Best Anxiety Pillow for Dogs (15+ List)

In this blog, we are going to look at some of the best anxiety pillows you can get for your furry friends. These are soft, fluffy, and usually come with some features that help dogs calm down. You can use these as soft resting stations for different rooms of the house.

What is the Best Anxiety Pillow for Dogs?

Below, we have listed the best options for anxiety pillows that can help your dog with anxiety:

Anxiety Pillows for Your Dog

If you’re worried that your dog has started to act anxious, you’re not alone. Anxiety in dogs is actually quite common and it can be caused due to separation, aging, or disturbances at home

Veterinary research reveals that companion dogs often experience states of anxiety, fears, and phobias. Experts say that failure to treat this can result in disruption of the human-animal bond.

However, through small environmental changes, we can help our dogs calm down and feel less anxious. Here, we have listed a variety of anxiety pillows that can serve this purpose:

Moropaky Puppy Mat

If your dog shows erratic behaviour when you leave home, your puppy might have separation anxiety. It is important for pups to feel comfortable in their homes. You can try the Moropaky Puppy Mat with Heartbeat Toy to soothe them. 

The heartbeat toy uses sound therapy to soothe your fur-baby. It simulates an environment where the puppy is not alone and one of their ‘mates’ is there with them. The pup can feel the heartbeat, thereby reducing their anxiety.

The Dog Pillow Company Plush Pet Pillow Grey Heart

Stress can lead to many psychological problems in humans. The same can happen to dogs too. Many stressors in their environment can lead to anxiety in dogs. The Dog Pillow Company Pillow provides a calming effect for your pet buddies during those uneasy or restless times. 

It is great for the crate or bed when leaving your pet companion alone. This pillow also gives comfort when travelling by car or plane. The pillow provides your dog with neck and spine support. This gives them the ultimate comfort for rest.

Moropaky Heartbeat Toy

It’s not just humans who want comfortable things. Even our furry friends love to curl up on a comfortable bed, with a plush pillow. Moropaky Heartbeat Toy is perfect for them. A great feature of this toy is that it can stimulate a true pulsing heartbeat. 

This enables the puppy to feel the heartbeat, thereby reducing their anxiety. The heartbeat toy provides the best companionship and comfort to the dog during the night or a journey.

All for Paws Heart Beat Pillow

Are you worried that your pup might not be getting enough sleep? puppies can have trouble sleeping, especially when they first arrive in their new home. Even older pups can have issues and not be able to sleep through the night. 

All For Paws Heartbeat Pillow recreates intimacy with a physically simulated heartbeat. This eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety in pets. The pillow is extremely comfortable which will allow them to have a peaceful sleep without any worries.

Dog Bite Pillow

If you are concerned about leaving your dog alone in the house but fear not. Dog Bite Pillow is here to save your day.  The bite pillow, with double stitching, is made of the highest quality jute material. 

This ensures that your dog will never tear it when having fun. So, you won’t have to worry about your dog destroying your house when you’re not present. Plus, this pillow is recommended by dog trainers.

Niuniu Daddy Plush Toy

Puppies have a lot of energy. So it is important to engage them in various activities. At the same time, it is also important for them to get a goodnight’s sleep. To ensure a night of uninterrupted sleep, use Niuniu Daddy Plush Toy. 

This is made of extremely soft high-quality plush fabric to ensure your puppy has a comfortable night. This pillow is so soft that when you touch it’ll feel like you’re touching a cloud.

ZippyPaws Pillow Toy

Are you looking for a pillow that your furry friend will love? Then ZippyPaws Pillow Toy is the one for you. It is made of soft fabric to cuddle and play with. Each bun includes two exclusive round squeakers to catch your pup’s attention and keep them at play. 

These adorable bun plushies are inspired by your favourite fun and spunky breeds. Choose a matching Bun as the perfect ‘mini me’ for your pup.

Petsafe Sheepskin Toy

Give your dog the best play toy with the PetSafe Sheepskin Toy. The heavy-duty imitation sheepskin fabric and reinforced stitches decrease the likelihood of split seams. Fluffy texture and durable self-squealing squeakers encourage your dog to play. 

Furthermore, your dog will love snuggling this warm pillowy plush. Because dogs love physical contact, this toy is the best for them. This will prevent your dog from developing separation anxiety when you’re not present.

Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow

One of the ways to calm your anxious dog is physical contact. Try to identify the signs of anxiety in your dog and nip them in the bud as early as possible by picking them up, cuddling on the couch, or giving them a good long petting session. 

But it may not always be possible for you to be physically present. That’s where the Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow comes in. Your dog will love this super comfortable rectangular-shaped pet bed. the best part? It comes in various colours.

The Dog Pillow Company Plush Head Pillow Long Rottie

Anxiety is debilitating for humans as well as dogs. Common symptoms of anxiety seen in dogs are whining, barking, shivering, whimpering. They can also become destructive and hostile. 

If the anxiety is not treated in time, then dogs may also lose their appetite and become socially withdrawn. For such anxious dogs, The Dog Pillow Company’s Long Rottie would be the best pillow. Your dog will love to rest and cuddle with this pillow. It wraps around their chin and raises their heads just enough to be comfortable.

FISHDOG Pet Bed Pillow

Pups can become super cranky if they are unable to get a good sleep. They may also disturb your sleep in the middle of the night. For such puppies, Fishdog Pet Bed Pillow is a great choice. This pillow is the ideal nap time companion. 

It perfectly supports your dog’s neck and head. The Fishdog pillow will make your dog feel comfortable when sleeping and taking a rest. The pillow can also act as a funny and interesting toy. Bring happiness and fun to your beloved pet with this pillow.

Kawaii Plushies Shiba Inu Plush Plush Toy

To welcome a little furry member to your family, you need to be prepared to make their stay comfortable. Kawaii Plushies Shiba Inu Plush Plush Toy is a great gift for your little one. The overall shape of the pillow is not easy to deform. 

So you won’t have to worry about your pup deforming it. The fabric is very soft, delicate and elastic. It comes in a cute Shiba Inu shape that your pup will absolutely love. Your pup will feel at home with this pillow.

Lorfancy Dog Mat

When dogs are brought home for the first time, they may feel uncomfortable with the changes in their environment. They may destroy the furniture or cower in a corner of the house. 

Lorfancy Dog mat is a great choice to calm such dogs down and make them feel at home. It is made of high-quality soft lion suede fabric that is warm and durable. It will provide a comfortable, calming and anxiety-relieving space for your pet. This plush dog bed allows your dog to curl up for a restful sleep.

South Pine Porch Buddy Rectangle Pillow

One of the hard things about our relationship with dogs is that they are not able to communicate their problems to us. Therefore we have to make sure that our mates are not uncomfortable. 

If your dog has anxiety, then the South Pine Porch pillow style bed is great for her.  Its reversible design allows for longer use. The luxuriously soft sherpa top panel will provide extra comfort for your pet. This pillow will improve your dog’s overall well-being.

KoolTail Heartbeat Toy

Anxiety is not only a common trait in humans, but animals can suffer as well. Many of the dogs in our care have anxiety. This usually stems from being abandoned by their owners and the shelter environment in general. 

For such anxious dogs, KoolTail Heartbeat Toy is a great option. This plush toy has a built-in heartbeat simulator. It imitates a real heartbeat and makes the puppies feel the heartbeat, thereby reducing their anxiety. The pillow simulates companionship through the heartbeat so that your dog doesn’t feel alone.

Supet Dog Cone Neck Pillow

Dogs like sleeping beside their human friends. That’s when they feel most secure and comfortable. To make their sleep even better, use Supet Dog Cone Neck Pillow. Inflatable PVC inner and soft outside skin-friendly plush material design will let your dog wear it comfortably. 

Your dog will not feel restless or anxious when wearing this dog cone collar. They will be able to eat, drink, sleep and play normally. The inflatable dog cone collar also protects your pets from injuries, rashes, and postoperative wounds.


In this blog, we are looked at some of the best anxiety pillows you can get for your furry friends. These are soft, fluffy, and usually come with some features that help dogs calm down. You can use these as soft resting stations for different rooms of the house.

The pillows mentioned here were Moropaky Puppy Mat, The Dog Pillow Company Plush Pet Pillow Grey Heart, Moropaky Heartbeat Toy, All for Paws Heart Beat Pillow, Dog Bite Pillow, Niuniu Daddy Plush Toy, ZippyPaws Pillow Toy, Petsafe Sheepskin Toy, and Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow.

We also described The Dog Pillow Company Plush Head Pillow Long Rottie, FISHDOG Pet Bed Pillow, Kawaii Plushies Shiba Inu Plush Plush Toy, Lorfancy Dog Mat, South Pine Porch Buddy Rectangle Pillow, KoolTail Heartbeat Toy, and Supet Dog Cone Neck Pillow.

FAQs (Best Anxiety Pillow for Dogs)

Do calming dog beds really work?

The answer to this depends more on the underlying cause of your dog’s anxiety. If it is merely for separation, aging, or unusual situations, then yes, calming dog beds will help. 

Having said that, if the anxiety is more fear-based and persistent, then it’s unlikely that a bed will make much of a difference. You will have to take your dog to the vet to fix a serious behaviour problem.

How do I get my dog to sleep with anxiety?

A calming treat, a comfy and safe place to rest, a favourite chew toy, and some vet-approved relaxing fragrances can help put your anxious dog to sleep. But more than anything, the best way to relieve a dog of anxiety is to spend some good quality time with them.

What is best for dogs with separation anxiety?

You can help you puppy through the following measures:

Maintain a relatively fixed routine so the puppy knows when to expect solitude
Let the pup relieve itself before you crate it
Use puppy toys specially designed for separation anxiety
Leave your old shoes or clothes for it to play with
Limit the attention you give just before leaving so it isn’t a total shock
Make leaving and returning uneventful 
Don’t mollycoddle the moment you get back


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