Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety (15+ List)

Here, we are going to describe some of the best binaural beats for anxiety that you can access online. Some of them are available on Youtube. Others need to be purchased for access. Try any of these to help with your anxiety and sleep.

What are the Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety?

We took a good look at all the binaural beats content out there and curated a list of the best ones here:

Short Clips of Binaural Beats for Anxiety

Binaural beats help with anxiety because they result in bilateral stimulation of the brain. A consequence of this stimulation is that the fight-or-flight response is deactivated. That’s why it can help curb anxiety.

Our list has been split into three categories based on how long you want the binaural beats to be. In this section, we will be describing some of the shorter tracks that can help with your anxiety:

Blue Moon Journey HemiSync (57 min)

This special track was recorded live near a wooded lake under a blue moon in the Virginia countryside. It features the sound of frogs, crickets, insects, and all sounds of the night. A very brief verbal guidance encourages you to relax and breathe.

The sounds of nature at night transport you to a place of ageless wisdom. It’ll help you connect with the earth and the elements that you’re made of. Listen to this journey whenever you need to recenter yourself and send the anxiety packing.

Magnetic Minds Stress & Overthinking (1hr 30 min)

‘Binaural Beats’ is a term given to playing one sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear. This creates a two-tone effect in the midbrain that is actually perceived to be one tone. 

This causes an ‘Entrainment’ effect in the brain that can reduce stress, anxiety, control an anxiety attack, etc! This particular lengthy beat will calm you down when the thoughts just won’t stop running in your head. Make a cup of tea and close your eyes, along with this music.

Manifestation, Money & Miracles (30 min)

Most studies on the effects of binaural beats have been small. However, those provide evidence that this auditory illusion does indeed have health benefits, especially related to anxiety, mood, and performance. 

This certain beat is associated with a particular frequency that improves concentration, problem-solving skills and memory. With these three in your arsenal, you will be unstoppable in your pursuance of success. Put on your headphones or AirPods and feel the motivation that seeps within you.

Inner Journey – HemiSync (30 min)

HemiSync’s Inner Journey provides a deeply relaxing melodic flow to relieve stress. It’ll allow you to expand awareness through musical imagery and set your imagination free. Use this for deeper, more profound meditation; or simply for musical enjoyment.

This track was created by Micah Sadigh, Ph.D., a Professor of Psychology at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The composition consists of several overlapping movements, which tell a story about the soul’s journeys. Enjoy listening to this and find answers to all your anxious thoughts.

Good Vibes – Binaural Beats Chronic Anxiety (1 hr)

The feeling of helplessness that accompanies a panic attack or an anxiety attack is incomparable. Here is something that will help alleviate it to some extent. This session is specially designed with frequencies that will help you overcome panic attacks, anxiety, depression, fear and irritation problems. 

It will help you build up your confidence. You do not need to sit through the session at one go. You can listen to it twice a day for at least 20 mins per session for better results.

Sacred Sleep HemiSync (45 min)

Sacred Sleep is exactly what its name suggests. It was made by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha International. He is a respected and beloved teacher and meditation master in the Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Listening to this 45-min track will connect to your body and your heart as you experience a deep sense of comfort, silence, stillness, and quiet. It will allow yourself to fully and deeply rest in that space as you fall into the clear light of sleep.

Good Vibes – Binaural Beats Mental Blockages (1 hr)

Binaural beats in the theta (4 to 8 Hz) range are linked to REM sleep. They are known to reduce anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states. Theta binaural beats with meditation music are presented for your physical and emotional healing of the subconscious mind. 

Tuned to 417 Hz Solfeggio Miracle Tone this session will help you remove your mental blockages. It will heal your subconscious with harmony and peace. Just keep in mind that you are letting go of all the negativity in you while meditating on this.

Magnetic Minds Stress Relief (1hr 30 min)

It is already a stressful time with the global health scare that has affected all of us. On top of that online school and work from home adds to our stress. This track contains frequencies that will assist in stress relief, the reduction of cortisol, and deep relaxation. 

It contains a pure tone “cosmic” frequency of 432 Hz. It will help you induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much more quickly.

Long Clips of Binaural Beats for Anxiety

If you are interested in longer tracks, here are some medium-sized ones. Each of these are great for meditation, relaxation, body-based activities, naps, and studying:

ZenLifeRelax Inner Conflict & Struggle (2 hr)

Dr Leonard Horowitz, is a Harvard graduate, an internationally recognized authority in public health and a powerful public speaker. According to him, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” 

More than any sound previously discovered, the “love frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiralling reality of heaven and earth. This lengthy clip can inspire you and let the pure lifeforce from your higher self flow through you now.

PowerThoughts Meditation Club (4 hr)

Solfeggio 852 Hz, which is played in this clip is directly connected to the principle of Light. Light is a higher form of bioenergy. This frequency can be used to communicate with your higher self and awaken your intuition and find your inner strength. 

It can be used to cleanse trapped negative energy and dissolve fear, overthinking and worries. Increase your happiness and productivity by decreasing the defeatist thoughts, dread that accompanies anxiety and the resulting overall sorrow.

Music for body and spirit – Meditation music (2hr 30 min)

Each binaural beats soundtrack created by them has a specific purpose. This particular music has claimed to increase serotonin level, implement deep relaxation and release stress and anxiety. 

Serotonin in the human body is thought to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood. Low levels of the chemical have been associated with depression and anxiety. Increased serotonin levels brought on by medication are thought to decrease arousal. However, binaural beats have no such side effects.

ZenLifeRelax Unconscious Bad Energy (4 hr)

Spiritual healing can be a great alternative method to heal anxiety, fear and worries. By channelling positive energy, the mind can learn how to control negative thoughts, or even eliminate them. 

This track is set at 852 Hz, which is known to be associated with the principle of light. Light, being a higher form of bioenergy can help and heal during tough times. Listen to this long track to release unconscious bad energy and open yourself up to spiritual experience and deep healing.

ZenLifeRelax Unconscious Blockages & Fear (2 hr)

Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness.432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, divine intelligence, and our soul. 

It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. A person who resonates with love has inner peace. Both of these factors are absolutely essential to have a calm and serene life, excluding the nasty apprehensions and uneasiness.

All Night of Binaural Beats for Anxiety

The tracks mentioned here are mostly used for better sleep and anxiety free nights. However, you can use these any time you like. The longer duration will help you stay connected to yourself and composed for prolonged periods. Here are the best long tracks of binaural beats for anxiety:

Minds in Unision Depression & Anxiety (9 hr 30 min)

This recording starts at a frequency of 2.75 Hz (delta) and slowly decreases over the course of 45 minutes. Then it goes down to a frequency of 2.00 Hz (delta) for the remainder of the recording. Binaural beats in the delta range have been associated with deep sleep and relaxation. 

This recording also contains subliminal messages. Subliminal messages bypass the part of the mind that analyses information. This enables the messages to go directly to your subconscious mind, allowing them to be absorbed as a factual reality.

Minds in Unision Panic Attacks & Anxiety (9 hr 30 min)

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks can occur while you are sleeping. Can there be anything worse? It can lead to the development of sleeping disorders that leave you confused, cranky and anxious. You might be in a bad mood throughout the day. Put a stop to it now. 

Deep sleep and relaxation have been connected to binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) range. This particular track falls in the same range and will be there for you throughout your sleep.

SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Stress & Anxiety (8 hr)

Relieve stress and anxiety with this sleep meditation music. This track has used 6Hz binaural beats which are known as the theta waves. Theta waves help reduce stress and enter a deeply relaxing meditative state. 

They are linked to REM sleep, reduced anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states. The ASMR triggers add to the calming ambisonic sound experience. Enjoy your sleep without any wakefulness, night sweats or nightmares.

Good Vibes – Binaural Beats (9 hr 15 min)

This relaxing music with binaural beats sends you a calming vibration that eases your mind and body. It gives you immediate solace from anxiety and stress. This track uses the slowly emerging binaural beat therapy to ensure you have a peaceful sleep. 

Disturbed sleep during the night or somniphobia can disrupt daily functioning to a great extent. With this full-length track, your mind will be in a tranquil state throughout the night.

SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Deep Sleep (8 hr)

This music with binaural beats Delta waves [3,2Hz] can be used to relax and fall into deep sleep easily. The soothing frequency combination is useful to beat insomnia or anxiety. You can also use it for meditation apart from using it as sleep music. 

Calming and peaceful, this sound will help you breathe mindfully and keep your body relaxed. Sync your heart rate to the 60 bpm beat, which is the ideal ‘sleep tempo’ to fall asleep.

Healing Sleep Tones Deepest Sleep (10 hr)

This track claims to be the deepest sleep music. At 528Hz, its miracle tone healing will comfort your mind and assist it to deal with any negative thoughts. The 396Hz Solfeggio frequency and 1.5Hz Delta Waves are known for ensuring a complete REM sleep without wakefulness. 

Allow your soul to travel home to recharge, rejuvenate and heal while you are nurtured with this tranquil music. Dilute your mental suffering with this positive energy sleep music.


Here, we described some of the best binaural beats for anxiety that you can access online. Some of them are available on Youtube. Others need to be purchased for access. Try any of these to help with your anxiety and sleep.

The best binaural beats for anxiety listed here were Blue Moon Journey HemiSync (57 min), Magnetic Minds Stress & Overthinking (1hr 30 min), Manifestation, Money & Miracles (30 min), Inner Journey – HemiSync (30 min), Good Vibes – Binaural Beats Chronic Anxiety (1 hr), and Sacred Sleep HemiSync (45 min). 

Some more tracks were Good Vibes – Binaural Beats Mental Blockages (1 hr), Magnetic Minds Stress Relief (1hr 30 min), Dreamer’s Journey HemiSync (29 min), ZenLifeRelax Inner Conflict & Struggle (2 hr), PowerThoughts Meditation Club (4 hr), Music for body and spirit – Meditation music (2hr 30 min), ZenLifeRelax Unconscious Bad Energy (4 hr).

We also mentioned ZenLifeRelax Unconscious Blockages & Fear (2 hr), Minds in Unision Depression & Anxiety (9 hr 30 min), Minds in Unision Panic Attacks & Anxiety (9 hr 30 min), SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Stress & Anxiety (8 hr), Good Vibes – Binaural Beats (9 hr 15 min), SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Deep Sleep (8 hr), and Healing Sleep Tones Deepest Sleep (10 hr).

FAQs (Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety)

Do binaural beats work for anxiety?

Binaural beats can help with anxiety as they cause your brain to be stimulated from both sides. Because of this, your brain gets the signal to deactivate the sympathetic nervous system. When this happens, your body becomes capable again of homeostasis and that’s why anxiety levels go down. 

What frequency helps with anxiety?

It is understood that certain frequencies are more effective in helping with anxiety. Bilateral stimulation at gamma (40 Hz), theta (6 Hz) and alpha (10 Hz) frequencies serves this purpose.

Can binaural beats damage your brain?

This is a concern of many people new to the concept of binaural beats. However, it has been found that these beats do not cause any harm or damage to the brain or its functioning.