Best Bach Remedy for Anxiety (15+ List)

In this list, we will describe some of the best Bach remedies for anxiety. We will touch upon the subject of Bach remedies in general first. Then we will elaborate on over 15 flower potions that will aid individuals dealing with anxiety.

What are the Best Bach Remedies for Anxiety?

The best Bach flower remedies that help with anxiety are listed below:

Bach Flower Remedies for Stress & Anxiety

A Bach flower solution is water containing extreme dilutions of flower material collected from the dew found on flower petals. These dilutions are mixed with brandy to create remedies for alternative healing practices. 

Bach flower remedies were developed by Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor from the UK. Recently, Siegler and others wanted to investigate the effects of Bach flower on menopausal symptoms and sleep patterns. 

Their findings suggest that Bach flower is able to relieve menopausal symptoms like mood changes, sleep trouble, and anxiety. This goes to suggest that Bach remedies can be an effective treatment for anxiety disorders but further research is warranted.

Here is a list of Bach flowers that will help relieve certain symptoms of anxiety:


Also called monkeyflowers, mimulus blossoms can be found on four of the seven continents. These flowers are brightly coloured and  are a delight to look at. As a Bach remedy, mimulus is meant for people who tend to be shy or timid. 

Mimulus will help you bring out the hidden courage and strength that exists in every individual. It will help you overcome social anxiety, fear of public speaking, aggressive animals, of the dark, or of suffering.

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Rescue Remedy

The Rescue Remedy is a premixed combination of five flower remedies sold under the brand name Rescue. The flowers present in this solution are rock rose, impatiens, cherry plum, star of Bethlehem, and clematis. These are also available in a cream version that includes the cleansing properties of crab apple flowers. 

Rescue Remedy is meant for crisis situations that stir up the nerves and leave you feeling dazed and confused. If you have an exam, an unexpected accident, or you face a sudden overwhelming string of events, this will help you. Rescue yourself with a few drops of this and restore your functionality to the same level it was when you were calm.

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For individuals suffering from generalised anxiety disorder, the aspen Bach remedy can bring comfort and confidence. This medicine is made for people with a fear of the unknown. That is a highly inclusive apprehension and can be related to almost anything. 

Many people have vague and confusing sources of worry or panic. Aspen flowers will help you feel less scared of things that you can’t identify but impact you gravely.

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Sweet Chestnut

It often happens in anxiety disorders that the individual reaches the limits of their endurance. The weight of uncontrollable thoughts of the worst possible outcomes can be pretty exhausting. 

Beyond a point, it gets hard to be resilient and one might end up quitting whatever challenge they find themselves in. In such moments, the sweet chestnut Bach remedy can bring back motivation and strength. It renews hope and gives you the necessary will power to keep going.

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White Chestnut

The white chestnut remedy is for the anxious thoughts that intrude into the mind and stop us concentrating. Dr. Bach recommends it for those who cannot prevent thoughts, ideas, arguments which they don’t desire from entering their minds. 

These are cognitions that aren’t exactly scary but repetitive. You know that they’re irrational and yet, you can’t stop them from returning. White chestnut flowers will help you think calmly so that you can identify the underlying problems that are causing discomfort.

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Better known as the touch-me-not, impatiens is a flower that closes when touched. The name impatiens comes from a Latin word that describes the way they shoot out seeds when their pods open. 

Strangely enough, the impatiens Bach remedy was created for people who often get impatient. These people struggle with regular frustration and irritability because the world seldom works at their pace. A few drops of the impatiens remedy will make them less  hasty and more relaxed with others.

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If you have imposter syndrome, the elm flower will do you good. As a Bach remedy, these blooms are for those individuals who suffer a temporary loss of confidence. This could be due to an overwhelming amount of responsibility or the difficult nature of their ambitions. 

Dr. Bach created this for people doing good work for the society. Such individuals tend to experience periods of depression because they feel they cannot move the mountains they think they must. The elm remedy will help dispel the fear of failure and self doubt.

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Just like the mighty oak tree, the oak Bach remedy gives you sturdy determination and solid steadiness under adversity. It’s meant for those moments in life when you have a sense of great responsibility. 

But certain obstacles don’t let you do as much as you wanted. Taking a little bit of this medicine will give you the ability to stay strong despite challenges. It will also allow you to make the wise decision of letting go when you must prevent cracking under pressure.

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Anxious thoughts have plenty of disadvantages and indecisiveness is one of them. It gets hard to make good decisions when the anxiety plays out all the negative outcomes of taking either side. 

The cerato Bach remedy is ideal for people who lack faith in their judgement. If you’re done with seeking opinions and advice from others only to end up confused, this is the remedy for you. It’ll give you clarity about what your heart wants and you’ll be able to make decisions that truly represent you.

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Anxiety frequently involves losing sight of the present and diving deep into an alternative version of it. While this can be harmless every now and then, it starts being harmful when the fantasy is unrealistic. 

Dr. Bach said that the clematis remedy is for people who are dreamy, drowsy, or not fully awake. It’s for quiet people who are dissatisfied with their present circumstances. Clematis will help ground them back in reality.

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The gentian flower is famous for its political significance in Japanese history. The gentian Bach remedy is for days when a minor setback or disappointment makes us feel low. We may not be devastated by it but we do get caught up in the feeling of failure. 

In moments like these, gentian will encourage you not to give up and be less pessimistic. Taking this medicine will prevent you from getting disheartened when you face obstacles.

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This Bach remedy is ideal for times when you feel overwhelmed by a task you need to get done. It takes care of feelings of exhaustion and tiredness that come even before you put in the effort. 

The kind that makes you question your competency because you feel like you’re already so spent. Hornbeam will help you stop being weary of the demands of the day and get along with work just fine.

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Olives are more popular for the fruit than the flower. However, not many people know that this flower can be great for dealing with stress and fatigue. Whether you are physically or mentally tired, the olive Bach remedy will get rid of the exhaustion. 

Take a few drops as and when needed to find fresh energy and spirit. Whenever too much work has you bogged down, turn to the gentian flowers for some immediate help.

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Red Chestnut

Is your anxiety often triggered by worries about your loved ones? Sometimes our closest ones are chronically ill, going through a tough time, or up to no good. Each of these scenarios can make us go crazy with thoughts of concern. 

The red chestnut Bach remedy is exactly for situations like these. It’ll let you figure out if you are magnifying your worries. This will also remind you that you must focus only on what you can control. 

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A lot like cerato, the scleranthus Bach remedy is for indecision. It’s for those times in life when we are to pick one of many options but cannot decide for ourselves. Cerato is more for when you lack faith in your judgement but do have a semblance of a choice. 

Whereas scleranthus is for when you have no idea what to pick. Sometimes, such a dilemma can lead to changes in mood and feelings of discomfort. Try this remedy the next time you find yourself confused.

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Wild Oat

More often than not, anxiety causes people to lose insight of their goals and aspirations. The crippling fear of unpleasant consequences more or less quells all ambition. 

The wild oat Bach remedy is for these people who know they’ve to do something worthwhile but they can’t  tell what. It will help you reflect on the answers to all questions related to fulfilment.

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In this list, we described some of the best Bach remedies for anxiety. We touched upon the subject of Bach remedies in general first. Then we elaborated on over 15 flower potions that will aid individuals dealing with anxiety.

The Bach flower remedies mentioned here were Mimulus, Rescue Remedy, Aspen, Sweet Chestnut, White Chestnut, Impatiens, Elm, Oak, Cerato, Clematis, Gentian, Hornbeam, Olive, Red Chestnut, Scleranthus, and Wild Oat

FAQs (Best Bach Remedy for Anxiety)

Is Bach Rescue Remedy good for anxiety?

Rescue Remedy is a solution meant for crises and can help prevent or resolve a  panic attack. It is available in liquid form, capsules, and lozenges. Keep a box or roll in your bag for those unexpected moments that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Do Bach remedies really work?

There is quite a bit of research that has investigated the effectiveness of Bach flower remedies. While some studies have shown promising results, a lot more research needs to be done to confirm these effects.

How long does it take for Bach Rescue Remedy to work?

In terms of visible effects, Bach remedies are a lot like prescription drugs for anxiety. They take at least two to three weeks to start showing effects. But unlike medication, these remedies are non-addictive and also available in alcohol-free versions for kids.


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