What are the best anti-depression games?

This detailed post will be describing the best anti-depression games which are available in the market today. We will also be discussing how video games can help those who are battling depression.

What are the best anti-depression games?

The best anti-depression games are listed as follows,

Depression Quest

Depression Quest has been truly designed keeping someone who is battling with depression in mind. The great thing about this game is that it cannot only be used by those who are suffering from depression but can also be used as an education tool for anyone else as well.

In Depression Quest, the person plays someone who is depressed and has to navigate everyday actions and functions with this mental illness. This is more of an adventure game where the person is in complete control.

While the game may definitely not show all the true symptoms of depression, it definitely can be a great introduction into the mind and world of someone who is suffering from this mental health condition. Depression Quest is available for free but you can also choose to pay for this game.


Elude is another game which is pretty straightforward about portraying depression. In this game, the user is presented with a variety of situations and landscapes which are depressing or stressful in nature.

The person has to navigate these emotional circumstances and look for objects which represent passion and fulfillment. Elude can be used by those who are depressed to learn more about coping tools, but it can also serve as an educational platform for those who are curious.


While INKS is not a game that is surrounding depression as the main theme, this game is fun and immediately uplifting for anyone who plays it. In this game, the user taps in certain tabs which then blow up in confetti of colors and designs which are very aesthetically pleasing.

The simplistic nature of the game makes it a great coping tool to be used during stressful and anxious times. The best thing about INKS is that it requires literally no thinking and therefore anyone in any state of mind can easily use this game.

Project: Evo

Project: Evo is another great game that is recommended for anyone who is battling depression. Other than mood, this platform can help in improving cognition and even attention spans which are often affected in those suffering from depression.

In Project: Evo, the user enters a world which has been destroyed and therefore needs to complete certain tasks and actions to survive. Apart from the games, there are many activities and assessments which can help you learn more about yourself as a person.

Alto’s Adventure

As the name suggests, Alto’s adventure is another adventure game which takes the person on a wonderful journey around the world. The best part of Alto’s adventure is the aesthetically pleasing visuals which can instantly improve anyone’s mental state.

In this game, you can easily explore the landscapes that are laid out for you and do this with an array of colors and shades, all the while listening to some relaxing music. Alto’s adventure is free for download on the Android App Store.


SPARX is not just a singular game but a collection of games and fun activities. This is recommended for those who are stressed or anxious but can also be useful for anyone who has been diagnosed with depression.

In this game, the user will enter a fantasy world where they can complete certain quests, puzzles and even adventures across a number of levels. The main aim of SPARX is to teach the user healthy coping skills and also improve their cognitive behavior.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a very popular game that has been there for ages. Pokémon Go is not only fantastic since it motivates the players through step-by-step targets, but also encourages the person to get some outdoor time.

Therefore, this is perfect for anyone who is isolated at home thinking there is no need to go outdoors at all. It can be played singularly but can also be played with another buddy who can act as emotional support while covering the areas outdoors.


Flower is another game that brings up beautiful and relaxing visuals to the person. In this game, the user plays a series of flower petals and guides the stream around a particular landscape. The entire layout is very visually striking.

While many coping skills and strategies may not be taught by this game, the main agenda of Flowers as a game is to teach mindfulness and to be present in the ‘now’. This is a very important skill for those who are battling any type of mental illness.


If you are interested in a short game, then Aether is the option for you. In this game, the user plays the role of a child who sits on the back of a cute monster. The duo explores new planets and worlds and even comes across other monsters.

The goal is not to attack or destroy the other monsters but to help them with their problems. Through this game, the user can learn about healthy coping behaviors and also how to develop empathetic attitudes towards others.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another easy-peasy game that is known for its very pleasing visuals. Monument Valley is not exactly an adventure game or a role-play game but contains plenty of puzzles.

The puzzles are presented to the user in an environment surrounded by gentle music and pretty colors. The entire layout of the tasks from Monument Valley is known to bring a calming effect on the user with its multitude of gentle stimuli.


If you have a green-thumb, then you are going to love Prune. Prune is a simple gardening game in which you can grow your very own bonsai. This game is aimed at mindfulness and meditation and can be very helpful in calming nerves.

How can video games help with depression?

While there are tons of research articles and even false propaganda about the negative effects of video games on mental health, we cannot ignore the fact that video games can also help those who have a mental illness, such as depression.

Apart from being a great distraction, especially when there are too many stressors around, video games can also boost the confidence and esteem of those battling depression. This is through little activities and tasks which the user is meant to complete and score points.

In addition to this, video games can also improve the cognition of anyone who is battling with a mental illness. Those who are suffering from anxiety or depression often have lesser attention spans and may not be able to focus.

By playing helpful video games, the user can learn to improve their concentration levels in a step by step manner. Also, video games require plenty of problem-solving, which can also improve as a skill through continuous use.

While all the above aspects can improve through solitary video games as well, multiplayer video games can also help in improving social interaction. The interaction and communication becomes more comfortable here since everything is online.


This detailed post has described the best anti-depression games which are available in the market today. We have also discussed how video games can help those who are battling depression and other mental illnesses.

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