Best Anxiety Beds for Cats (15+ List)

In this extensive list, we are going to look at 18 different kinds of cat beds that will reduce anxiety. We will first explain what anxiety in cats looks like and how the right cat bed can help. Then we will explore the various beds that have been broken down into four categories.

What are the Best Anxiety Beds for Cats?

Some of the best cat beds that reduce symptoms of anxiety are as follows:

Calming Cat Beds for Anxiety

In this section, we will describe all the cat beds listed at the beginning. These products have been split into four groups based on their function and design. These groups are: Beds with Raised Rims, Multipurpose Beds, Covered Beds, and Heated Beds. But before we begin, let’s build an understanding of what cat anxiety is like.

What Cat Anxiety looks Like

If your cat’s been acting strangely lately and you’re not sure why, it’s possible that the cause could be anxiety. It is not uncommon for feline companions to experience this mental health condition. 

In fact, a 2002 study revealed that separation anxiety is quite common in pet cats. Anxiety can also arise because of aging or disturbing events in the immediate environment. Here are some typical signs of anxiety in cats that you might have seen your pet doing:

  • Inappropriate urination
  • Inappropriate defecation
  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Destructiveness
  • Psychogenic grooming
  • Continuous hiding (more than usual)
  • Aggressive behaviour with no provocation
  • Excessive withdrawal and isolation
  • Shivering or trembling
  • Significant changes in eating habits
  • Excessive lethargy
  • More nervous pacing than sleeping

Can a Cat Bed Help My Cat’s Anxiety?

Fortunately, your pet cat’s anxiety can be reduced by a calming bed specially designed for such cases. Sadek et al (2018) wrote a paper addressing behavioural needs to improve feline health and wellbeing. 

They mentioned that engaging the cat’s predatory, foraging and play behaviors to meet its environmental needs reduces anxiety and obesity. A variety of these needs can be met singlehandedly through the right kind of cat bed.

Cat Beds with Raised Rims for Cat Anxiety

A pet bed with raised edges is also called a nest bed. The elevated rims are made to give support. It feels like a snug little den that’s just the right size. Cats love to rub themselves against the texture of the supporting edges as it relaxes them. 

Physiologically, this contact activates their nervous system to make them feel more safe and comforted. A bed that simulates cuddling and warm physical contact can release this happy hormone to make a cat calmer. 

That’s why a lot of pet beds come with raised rims to mimic this effect. They usually feature shaggy or furry textures to promote scratching behaviour. This exercise is great for both the physical and emotional health of a cat.

Here are our top recommendations for cat beds with raised rims that lower anxiety:

Pawsome Couture

This calming pet bed was designed by therapists to be a safe haven for your cat. It features a raised rim with a soft padded centre that gives support and a space to sink in. 

The shaggy, 4-centimeter, vegan faux-fur material is super soft and will last a long time despite persistent scratching. This Pawsome Couture donut bed is available in four sizes and several colours.

Forever Friends Marshmallow Bed

The Marshmallow Bed is extremely popular among pet owners because of its luxurious design and comforting feel. The shaggy faux fur finish mimics the feel of a mother’s coat to calm your cat when he’s anxious. 

The filling inside is channeled in a way to raise the rims so that it creates a pleasurable sinking sensation. Completely made of non-toxic materials, this Forever Friends bed will be cozy for the cat and easy for you to wash.


Designed to lower cat anxiety, this soft and luxurious plush bed gives kitties better sleep, better moods, and better health. The raised rim lets them sleep for longer and the fluffy filling supports their muscles and joints. 

The fabric is anti-mite, mould-proof, and damp-proof. You can put the entire bed in the wash without worrying about zippers. The Purrfect Anti-Anxiety bed is available in four sizes.

Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler

This high-demand cat bed is not only calming for your friend but also affordable for you. It is donut-shaped and made of plush vegan fur so soft that it reminds cats of their mothers. 

The Deep Dish Cuddler has been carefully crafted to provide mechanical support and playful stimulation to your puss. A raised rim and super-soft filling gives the nest-like feeling. It comes with a matching warming blanket that’s versatile and travel-friendly.

 Mora Pets Round Bed

Shaped like a cat’s face, this round bed is perfect for your kitty to curl up and relax. You’ll probably hear her purr as she rolls on the soft cushion that will relieve any joint or muscle pain. 

It features a cream plush interior and pink faux suede exterior. The bed is skin-soft and tear-resistant so your furry friend can scratch as much as she likes. This cat bed by Mora Pets comes with a one-month warranty with a full refund.

Whiskers & Friends Calming Comfort Cuddler

Treat your pet with this comfy donut cuddler that induces deep and restful sleep. It’s great for cats less that 25 pounds in weight and the faux fur is roughly 1.5 inches in length. 

An anti-slip PVC dotted fabric at the bottom provides a strong grip and stability. Use the Whiskers & Friends calming cat bed anywhere thanks to its portable size and shape.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

Multipurpose Cat Beds for Cat Anxiety

A multipurpose cat bed not only provides a space to rest but also has multiple features to promote wellness. Cats spend a lot of their time sleeping but they also need sufficient play to maintain good health. 

This is especially true for cats troubled with anxiety since they harbour a lot of nervous energy that needs release. Such beds tend to have different zones for scratching, playing, and other sensory stimulation. 

They may also have separate options for resting spaces with varying orientations. Research in cat wellbeing shows that this feature is highly effective in reducing and preventing anxiety. Here are some excellent choices for multipurpose cat beds that help with anxiety:

Mreyyoo Macrame Cat Hammock

A beautiful addition to your home decor, this cat bed is made of 100% handwoven, heavy duty cotton rope. The cotton cords weave to form an intricate bohemian pattern and the ends serve as toys for your kitten. 

One end hangs as a ball of yarn and the other makes a macrame knot that cats love. You’ll find your little fur ball busy for hours playing with them. The Mreyyoo cat hammock is a high ground bed that hangs to give cats an engaging and peaceful time.

Bedsure Cat Cube

There’s no way your cat can stay anxious once it is introduced to this playful cube bed. It’s shaped like a box and comes with a built-in scratch pad on the side and a resting station on the top. It even has a hanging pom pom at the entrance. 

The inside cushion comes in two variations, a breathable felt mat for summers and a Sherpa one for winters. The Bedsure cat cube can be disassembled easily and is dirt-resistant.

Kitty City Steel Claw Sleeper

A similar model is this one from Kitty City, except that this isn’t a box, but more of a wrack. Your pet can pick between a bolstered bed at the bottom or a scratching post on the top. 

A little brown moon hangs at the centre for it to claw at. The strong fleece is great for resting and the durable fabric won’t tear with scratching. This steel claw sleeper has a modular design and can join similar units to form an entire cat gym.

Kitty City Large Cat Bed

Another model by Kitty City is a cozy nap pad and private cat lair all-in-one. It’s super-easy to assemble and only takes a minute. 

The sturdy frame stays stable and creates a sturdy perch for your cat. Inside, there’s a cushy polyester pillow and a fleece base mat that are removable and are washing machine safe. This Kitty City large cat bed will make both cat and owner extremely satisfied.

Kitty CIty Large Cat Condo

Taking it to the next level is the Kitty City cat condo that’s a stackable playground for your cat(s). There are two fleece nap pads and two boxes with front and back exits. 

One box is a small cube and the other is a larger cuboid. Your pet will be spoilt for choice with all the different play and rest options. So much, that it will forget all its worries.

Covered Cat Beds for Cat Anxiety

You might have noticed that cats are often delighted to find empty cardboard boxes. If they come across one, they’ll spend a good deal of time playing inside, changing its orientation. There’s actually a scientific explanation to this unique feline behaviour. 

An article published in the journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science wrote that hiding in boxes reduces stress in cats. The authors note that these boxes appear to be important enrichment for the cat to cope effectively with stressors. 

Keeping this in mind, pet product designers make sure many cat beds have a sort of covering. This creates a sense of security and provides enough stimulation for the cat to lower anxiety. Below are some of the best covered cat beds that will help reduce anxiety in cats:

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

This cat bed is a delight for both cats and humans because of its unconventional look. Shaped like a dome, it is a small cat cave made of 100% Merino wool from New Zealand. 

This thick layer of fabric is great for both comfort and durability. The slightly frayed finish will invite your cat to snuggle up or scratch away. The modern design of this Meowfia bed adds a special touch to your home interiors.

Petmaker Sleep and Play

Seeing your cat curl up inside this teepee tent is bound to make you go “awww”. The top has a dangling Sherpa ball and bell to keep Mittens busy and is removable if he wants more visibility. 

The outer end of the fabric is a soft velvet corduroy (great for scratching) and the inside is a warm and soft Sherpa fur. Featuring an anti-slip bottom, this sleep and play cat bed also has a 2-inch thick memory foam bed for safety.

Tempcore Cat Bed

With a creamy plush finish and overstuffed walls that create a dome, this indoor cat bed is perfect for kittens. A removable plush cushion provides softness and comfort while your kitten rests in solitude. 

It features a dangling cat toy for extra fun and activity. A non-slip bottom makes sure the bed doesn’t move with the movement of the pet. This bed from Tempcore is machine washable and highly durable.

Heated Cat Beds for Cat Anxiety

Who doesn’t love to warm up against a soft surface when the air loses heat. Well, for cats, this warmth may be of more use than just physical comfort. 

Danièlle A.Gunn-Moore investigated the effect of environmental adjustments at home on cognitive dysfunction in cats. Her research found that providing comfortable bedding that will support and protect the cat’s joints really help. She recommends using heated beds to serve this purpose. 

A warm personal space where cats can enjoy solitude does a lot to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of our feline friends. It can be a real source of reassurance in cold winter nights. Give your kitten the benefits of a heated bed through any of the following anxiety-relief cat beds:

K&H Pet Products Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet products have multiple models for heating cat beds. The internal 40W thermostat inside this model heats to your pet’s temperature when she is using it. It’s water resistant and ideal for garages, porches, barns, or kennels. 

For safety, it is constructed with a soft durable material and a 5.5 feet steel wrapped cord. The Lectro-Soft heated bed’s therapeutic foam designed, covered with a fleece cloth, ensures your puss’s absolute comfort.

Furhaven ThermaNAP Triangle

This bed is practically a cat cave with its pyramid-like foam walls that are soft and inviting. A small opening promotes privacy and security, making this bed the ideal place for cats to escape to. 

The sleep surface is lined with insulating polar fleece to keep your kitty’s body warm and happy. The Furhaven ThermaNAP triangle bed is collapsible, portable, and very easy to clean.

Furhaven ThermaNAP Mat

If you liked the idea of the Furhaven ThermaNAP triangle bed, you’ll like this similar mat as well. It’s made of the same self-heating material that uses insulation to retain your cat’s body heat. The only difference is that this one is only a mat. 

If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to purchase both these models to give your kitty some variation and multiple options. The Furhaven ThermaNAP mat is also available in multiple colours, sizes, and designs.

Pet Magasin Thermal Mat

This is a pack of two self-heating mats that don’t require any electricity to function. The fabric is made of Mylar film, the same insulating material used to make space suits. It will absorb, hold, and reflect your pet’s body heat and protect them from the cold. 

A rubber bottom keeps the mats stationary. These mats from Pet Magasin are in two different sizes and come with a padded with thick, soft, hypoallergenic foam.


In this extensive list, we looked at 18 different kinds of cat beds that reduce anxiety. We first explained what anxiety in cats looks like and how the right cat bed can help. Then we explored the various beds, which were broken down into four categories.

For cats, anxiety symptoms can be lowered in intensity and frequency through adjustments in their environment. A cat bed that gives them a sense of security, comfort, warmth, and playful engagement can do the trick. The beds discussed here were of four kinds: beds with raised rims, multipurpose beds, heated beds, and covered beds.

FAQs (Best Anxiety Beds for Cats)

Do calming pet beds really work?

A calming bed can indeed work especially if it ticks all the right boxes. The most effective calming bed is one that has a raised rim, soft padding, insulation, and enough avenues of playful engagement. Cats need to get regular exercise as they have predatory instincts. A bed with attached toys and stimulation can help reduce anxiety.

What do vets give cats for anxiety?

Veterinary doctors generally give cats SSRIs for anxiety. These are a kind of psychiatric medication that alters the activity of neurotransmitters in the body to improve mood. SSRIs are also effective in reducing compulsive behaviours and inappropriate behaviour.