERRA Essential Oil Blends

dōTERRA is an American company based in Utah, which was established in 2008. Its founders are committed to providing only the purest, highest-grade essential oils. As a result of this, the company created a new standard of quality: CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade.

The essential oils from dōTERRA are made of pure and organic ingredients. This is something they manage because of a global botanical network of artisans and distillers. They have a vast catalogue of proprietary blends of essential oils for various kinds of uses.

Here, we have compiled the best dōTERRA essential oil blends for anxiety:


Cheer is a blend of 9 special ingredients that will have you feeling pleasant and cheerful in minutes. Its wild orange peel, lemon myrtle leaf, and vanilla bean extracts have a calming effect on the body. They make you feel less anxious and more composed. 

To top that, Cheer comes packed with spices which will fight negativity and raise your spirits. Clove, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, and zdravetz get rid of low feelings and help you get on with your day. This blend is better for you if you have depression anxiety comorbidity.

Citrus Bliss

This is an invigorating blend of several citrus fruits with an added hint of vanilla. The citric oils include wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, and clementine. Naturally, with all that citrus power, inhaling this uplifts your mood and makes you feel refreshed.

These are all oils that have been clinically proven to show anxiety-reducing and sleep-promoting effects. Try this for a blissful escape from everyday stress and negativity.


If you’re looking for some peace of mind, this blend will give you that and more. Lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, and vetiver help both your mind and body release negative tension and feel more free.

Mortazavi and Tabatabaeichehr also found that frankincense can lower symptoms of anxiety.

Also, inhaling or applying clary sage reduces cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels in the body. Peace combines all these essential oils and more to give you exactly what you need.


We all need a little bit of Balance in our lives because this blend is perfect for grounding. The next time you feel overwhelmed with thoughts of possible negative outcomes, try inhaling some of this. 

It contains spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, and blue chamomile mixed in a coconut carrier oil. Their combined fragrance will remind you of the present and ease your tense mind. Coconut oil when applied topically also increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes.


Adaptiv is meant for all those stressful moments in life when you need to adjust to things beyond your control. It’ll help you adapt yourself to sharpen your strengths and use them for your benefit. 

Wild orange, lavender, and rosemary essential oils will help you first calm yourself down and assess the situation. Spearmint, magnolia, and sweetgum will refresh you so you can face your challenges. Finally, neroli and copaiba oil will help you heal faster.


Does anxiety cause you to lose focus and find it hard to concentrate? Sometimes, when the trigger is a performance-related task, anxiety can make one procrastinate a lot with non-urgent tasks. 

In moments like this, Thinker will help you regain focus and effectively get your work done. It’s great for study sessions or to create a positive work environment. It contains vetiver, peppermint, clementine, and rosemary in coconut oil.


Brave is safe for kids and as the name suggests, will help you muster up courage to face your fears. It’s enriched with wild orange, amyris, osmanthus, and cinnamon in a soothing coconut carrier oil. 

Osmanthus aromatherapy was found to be effective in getting rid of anxiety in participants scared of undergoing a medical procedure. Amyris extracts have also been used as a complementary treatment for anxiety.


Sometimes, the best thing you can do to deal with anxiety is to spend some time recentering. This involved you getting back in touch with yourself and figuring out what you need and what your objectives are.

With the Align blend, recentering has never been easier. Its calming bergamot, marjoram, geranium, rose, and jasmine let go of unnecessary tension. The freshness of peppermint, basil, and coriander rejuvenate you to get back in the game.


Tired of getting shook by unexpected anxiety attacks? Perhaps a whiff of Calmer will do you good and reduce the intensity or even prevent the next one. It comes with lavender, Roman chamomile, cananga, and Buddha wood. 

Roman chamomile has been recommended as a nursing intervention for reducing anxiety levels. Cananga oil too is an effective anxiolytic as shown by this experiment. Create yourself a serene atmosphere with this magical scent and get a better hold of yourself.


This is a steadying blend you can depend on when you need to get a grip. Anchor acts just like one because its pacifying fragrance builds a firm trust in oneself. It contains lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, black pepper, cedarwood, frankincense, and cinnamon.

This study demonstrated that patchouli oil has stimulating effects so it can motivate you to do what you need to. UK-based Gaye Kyle found positive results in his evaluation of the anxiolytic properties of sandalwood scent. Pair this aromatherapy with your daily affirmations to form long-lasting faith in your abilities.


Much like Thinker, InTune is ideal for when anxiety interrupts your concentration. Its amyris, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, and Roman chamomile will help you let go of unhelpful thoughts and regain composure. 

In case anxiety makes you restless and hyperactive, its ylang ylang oil will curb your excessive energy. Ylang ylang’s sedative properties help relax muscles and bring down nervous energy levels.


Don’t let your anxious thoughts of all the negative possibilities demotivate you from taking a step forward. A few drops of Motivate will enhance your determination and make it less likely for you to lose it again. 

It gives you the goodness of peppermint, clementine, yuzu, rosemary, and vanilla that’ll help you take a deep relaxing breath. They reduce cortisol levels and help you step out of fight-or-flight mode. Coriander, basil and melissa are known adaptogens so their extracts will lower the anxiety and get you back on track.


Serenity is another calming blend that eases your nerves and helps you feel a lot more in control of yourself. It is a perfectly balanced and tranquil mix of oils that can be felt immediately. Surround yourself with the serene scents of lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, Roman chamomile, vetiver, vanilla, and sandalwood. 

Together, these fragrances will remind you that circumstances are temporary and life will go on whether you’re ready or not. Serenity also contains woody notes of cedar and ho wood that have proven anxiolytic effects.


PastTense is a unique blend of  wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary. It is labelled as a tension blend by its makers. That’s because these fresh and minty scents will provide you with relaxation and tranquility. 

In moments that tense you up, inhale a few drops of this to remain centered and grounded. This could be for a test, an appraisal, a medical procedure, or a performance. PastTense will make all your fears past tense.


Get the benefits of copaiba, lavender, spearmint, and zanthoxylum blended into soothing coconut oil with Rescuer. We’ve already discussed that lavender and copaiba essential oils do wonders for anxiety. 

Though spearmint is more famous for its freshness, it is also an effective oil for treating symptoms of stress. Zanthoxylum is believed to have a hypnotic effect, which can be really helpful when anxiety has you fried. Use Rescuer to provide soothing support while comforting your heavy emotions


This is another kid-friendly essential oil blend that can be used for daily centering or moments of being overwhelmed. Steady comprises amyris, balsam fir, coriander, and magnolia extracts.

All of these have either woody or fresh notes that are excellent in capturing the olfactory nerves. As you pay attention to this fragrance, you’ll be able to snap out of the visuals in your head and come back to reality. Steady is ideal for morning self care routines so you can start your day with a stable mind.


In this quick article, we covered the best dōTERRA essential oil blends for anxiety. We first introduced readers to this leading brand of alternative healing products. Then we elaborated on the best blends offered by dōTERRA that help with anxiety.

Our extensive list included the blends Cheer, Citrus Bliss, Peace, Balance, Adaptiv, Thinker, Brave, Align, Calmer, Anchor, InTune, Motivate, Serenity, PastTense, Rescuer, and Steady.

FAQs (Best dōTerra Blends for Anxiety)

Which essential oils are best for anxiety?

Essential oils can help with many symptoms of anxiety. These could be uncontrollable thoughts, fear of the worst, nervous tension, worry, panic attacks, sleep issues, and other bodily symptoms. Research-backed, effective essential oils that reduce anxiety are:
Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Rose-scented Geranium
Sweet Orange
Sweet Marjoram
Tea Tree
Holy Basil

What is doTERRA’s calming blend?

This blend is marketed under the name of Serenity. It is a perfectly balanced and tranquil mix of oils that can be felt immediately. Surround yourself with the serene scents of lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, Roman chamomile, vetiver, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Does doTERRA have a stress away Blend?

PastTense, Serenity, Rescuer, and Adaptiv are effective doTERRA essential oil blends for dealing with stress.


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