Best Books on Happiness (5)

This blog mentions the five best books on happiness. All these five books have been discussed in detail so you can select your favorite one and start reading it.

With each book, the detail is given about why you should go for this book.

This will help you select the best book to read from these 5 books. 

Importance of Happiness

Happiness is very important for you, for the people around you and for the whole world. Happiness ensures your overall well-being.

It makes you more Resilient.

It makes your relationships better and increases your productivity by protecting you from various kinds of psychological illnesses such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Empirical evidence has shown that happiness is positively correlated to longevity as well as life satisfaction. 

If you are happy it automatically makes the people around you happy. Your happiness will make your family, friends, and relatives feel good too.

When everyone is happy, there is peace and unity in the world. There is not just one, but two perspectives of happiness .

Therefore, it gives you an insight of what happiness really is. Happiness plays a significant role in everybody’s life.

You might enjoy using a happiness planner to manage your day and taking care of your happiness. But books also play an important role in trying to bring happiness in one’s life.

So let’s move on, without any further delay and find out the five best books on happiness.

Best Books on Happiness

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler

The author of the book, the art of happiness was actually Dr. Cutler, a psychiatrist.

This book was written on the basis of the interview taken from Dr. Cutler. The interview was taken by Dalai Lama.

It went as long as one week. The Dalai Lama had won a Nobel prize and is recognized for his personal sense of peace.

People can learn ways of becoming as peaceful as Dalai Lama by reading his books. 

The author in the book, the art of happiness, mentions Dalai Lama’s teachings keeping in view scientific knowledge.

The book gives information about Tibetan Buddhism and the messages of Dalai Lama. This book mentions the quotations of Dalai Lama from the primary source.

The book tells the meaning of happiness according to Dalai Lama. 

In view of this book, happiness is the purpose of life. After the fulfillment of primary needs, the individual seeks happiness.

He does not care about the events, consequences, and effects, he just finds happiness.

According to this book, everybody has the key to happiness.

The book emphasizes that individual can alter their mindsets, train their hearts and modify their behaviors to achieve happiness. 

Dalai Lama states that individuals need to focus on the things that make them happy.

This would help them eliminate the unpleasant and distressing effects of their sufferings as a result of this they would experience happiness.

In addition to this, individuals need to train their mind to focus on seeking satisfaction and develop a sense of worth.

He advises not to run after materialistic things. Dalai Lama says that everybody has the ability to achieve happiness.

According to Dalai Lama, self-compassion can help people free themselves from suffering and make them happy.

Self-compassion enables individuals to understand other people rather than acting violently or aggressively.

He says empathy can help people develop self-compassion. 

Since this book also focuses on spiritual teachings, Dalai Lama says that every religion should be respected and accepted.

According to him, spirituality refers to help and benefiting oneself by being calm and feeling happy.

This book is easily accessible from the Amazon store. You can get this book from there. 

Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman

The book, authentic happiness, written by Martin Seligman in 2004. Martin Seligman is a psychologist and founder of positive psychology.

According to Martin Seligman, happiness is not related to ” having the right genes” or ” being lucky”, instead of this it is achieved by paying attention to one’s own personal strengths rather than his perceived weaknesses.

The happiness attained in this way is true or authentic happiness. 

With the help of empirical evidence, Martin Seligman mentioned 24 strengths and Virtues that make up an individual’s psyche.

Martin Seligman mentions how each strength and virtue can be looked into. He named these as signature strengths. 

In this book, Martin Seligman advises individuals that they can achieve authentic happiness only when they are able to use their strength to make improvements in their lives.

Martin Seligman has provided many resources such as short tests, exercises and website program which can help individuals find true happiness by recognizing their strengths and virtues and using them wisely. 

This book helps individuals identify the ways in which they can use their strengths and virtues or in other words their signature strengths to deal with distressing situations and automatic negative thoughts.

And the individual’s signature strengths help him make this world a better place to live. 

According to this book, happiness can lead to a higher level of sustainable joy, the meaning of life and satisfaction in various areas of life including work, interpersonal relationships etcetera.

The book emphasizes that happiness is created, it can be learned and is extremely helpful for an individual, his relationships and the people around him. 

This book is easily accessible on Amazon.

This book has been declared as the most powerful book of psychology, by the Amazon Store.

 The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

The How of Happiness is a very interesting and popular book that helps individuals acknowledge why happiness matters.

This book explains how happiness works and how an individual can create happiness for himself.

The three things that make this book worth reading include the pie chart theory of happiness, the point that happiness takes effort and the notion that exercise is the most effective instant happiness booster. 

The pie chart happiness theory gives a detailed note on the determinants of human happiness.

Identifying what determines the happiness of an individual can help the individual focus on those factors to achieve true happiness.

Secondly, the author claims that to achieve authentic happiness, it is very important to make permanent changes in oneself. These changes required effort and commitment.

The happiness gained in this way is the authentic happiness and the efforts made to achieve this happiness are the most rewarding effects.

Thirdly, the book states that exercise is very important to achieve authentic happiness. The effects of exercise are instant as well as long-lasting.

Exercise is also known to treat depression more accurately then the antidepressants do.

This book explains happiness in light of scientific researches. The book mentions a number of elements of happiness in a way that is easy to be read and understood.

The book mentions various strategies in which an individual can seek authentic happiness.

In this book several ways of thinking having mentioned which can help individuals achieve happiness.

Quizzes and mini exercises are helpful for individuals to recognize their potential for happiness and how to achieve happiness. 

The author, in this book, mentions various ways in which individuals can achieve true, authentic and instant happiness without spending a large sum of their money.

The author also mentions the role of religion and spirituality in attaining happiness.

Mindfulness, that is living in the present moment rather than focusing on the past or the future, is also helpful for combating negative emotions and achieving true happiness.

The author emphasizes that an individual can heal from his suffering by practicing gratitude and joy.

The book also advises individuals to engagement healthy activities suggest mindful meditation, to achieve true happiness.

Since all the points in this book are based on empirical evidence, each and every suggestion is research-based and a true determinant of happiness. 

This book has been regarded as one of the top books related to happiness.

It is among the bestsellers. You can get this book from amazon easily. 

Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson

The book, positivity, is written by Barbara Fredrickson. Barbara Fredrickson mentions in her books that she uses the word positivity instead of happiness.

The two main features of the book include the benefits of positivity or happiness on an individual’s optimal functioning and the ways in which an individual can elevate their levels of positivity or happiness. 

This book presents a framework of positive emotions.

The author states that positive emotions makes an individual think broadly and help develop new skills while the negative emotions restricted thinking of an individual and make him unable to use his skills effectively.

The book mentions how positivity helps an individual achieve happiness by becoming more resilient.

Resilience helps an individual combat negative emotions and deal with unpleasant situations skillfully.

Barbara Fredrickson state that empirical evidence has proved heartaches, failures, and other setbacks can be cured with happiness.

In addition to this, it is very important to create as many positive emotions as our negative emotions to produce an upward spiral in lives.

Happier Human: 53 Science-Backed Habits to Increase Your Happiness by S.J. Scott and Amit A

Since happiness is the main desire for one of the main wishes of an individual, this book aims to give an answer to the question that why people run after materialistic things such as money, fame, and promotion to find happiness in their lives when the things are not the determinants of happiness?

This book cites various scientific researches and the work of successful researches such as Martin Seligman, to answer this question.

This book also mentions various ways in which an individual can achieve authentic happiness.

This book is a great source of acknowledging why people run after materialistic things to find happiness and what are the things that really lead to happiness, contentment and life satisfaction.

This book helps individuals acknowledge the role of happiness in their lives, the five fundamental needs of an individual, ways to find happiness within oneself and with others, and several ways in which an individual can eliminate unhappiness from his life so he could experience the true happiness in its real form.

This book is one of the best books on happiness. It helps individuals identify ways to experience the true happiness.

This book can be accessed from the amazon easily.  

Once you’re done reading these books, you can also measure your happiness level by using a happiness scale.

This blog mentioned 5 best books on happiness.

We tried to make the selection of best books on happiness easier for you by researching the best books on happiness and selecting the best among them for you.

These books are very helpful for acknowledging the importance and effects of happiness, identifying the determinants of happiness, and discovering ways in which an individual can achieve authentic happiness.

If you enjoyed this blog, then you as well like to read books on self-discipline.

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