Best Anxiety Spray for Dogs (15+ List)

This is an extensive list of the best anxiety sprays for dogs. If your dog is behaving anxiously or needs to calm down, you can use these to help them relax. A quick spray exposes them to natural calming chemicals.

What is the Best Anxiety Spray for Dogs?

We looked at all the dog anxiety products and found the best anxiety sprays to be:

Calming Sprays for Anxious Dogs

Pet dogs can develop anxiety due to many different causes, especially if there is emotional disturbance at home. It can also be due to separation anxiety, which refers to excessive and recurrent distress associated with separation from home or major attachment figures. 

Anxious canines may engage in unwanted behaviour such as destruction of property and excessive vocalisation. This causes distress to both the pet and owner, making it difficult for the latter to get on with obligations.

In moments like this, a quick and easy solution is to use a calming spray. These are generally pretty simple to use and show fast effects. Here are the best calming sprays for anxious dogs:

No Stress by Belly

No Stress perfume spray and diffuser is made with organic and natural ingredients such as lavender oil and Camomile. Lavender affects the central nervous system, giving it calming and grounding effects. 

Chamomile has muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping dogs to relax the muscles and relieve situational anxiety. Thus your dog gets relaxed and stops their anxiety-induced behaviours. This spray helps them ignore the irrational causes that were causing them stress and reduces anxiety.

Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs

Sentry calming spray is scientifically proven to calm anxious dogs in stressful situations. It helps them with short-term stressful situations as well as when they feel stressed out in a car or crate. 

When a stressful situation is anticipated, spray one burst in the area where your pet will be spending time. This will then put them at ease. It is useful for situations like pet owner separation, travel, kennels, and loud noises.

Honeydew Dog Calming Spray

This dog calming spray is made with 100% natural lavender oil. Lavender Oil is known for affecting the central nervous system, giving it calming and grounding effects. Thus when your dog is acting out, this can be used to relax them. 

Plenty of times the former happens because they are too anxious or stressed out. Reduce their anxiety and calm them down using this spray, so that both of you can be happy and well!

ThunderEssence Dog Calming Spray

ThunderEssence’s calming spray contains 100% natural essential oils from Lavender, Chamomile and Egyptian Geranium. These are calming to humans as well as animals. Lavender affects the central nervous system, giving it calming and grounding effects

Chamomile has muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping dogs to relax the muscles and relieve situational anxiety. Egyptian geranium has been found to have a soothing impact on them, helping to reduce anxiety and mental stress.

Warren London Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray

This spray calms all hyper pets and reduces the stresses associated with grooming visits, houseguests, trips to the vet, fireworks, storms, and more. It contains calming essential oils that instantly transform the demeanor of your dog to one of tranquility and calmness. 

The 4 essential oils it is made up of are- Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver, and Clary Sage. All of them are known to have relaxing and calming effects on animals, as they do on humans.

LegitPet Calming Spray

The LegitPet calming spray eliminates stress in a very short duration. Sometimes dogs get extremely stressed due to small things like a vacuum cleaner or a mail man. Other times, it might be chronic or some harsh environmental cause. 

Nonetheless, this calming spray works in any situation to give your little buddy some peace and relaxation. It uses hemp oil to reduce their stress and helps alleviate their anxiety.

Gerrard Larriett Spray for Pets

This product’s unique blend of aloe vera, calming essential oils, and other natural ingredients work with the dog’s own system to take the edge off. Thus anxious dogs find a lot of solace from using this spray. 

This blend soothes anxious dogs in high-stress social situations for less barking as well as anxious chewing and licking. It is also effective in keeping them calm at their own homes. The rich combination of natural Lanolin, Vitamin E Oil, and Oats works wonders for them.

Adaptil Calming Spray

Adaptil is a leading brand for dog calming pheromones. This spray too avoids the use of drugs or substances and helps calm your dog just like its natural mother. The solution mimics dog pheromones released when indicating safety.

You can use this spray up to 50 times and each application will last for 4-5 hours. Adaptil’s convenient product will allow you to curb your dog’s unwanted anxious behaviour. No more excessive chewing, barking, tumbling, or other visible signs of discomfort.

BarkLogic Calming Conditioning Spray

Unlike the other products mentioned here, this one is a calming, leave-in, conditioner spray. Dogs may get anxiety from sudden allergies or if they are too harshly brushed because of tangled fur. This conditioning spray removes that worry for you! As good as it is a calming spray due its formulation of essential oils, it is also conditioning. 

Thus you will never have a pup anymore who doesn’t want to get brushed because they are afraid. Pure Lavender Essential Oil is known to calm, relieve anxiety, and ease muscle tension, which makes them happy.

MUTTSCRUB Paw-Zac Anxiety Spray

Besides being a clever pun, Paw-Zac is a special blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. It can help you calm your dog in all those difficult moments like visits to the vet, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety. 

Simply spray a little near the neck and chest area and massage it into the fur. You can even spray some of it on your friend’s bedding, kennel, or car seat. The aroma of chamomile, Valerian, marjoram, and lavender will help your dog relax better.

TOULIFLY Calming Spray

The TOULIFLY spray works for both cats and dogs. It will lower aggression, stop destructive behaviour, reduce anxiety or stress, and keep your pet calm. These effects take about 15 minutes to start showing.

Its liquid consists of clean, harmless, and natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, and lavender. Use this spray to curb anxious behaviour and for behaviour management like training or habit formation.

Siddha Remedies Calm Down for Pets

Here is a homeopathic remedy to your dog’s anxiety that uses no alcohol or GMO. Instead, it is packed with adaptogens like basil, chamomile, lemon balm, and ylang ylang. This spray also contains active ingredients called Kali Carb 6C HPUS and Kali Phos 6X HPUS.

Together, all these compounds help your canine feel a lot more comfortable and at ease. Spray some of the solution in the water bowl, on top toys, or the top of the dog’s head and paws. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee and full refund for customer dissatisfaction.

Bach Rescue Remedy Spray

Visiting the vet or groomer, loud noises, and traveling are just some of the reasons your pet can feel stressed. It is unpleasant for both you and your pet. You might feel embarrassed and lost as to what to do about the situation. Your dog will feel scared and sad. 

Using this homeopathic remedy can help to keep them calm. Essences like Star of Bethlehem are used for comfort and Rock Rose is used for fearlessness. Apart from that, Clematis. Impatiens and Cherry Plum is used for focus, patience, and composure.

PPP Pet Aroma Care Calming Lavender Spray

If you’re into aromatherapy and would like to use it for your dog as well, this spray is perfect for you. It is a combination of four natural essential oils that serve different purposes to make your dog feel calmer. 

Lavender oil has an easing effect that also soothes the skin, while ylang ylang promotes relaxation. Jasmine oil will uplift your pet’s mood and sandalwood will heal and protect. Give your buddy the benefits of these therapeutic plants through a few sprays in your room.

Peaceful PET Calming Mist for Dogs

This is another aromatherapy product that will calm your dog (or other pets) down. It is made to soothe the nerves and reduce anxiety. In order to do so, this organic and vegan product blends the fragrances of four essential oils.

Frankincense, chamomile, lavender, and cedarwood are all calming scents that have a relaxing impact. Hank’s Garden Peaceful Pet spray is cruelty-free, biodegradable, and uses 100% pure extracts.

Calm My Focus Unscented Spray

The last item on our list is this fast-acting, unscented calming essence. The makers recommend it for training, competitions, high energy, stress and anxiety. It is organic, alcohol-free, and contains no glycerin.

Applying this product is slightly different from the others listed here. You need to shake the bottle before use. Then, spray on your hand and stroke your dog gently with the same hand. Use liberal portions and apply daily. Be careful to avoid the eyes during application.


This was an extensive list of the best anxiety sprays for dogs. If your dog is behaving anxiously or needs to calm down, you can use these to help them relax. A quick spray exposes them to natural calming chemicals.

The calming sprays that we talked about were No Stress by Belly, Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs, Honeydew Dog Calming Spray, ThunderEssence Dog Calming Spray, Warren London Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray, LegitPet Calming Spray, Gerrard Larriett Spray for Pets, and Adaptil Calming Spray.

We also mentioned BarkLogic Calming Conditioning Spray, MUTTSCRUB Paw-Zac Anxiety Spray, TOULIFLY Calming Spray, Siddha Remedies Calm Down for Pets, Bach Rescue Remedy Spray, PPP Pet Aroma Care Calming Lavender Spray, Peaceful PET Calming Mist for Dogs, and Calm My Focus Unscented Spray.

FAQs (Best Anxiety Spray for Dogs)

What is the best product for dog anxiety?

The top plug-ins, calming pheromones, and aromatherapy products for dogs are listed below:
Pet Remedy Natural Calming Plug-in Diffuser
ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser
Beloved Pets Pheromone Calming Diffuser Plug in
ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser
Talis Calming Pheromone Diffuser
ThunderEssence Dog Calming Spray
Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs
Warren London Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray
ThunderEssence Dog Calming Oil
Honeydew Dog Calming Spray
Sentry Calming Ointment
No Stress by Belly
LegitPet Calming Spray
BarkLogic Calming Conditioning Spray
Gerrard Larriett Spray for Pets
Burt’s Bees for Pets for Dogs Natural Calming Shampoo

What can I give my dog for anxiety over the counter?

The popular OTC medication solution for dog anxiety is Benadryl, also called diphenhydramine. It is an antihistamine with sedating properties so it will help your dog calm down and rest.

How can I calm my dog’s anxiety naturally?

You can relieve your dog’s anxiety naturally by trying the following techniques:
Structure and routine
Anxiety toys
Calming treats


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