Best Crystal for Fear & Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a collection of the best crystals that can help you deal with fear and anxiety. The stones mentioned here are either precious or semi-precious stones. Readers will learn about their unique properties and understand how each of these can help them with their worries and fears.

What are the Best Crystals for Fear & Anxiety?

If you’re looking for crystals and stones to help you with your fears, here are the best ones:

Healing Crystals That Lower Fear & Anxiety

Crystals can help individuals deal with their fears in three ways. Firstly, the colour, texture, and feel of the stone provides sensory information that’s useful in grounding. Secondly, these stones are believed to have unique properties that impact our psyche.

Thirdly, when we hold these crystals, we also believe that it will help us. Doing this inadvertently becomes a practice of self affirmations. If you want to try using crystals to overcome your fears, here is a list of the best ones:

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye helps you stay centered and calm despite the ups and downs of life. It will work hard against your anxiety and rise victorious. It also strengthens your willpower and confidence and improves your life in tangible ways.

This product is in the form of a divination pendulum and completely made of natural gemstone. Its attractive look makes it worthy for any kind of gathering. Its power helps to get rid of negativity from your body and environment and become the life of the party.


Turquoise helps us speak our wisdom and truth clearly without giving into our anxiety. It helps us understand and embrace all the different parts of ourselves. This helps us love and accept ourselves as we are, which kicks out all the anxious thoughts in our minds.

This stone is beautifully cut and set in a pendant, hung on a choker style necklace. It also has a crescent moon, which makes it unique and elegant.


Life is full of chaos which causes us anxiety and stress. Bloodstone assists us in facing these hard realities and challenges of Earthly life with courage and nobility. It does this by strengthening the root chakra, purifying the aura, and grounding one fully in the physical body.

This bloodstone is beautifully hand-carved in the shape of a guardian angel,for spiritual protection. It has properties of metaphysical healing and aids well-being. The size is perfect to be carried everywhere or displayed as a collectible.


Moonstones assist in journeying inwardly and discovering truths in our unconscious. It enhances intuition which might help you predict when you might get an attack. Moonstones encourage the wisdom and patience to trust Divine timing, which would slowly lead to healing of panic attacks

These lucky cat-shaped figurines are absolutely to die for. Extremely cute and handy, this will give you a sense of power, mysteriousness and clarity. Use it as a collectible or carry it along with you.


Blue sapphire is a stone of mental focus and order and psychic awareness. It can help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight, to effectively counter negative thoughts that cause anxiety.

This beautiful cut of gem is shaped like a teardrop and set in a dazzling pendant. It is punctuated with a round brilliant cut diamond. Along with its healing benefits, it can also make you the belle of the ball!


Ruby is an activator of confidence and determination. It helps you develop courage and face your fears, which the anxiety might make difficult to do. It helps you navigate your negative thoughts and experience the renewed vitality on the other side. Stimulating enthusiasm and willingness to try new things,ruby can heal your anxiety.

This dazzling cut of ruby is set in a bedazzled pendant. This necklace is gorgeous and the square cut makes it eye-catching. Wear it to any social event and stand out, without your anxiety!


Amethyst is known for being a soothing stone. It renders a calm energy and has extremely tranquil qualities. For this reason it is highly effective for anxiety, which oftentimes might cause panic attacks. It will soothe and calm you anytime you feel a panic attack coming.

This amethyst gem-stone is beautifully hand-carved in the shape of a guardian angel,for spiritual protection. It has properties of metaphysical healing and aids well-being. The size is perfect to be carried everywhere or displayed as a collectible.


Having selenite somewhere in your working space is a good idea because this self-cleansing stone clears negative energy. Selenite is meant to enhance team spirit in groups and organisations. It has a purifying effect on its surroundings so it will be effective in getting rid of your nervous energy.

Its properties make selenite ideal for meditation and spiritual work. Here is a 4-inch tall selenite crystal in solid white. Its rough edges give it a natural look, making it noticeable to your sight whenever you need to ground yourself.


Sodalite stimulates the mind and consciousness to create enhanced intuition, creativity, and powers of analysis and observation. It can enhance the ability to be an objective witness of your internal processes. Therefore being of assistance during the trying times of a panic attack.

This crystal is shaped into a glossy, smooth stone with the powers of healing AND beautifying your home. It can be used to gain insight for various complex situations and calm your anxious energy.

Green Calcite

Green calcite is a gentle and revitalizing crystal. It works to clear energy blockages in the body’s energy systems and revitalizes you after tiring panic attacks. Its gentle energy is highly effective in calming your nerves, which might prevent subsequent attacks as well. 

This beautiful light green gem is shamed into a smooth sphere which is pocket-sized and can be carried anywhere. Keep it near you at all times to enjoy its calming benefits.


Angelite helps with communication with your angels and Spirit guides. It brings a state of tranquility and lightness that is especially helpful if you are undergoing symptoms of anxiety.

Guidance from Spirit guides may also help you clear your thoughts and recognize the cause of your anxiety.

It is available as a smooth, cool gemstone, which can be easily carried in a pocket or purse because of its size. Its beauty is also worth showcasing in your home and its energy can be healing for both yourself and your home.

Black Jasper

One of the best stones for grounding yourself is black jasper. It assists you in this process by connecting you to your higher vibrations to the Earth. Believers use black jasper stones to get rid of feelings of spaciness.

This particular stone is an engraved obelisk. Its golden engravement starkly contrasts the jet black stone surface, making it look very attractive. The obelisk shape gives it a pointy end that you can rub your skin against for tactile stimulation when grounding.


Grounding is incredibly helpful when anxiety hits you at work or during an exam. In such times your ability to focus and concentrate is hindered. Through grounding, you can quell these overwhelming feelings and return to your task. Hematite is very useful in this process.

Here is a collection of unisex hematite rings that you can wear for this purpose. You can keep one for different locations so you never have to do without it. These can also be shared with loved ones facing the same problems.

Smoky Quartz

Anxiety always makes us believe that we are less than. It confuses us and hinders us from being productive in our daily life. Smoky quartz clears the negative energies that cause this by grounding them in the Earth. It helps you integrate insights from higher vibrations by centering you and helping you handle practical matters.

You can wear this gemstone on your finger at all times and feel yourself being centred through distressing times. Its smooth oval shape, embedded in a sterling silver handmade ring oozes sophistication and looks gorgeous!


Howlite is calming. It helps to let go of attachments that may cause stress and encourages you to enjoy your life as it is without. This in turn promotes peace and grounding which prevents you from having panic attacks.

This Howlite gem is interestingly shaped like a donut and can be worn as a pendant and a necklace. Its smooth surface with textured patterns looks dazzling. It makes for an attractive gift to self or others.


Shungite helps purify negative emotions and energies and transmute them into Light. Panic attacks are often caused by such negative and distressing thoughts and emotions. By completely eliminating them from your life, it reduces the occurrence of panic attacks.

This shungite is shaped like a beautiful, sleek pyramid. It can bring beauty and positive energy to any part of your home.These pyramids protect you from harmful radiation and negative energy and makes your house a safe abode.


This was a collection of the best crystals that can help you deal with fear and anxiety. The stones mentioned here are either precious or semi-precious stones. Readers learned about their unique properties and understand how each of these can help them with their worries and fears.

The crystals described here were Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise, Bloodstone, Moonstone, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Selenite, Sodalite, Green Calcite, Angelite, Black Jasper, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Howlite, and Shungite.

FAQs (Best Crystal for Fear & Anxiety)

What is the most powerful crystal on Earth?

If by powerful, you mean hardness and structure, diamonds are a clear winner. It is the strongest crystal available on Earth. However, if you meant in spiritual or healing power, each stone has its unique properties and they cannot be compared. Each stone is relative in its suitability for you based on your horoscope and life circumstances.

What rocks help with anxiety?

After taking a thorough look at all the stones out there being used for healing, we’ve listed below the best ones for dealing with anxiety:

Tiger’s Eye
Smoky Quartz
Blue Lace Agate
Mother of Pearl

Does amethyst help with anxiety?

Amethyst is known for being a calming stone which has the potential to make you feel more composed. Crystal healers often recommend the usage of amethyst to control or manage anxiety.