Best Breathable Face Mask for Anxiety (15+ List)


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Page last updated: 14/09/2022

Best Breathable Face Mask for Anxiety (15+ List)

This is a helpful list of the best breathable face masks for anxiety. You can try any of these for daily use or for exercise. The fabric of these masks make it easier for you to breathe and don’t cause too much sweating.

What is the Best Breathable Face Mask for Anxiety?

Wearing a face mask for people struggling with anxiety becomes easier with the following masks:

Breathable Face Masks that Ease Anxiety

Wearing a face mask was an unfamiliar feeling for most people before the pandemic. Because of that, it can feel inconvenient and even suffocating on hot stuffy days. This discomfort can trigger someone’s anxiety and cause them further uneasiness. Since the mask acts as a barrier, it can make it difficult to breathe if a person is panicked.

Nevertheless, wearing masks is crucial for our safety. Masks made out of breathable fabrics offer a viable solution to this problem. That’s why, we’ve made a list of the best breathable masks available online:

EnerPlex 3-Ply Reusable

In this pandemic situation, masks are the most important precautions against the coronavirus. However, wearing masks for a long time can be uncomfortable for some people. In such a situation, wear masks that allow you to breathe comfortably, without causing you any anxiety. 

EnerPlex High End 3-Ply Safety Masks are designed with high-quality lightweight fabric for maximum comfort. The soft materials allow for breathing and talking comfortably while wearing the face mask.

Perry Ellis Standard

Many people might feel anxious or panicky, as covering your mouth and nose might affect the air you breathe. This can cause symptoms like feeling dizzy or sick, which one may then associate with their mask. Hence, it is important to use the right mask. 

The non-medical pleated masks by Perry Ellis are designed to be lightweight and breathable. It is great for those who have mask anxiety. The 1/2 inch triple pleats and the elastic adjustable cord help keep you comfortable throughout your day.

Best Breathable Face Mask for Anxiety (15+ List)

Halo Life Face Mask

Some of us may find covering our face very hard, or even impossible to cope with. For those with, existing mental conditions, like anxiety, masks may pose extra challenges. These masks from Halo Life are designed to help you breathe comfortably while providing you with maximum protection. 

The super-breathable poly-honeycomb outer design allows you to comfortably wear your face mask even in elevated temperatures. Made of bamboo inside lining for soft all-day wearing and ventilated honeycomb pattern provides a cooling mask effect.

VTER Cotton

Mask anxiety may seem like a made-up term, but it’s a real thing. People who have a history of anxiety or claustrophobia may find it difficult to wear masks for a long time. So they need to choose a mask that does not constrict their breathing. 

VTER Cotton Face Breathing Masks are made of high-quality knitted cotton fabric. The stitches are neat and firm, offering excellent permeability, soft texture, comfortable, safe for face skin and breathable.

NxTSTOP Apparel

There has been a raging debate about whether masks should be made mandatory or not. However, there is a group of people who are not able to wear masks because of mask anxiety. For such people, Travleisure cotton face masks would be a great option. 

The dual-layer fabric offers breathability plus and feels soft as compared to the face disposable masks. The stretchy ear loops and adjustable wire nose fitting ensure comfort over long periods for any size face.


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in people suffering from mental illnesses. While mental health problems like depression, panic have been on the rise, there has been a new problem seen amongst people- Mask Anxiety. 

Some people with mask anxiety may have symptoms such as rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweats and dizziness. For them, HMNKIND Face Mask would be a great option. It is 200% more breathable than a traditional cotton mask, very comfortable and reusable.

Borgasets Breathable Sport Face Mask

Some people feel uncomfortable wearing masks because it might serve as a visual reminder of the pandemic. This can make people more anxious. Wearing lightweight masks can help. Borgasets reusable breathable masks help you stay comfortable all year round. 

The breathable, sweat-managing fabric transfers moisture away from your body keeping you feeling fresh and dry. The face mask comes equipped with adjustable elastic band ear straps to ensure a perfect and secure fit.

QueensFace Mesh Dot

Some people have a highly sensitive ‘false suffocation alarm’, which causes them to believe they are suffocating when they aren’t. It can be triggered by small changes in our breathing patterns as a reaction to our anxiety. 

Wearing masks that allow you to breathe can help you deal with mask anxiety. Queensface face masks are lightweight and breathable with a mesh dot design. The mask is washable and can be reused.

Wanwane Disposable Breathable Dust Filter Masks

Anxiety is not uncommon when wearing a mask. Although you are not in a closed space, wearing a face mask can make it feel that way. Wanwane face masks are extremely comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about feeling claustrophobic. 

The high-quality fibre is extremely breathable. The extra-soft elastic ear loops could eliminate pressure on the ears for maximum comfort.  The mask not only isolates pollution but also keeps you warm.

Instalashes Super Light Thin

Many countries have made wearing masks mandatory. While it is important to wear a mask during this pandemic, one needs to consider the mental health problems that it can create. Yes, people can suffer from ‘Mask Anxiety’. In such cases, wearing a breathable mask can help. 

Instalashes Super Light Thin Face Masks are extremely breathable masks. The skin-friendly fabric makes it comfortable and breathable. Another great feature is that the fabric is reusable, washable, wrinkle-free and UV protection functional fabric.

Cloud Airflow

Masks are one of the best ways to protect oneself from COVID-19. But masks can also protect you from air pollution. So one should always keep a mask handy. 

While wearing a mask may not seem that much of a problem to most people, some face difficulties while wearing one. Cloud Airflow masks would be a great choice for them. The mask provides 3-layer protection and an ergonomic fit. It is lightweight and allows great breathability.

Aonsen 5-Pack

When we wear a mask, the act of breathing in and out means that our sympathetic nervous system is involved. If our body perceives any restriction to our airflow, it can trigger several responses, including a feeling of anxiety. To not have difficulty in breathing, one should use lightweight masks. 

Aonsen 5-Pack Face Masks are comfortable to wear, washable and reusable. The outer face mask layer is a soft 50% water-resistant polyester fibre. The inner layer closest to your face is a soft knitted fabric of 50% lightweight soft cotton.

NNPCBT Bulk Pack

Masks are the single most important thing in this pandemic. But wearing a mask may not be easy for everyone. Many people face what is called, ‘ Mask Anxiety’. This occurs when people believe that they are facing shortness of breath while wearing a mask. 

This can lead to thoughts like ‘I am suffocating’ or ‘ I am dying’. NNPCBT black disposable face masks are so comfortable to wear that you won’t face any problems while wearing this mask. The masks are made of high-quality, breathable material.

A-DUDU Reusable

People who suffer from mask anxiety may never feel comfortable with masks. But there are lots of ideas you could try to help make your experience easier. One such option can be wearing breathable masks. A-DUDU Reusable Masks are lightweight and practical, so you can wear them with ease. 

They are colourful, cute, and very durable, which makes them a lot more comfortable for everyday use. The soft face masks are made with cotton and polyester. So you can hand wash them and wear them multiple times.

Doset Cloth Face Mask

To control COVID-19, mask-wearing is considered the most recommended practice for infection control and breaking the transmission chain of COVID-19. In a study, improper mask-wearing practice was found to be associated with the risk of anxiety. It is important to wear masks that can fit your face snugly. 

Doset Cloth Face Masks are designed for extensive wear. The breathable face mask is very durable, which makes them a lot more comfortable for everyday use. And they fit beautifully on the user’s face. These masks are also available in multiple colours.

LAPCOS Reusable Face Mask

Feeling anxious about wearing a mask is a normal physiologic reaction. Soldiers during WW2 experienced ‘gas mask phobia’ because the masks were too heavy. Even though technology has improved a lot, this phenomenon continues to occur even now, as seen with mask anxiety. Wearing lightweight masks can solve this problem. 

The LAPCOS Face Mask is designed with a stretchable, form-fitting fabric for comfort and safeguarding when out in the world. The lightweight mask provides 99.9% UV protection with ample room to breathe and can be worn for long hours.

Ligart Adjustable Workout Sports Face Mask

While wearing a mask, there can be subtle changes in breathing. However anxious people may perceive this change as being short of breath which was caused by the mask. They then start breathing harder and faster and set off the panic cycle. 

Wearing masks that allow room to breathe can help. Ligart Workout Sports Face Mask has adjustable straps which prevent it from falling to the ground. The mask is soft and has a lightweight fabric design making it easy to wear.


This was a helpful list of the best breathable face masks for anxiety. You can try any of these for daily use or for exercise. The fabric of these masks make it easier for you to breathe and don’t cause too much sweating.

The masks described here were EnerPlex 3-Ply Reusable, Perry Ellis Standard, Halo Life Face Mask, VTER Cotton, NxTSTOP Apparel, HMNKIND Face Mask, Borgasets Breathable Sport Face Mask, QueensFace Mesh Dot, Wanwane Disposable Breathable Dust Filter Masks, Instalashes Super Light Thin, Cloud Airflow, Aonsen 5-Pack, NNPCBT Bulk Pack, A-DUDU Reusable, Doset Cloth Face Mask, LAPCOS Reusable Face Mask, and Ligart Adjustable Workout Sports Face Mask.

FAQs (Best Breathable Face Mask for Anxiety)

Are there face masks that should not be worn during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is advisable not to wear face masks with an inhalation vent. This is because if a wearer is infected and asymptomatic, they may unknowingly transmit the disease to the people around them. Other than this, one shouldn’t wear a non-washable mask that has been used or an unwashed washable mask that has been used.

What to do when a face mask triggers anxiety?

It is unfamiliar for us to have our face covered and sometimes, this barrier can lead to feelings of suffocation. In moments like these, follow the below given steps:

Isolate yourself or distance yourself from people around you
If possible, step to an open area outdoors
Remove the mask and take regular deep breaths
Do a quick body scan and notice which muscles have gone tense
Release the tension and make your muscles relaxed
Wear your mask again and start doing grounding techniques

What kind of mask is recommended to prevent COVID-19 transmission?

Fabric masks are recommended to prevent onward transmission in the general population in public areas. This is particularly for areas where distancing is not possible and in areas of community transmission.


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