Best Anxiety Shirt for Dogs (15+ List)

This is an extensive list of anxiety shirts for dogs. The vests are designed to apply light pressure on the dogs. In addition to product description, this blog also cites relevant research about anxiety vests for dogs.

What is the Best Anxiety Shirt for Dogs?

The best anxiety shirts and vest for dogs are listed below:

Anxiety Vests to Help Your Dog

An anxiety vest is a clothing item for dogs that applies a gentle pressure on the body. The weight of the jacket feels like a soft embrace, which can have calming effects. The effectiveness of such jackets on anxiety levels of canines has been scientifically investigated

It was found that pressure vests may have small but beneficial effects on canine anxiety. The authors also note that the likelihood of benefit can be improved by three steps. Owners are encouraged to habituate the dog to the vest, assess for comfort, and use the vest repeatedly.

Many other studies have confirmed the anxiolytic properties of these vests. However, owners should understand that a shirt alone cannot fix their dog’s anxiety.

Along with vet consultations, caregiving, and behavioral changes, one can try the following shirts to quell anxiety in dogs:

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Anxiety and fear can cause behavioural changes in dogs that is troubling for both them and the owners. The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement. 

Keeping them calm during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more, this thundershirt can do anything. Even with no training and no medication, it works effectively. So your dog stays drug-free. It is also great to be used for rescue dogs.

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

This thundershirt has already helped many dogs with anxiety and helps to calm them down in over 80% of cases. Recommended by veterinarians and trainers for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel and vet visits, these vests are exceptional. 

ThunderShirt is a safe and drug-free solution. By applying gentle pressure around the torso, like a comforting, and continuous hug, ThunderShirt helps to calm and reduce anxiety. Forget the days when your best friend would be sad and frightened and enjoy all the favourite games at all times!

ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket

Dogs can be anxious or fearful for many reasons.Thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, all these can really scare them. These may cause unsavoury behavioural changes in them which can cause them immense distress. 

By applying gentle pressure around the torso, like a comforting and continuous hug, the ThunderShirt helps to calm and reduce anxiety in over 80% of dogs. Reduce anxiety from your dog effectively and give them a better physical and mental well-being.

The Company of Animals Original Anxiety Wrap

The Original Anxiety Wrap is the most effective way to end fear of thunder, fireworks and separation anxiety. These are the causes for many mental health related issues for dogs. Also effective for travel anxiety, barking and much more, it has been created by a professional dog trainer. 

Using maintained pressure and acupressure to relieve stress, this wrap will be a godsend gift for your dog. It is known for ending or lessening multiple fears and anxieties in dogs worldwide.

KittyStar Breathable Thunder Shirts for Dogs

Anxiety is dog manifests in behavioural changes that might shock and surprise you. It also distresses your pets a lot. Wearing this anxiety shirt will be just like having the owner hugging them. It allows your pets to feel calm, reducing their anxiety. 

Especially useful in situations such as crowded places,fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, these thunder shirts are highly effective. Give your dog the calmness they deserve by this thunder shirt that is highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers.

American Kennel Club Anti Anxiety Calming Coat

This calming coat provides relief from vet visits, car trips, hyperactivity and noise. Effective for anxiety, crate anxiety, thunderstorm anxiety, excessive barking, this coat is a one-stop solution for all your pet worries. 

All these anxiety might cause a lot of unruly behaviour on your dog’s part. They may start biting and chewing everything, including harming their own self. They may cry for hours and keep hiding. Put an end to your dog’s misery today by gifting them this calming coat.

Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap

Like swaddling an infant, Mellow Shirt uses gentle pressure to calm all sorts of fear and anxiety problems. Used for thunder, fireworks, vet visits, car travel, crating, problem barking, etc. this wrap prevents anxiety in your dogs. 

Anxiety might cause them to act out where they harm themselves and create havoc around them. Prevent this, using the calming wrap. It is made with lightweight, breathable, machine-washable fabric that is comfortable for your dog.

CozyVest 3-in-1 Anxiety Vest

This is the only Calming dog anxiety Vest that uses 3 senses. It was developed to soothe the fears of most pups. CozyVest provides 2 scents, Triangle and Crystal, to provide your dog the best calming atmosphere.

Their sense of hearing is gratified as well. CozyVest provides the amazing feature of a speaker with calming and relaxing sound that will repeat itself over and over. It will provide your dog the best chilling mood. You can use it for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking, reactivity, and much more.

ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Dog Vest

This calming compression shirt activates pressure points in your dog’s body and helps alleviate their stress. Everything ranging from crate anxiety, noise anxiety, to general nervousness and constant barking can be addressed using this vest. 

Do not worry anymore, if your dog has travel anxiety and car sickness. Everything that creates discomfort for your dog because of his anxiety can be solved by this vest! Forget all the behavioural issues they were exhibiting and attain peace in your home.

Surgi~Snuggly Dog Cone

Dog onesie protects your favourite buddies while they heal. It acts as a great abdominal wound protector when they go to get spayed or neutered. It has been scientifically proven to ease post surgery anxiety in pets. 

Surgeries can leave dogs very scared and nervous. They may feel anxious all the time. Use this comforting snuggly e-collar to give them the comfort they deserve after going through a rough time.

BingPet Plaid Dog Jacket Calming Vest

The vest will reduce your dog’s anxiety during thunder, fireworks, travel and other anxieties. Your dog will calm down when they put it on. They will feel it like a hug. 

When proper pressure is applied your dog’s body eases their anxiety and fear. This pressure applying methodology provides a calming effect for dogs. Calming vests are designed effectively to do just that for your dog.

Emmy’s Best Premium Pet Products Soft Jacket

These jackets are perfect for hyperactivity, loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, crating and more. Anxiety can cause a lot of unnecessary worry and tension. Not just for you, but you pet as well, who has been suffering. 

Anxiety can cause them to act out a lot and exhibit unruly behaviour which shows that they are stressed. If your dog is stressed out, you need to try this peaceful pet anti-anxiety jacket and make both of your lives easier.

Kong Anxiety Reducing Pet Shirt

Featuring a snug-fitting, wraparound design with a built-in lavender sachet, this is a perfect shirt for dogs with chronic anxiety. It also helps to calm down distressed dogs. This shirt corrects bad behaviour associated with anxiety, including obsessive chewing and licking. 

Relieve your dog from their anxiety and help them calm down and distract from the stress. The shirt’s versatile design can be used for car rides, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, fireworks, vet visits, etc. Put your anxiety to rest too, as it features reflective trim for safe wear at night

XDog Weighted Vest

A fit dog is a strong dog. And that applies to your little buddies’ mental well-being too. The more active and out-going a dog is, the lesser are the chances of them having too much anxiety. Anxiety can put a damper on their physical health. 

They might want to stay indoors hiding the whole day. Using this weighted vest, get going with your dog and improve their overall health. Improve their cardiovascular health and reduce energy faster for high-energized dogs, and prevent them from having anxiety.

Alfie Pet Revel Anxiety Calming Wrap Vest

An excellent treatment for most types of dog anxiety and fear issues, this wrap vest is revolutionary.It applies gentle, constant pressure to help your dog feel safe. Thus, it provides a drug-free alternative to giving your dog pills or medicine to achieve a calming effect. 

Anxiety can be as debilitating to animals as it is to humans. It may cause behaviour changes and really make your dog anxious. Calm him down and relax him using this vest.

Yestar Comfort Dog Anxiety Relief Coat

Each thunder jacket is made of durable, breathable and lightweight fabric. Making it soft like a mother’s hug, it will keep your dog calm. When the dog is restless, the massage parts on the back of this anxiety coat will be like your hands. 

Your dog will feel as if you are massaging on them. It makes dogs relaxed and happy. No need for training or medication ,this thunder vest is a safe and effective way to help your dog stay stress-free.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.


This was an extensive list of anxiety shirts for dogs. The vests are designed to apply light pressure on the dogs. In addition to product description, this blog also cited relevant research about anxiety vests for dogs.

Top anxiety shirts for dogs include Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket, ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, The Company of Animals Original Anxiety Wrap, KittyStar Breathable Thunder Shirts for Dogs, American Kennel Club Anti Anxiety Calming Coat, Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, and CozyVest 3-in-1 Anxiety Vest.

We also mentioned the ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Dog Vest, Surgi~Snuggly Dog Cone, BingPet Plaid Dog Jacket Calming Vest, Emmy’s Best Premium Pet Products Soft Jacket, Kong Anxiety Reducing Pet Shirt, XDog Weighted Vest, Alfie Pet Revel Anxiety Calming Wrap Vest, and Yestar Comfort Dog Anxiety Relief Coat.

FAQs (Best Anxiety Shirt for Dogs)

Do anxiety shirts work for dogs?

Anxiety shirts may have a small and beneficial effect on dog anxiety. This only works if you do it the right way, which involves habituation, checking for comfort, and repeated use. The anxiety shirt will help to an extent but you also have to consult a vet for other treatment techniques.

Do clothes help dogs with anxiety?

Clothes can help dogs with anxiety if they are designed in such a way that provides comfort. This comfort can be physical through softness, warmth, and tactile stimulation. It can also be emotional comfort if the clothes lower cortisol levels and release happy hormones.

How long should my dog wear a ThunderShirt?

Your dog can wear the ThurderShirt all day long but make sure that you give it breaks every now and then. Remove the shirt for about ten minutes in two-hour intervals.


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