Best Alarm Clocks for Anxiety (15+ List)

In this blog, we are going to go over the best alarm clocks for anxiety. We will present this list in three categories of alarm clocks and explain how they help with symptoms of anxiety. The list covers more than fifteen models of alarm clocks.

What are the Best Alarm Clocks for Anxiety?

The best alarm clocks for anxiety are the ones that simulate nature, use therapeutic techniques, and add convenience to life. Some of the best alarm clocks for anxiety are:

  • Edge Light Alarm Clock by Gingko
  • Chirp Alarm Clock and Lamp by MOMA
  • iLuv SmartShaker App-Enabled Portable Vibrating Travel Alarm
  • PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock
  • The Glow Light by Casper
  • Beurer WL 90 4-in-1 wake up light
  • Zenergy™ Bluetooth® Bedside Sleep Therapy Mini Machine by iHome
  • Hammacher Schlemmer The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock
  • HoMedics Slumber Scents Alarm Clock
  • Restore by Hatch
  • PureGuardian
  • Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-Up Light by LATME
  • Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock by FitFort
  • SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp by Philips
  • Homagical Store Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
  • Elfeland Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Alarm Clocks that Help with Anxiety

Anxiety and sleep are highly interconnected and one is bound to affect the other. It is common to experience sleep issues like irregular sleep cycles, frequent awakenings, insomnia, and nightmares when one has anxiety. 

It doesn’t help at all when this disturbed sleep is interrupted in the morning with an alarming sound. Mornings can be full of panic when you wake up to a conventional alarm. The cortisol levels in the body rise making you feel like you are under a threat. 

Prolonged high levels of cortisol not only exacerbate anxiety but also cause problems with your physical health. In today’s world, designers are taking these problems into consideration when making products. Alarm clocks need not be the traditional kind, especially if you have an anxiety disorder.

Alarm Clocks that are Therapeutic

With the rising prevalence of anxiety and stress-related disorders, products are now being designed to address these issues. Alarm clocks too are shifting from the conventional design to more therapeutic ones for improved experiences. 

These clocks eliminate the loud ringing sounds that awaken people with a sense of fear. Instead, they incorporate various techniques to soothe and calm individuals for a more relaxed sleep. Different therapies that aid sleep either use light, sounds, or aromatherapy to serve this purpose.

Here are our top recommendations for therapeutic alarm clocks that help with anxiety:

iHome ZenergyTM Bedside Sleep Therapy Mini Machine

iHome’s Zenergy uses light therapy and sound therapy to induce a more peaceful sleep so that you wake up energised. The light therapy setting has 14 specially designed LED programs that prevent unnecessary light pollution in your sleeping environment. 

Low intensity warm lights make it easier to fall asleep faster. Other day time programs fill you with energy for activity and movement. The sound therapy setting offers 16 soothing nature sounds to ease you into a resting slumber. 

iHome Zenergy mimics a natural sunrise wake experience and the battery backup operates the alarm during power cuts. Together, these therapeutic and nature-resembling experiences lower anxiety levels and improve sleep quality.

Hammacher Schlemmer The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

Peaceful Progression is another therapeutic alarm clock good for people dealing with anxiety. This device uses light cycles, stimulating aromatherapy and nature sounds to naturally bring you out of sleep. 

Half an hour before the set alarm time, the clock starts glowing softly and the brightness gradually increases. Meanwhile, the scent of essential oils known to lower anxiety and stress releases into the air. 

Finally, nature sounds start playing to gently wake you up and at the end of the cycle, a beeper sound makes sure you’re up on time. Fill this Hammacher Schemmer alarm clock with your preferred essential oils for the perfect anxiety-free morning.

HoMedics Slumber Scents Alarm Clock

If you’re fond of aromatherapy as a way to ameliorate symptoms of anxiety, here’s another aromatherapy alarm clock. Slumber Scents by HoMedics comprises an essential oil diffuser with glowing lights. 

You can choose between six different options of LED lights for the right ambience of your bedroom. Even the alarm sounds have six choices of relaxing nature sounds. These digitally recorded sounds can be set with an auto timer at night to help you fall asleep. 

This unit comes with three complementary essential oils. Purchase the HoMedics Slumber Scents for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Hatch Restore

Restore is a smart sleep assistant meant for inculcating good sleep hygiene for better health. This alarm clock is also a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, and meditation app combined in one device. 

One can use it to create a personalised bedtime routine, which is an important part of sleep hygiene. A soft-glow reading light lets you wind down without having to use harsh blue light or screens. 

Restore comes with a lot of content including meditations, sleep stories, soundscapes that help you unwind. In the morning, it wakes you up with a custom sunrise alarm that supports healthy cortisol levels.

PureGuardian SPA260

PureGuardian Spa Deluxe is primarily an essential oils diffuser but with an LED clock display and gentle alarm. This is a useful product for individuals struggling with anxiety because it wakes you up with calming fragrances. 

It isn’t bulky or heavy so it’s ideal for a night stand. Quiet ultrasonic technology makes this humidifier function without any loud sounds, letting you sleep peacefully at night. Silver 

Clean Protection prevents fungal growth as is common with regular diffusers. This alarm clock by PureGuardian  is specially designed for people who want to calm their nerves and improve sleep.

Alarm Clocks that Add Convenience

Chronic anxiety brings with it many recurring inconveniences like waking up before time, frequent urination, and difficulty falling asleep. Fortunately, alarm clock makers too are considering these troubles and designing products to relieve you of them. 

In this section, we will discuss several models that are made to add convenience. Check out the following alarm clocks that take care of all the inconveniences associated with anxiety and sleep:

Ginkgo Edge

Ginkgo Edge alarm clock is a funky and creative instrument that adds convenience to your night routine. No need to look for the deactivate button when the alarm rings in the morning. Simply shake it for snooze and touch any button to switch the alarm off. 

You can also flip the device and the sound will automatically shut off. It comes with two sides, an even edge with the clock and a diagonal edge with a soft dimmable light. When flipped, the clock stops ringing and turns into a stylish bed-side ambient light. 

This works great to lower cortisol levels and to create a relaxed and gentle awakening to start your day. Get the Ginkgo Edge to bring comfort and convenience to your bedroom.

Moma Chirp

Chirp is a designer alarm clock with a kiln-fired porcelain bird that chirps to wake you up. This is a good option for people living in urban areas where the bird population mostly comprise pigeons and crows. 

For these individuals, pleasant bird sounds are a rarity and will add a special something to their mornings. Twenty minutes before the alarm sounds, the Moma Chirp begins to glow softly. 

As the light intensity gradually reaches maximum, the sounds begin. In addition to chirping birds, you’ll hear the sound of water flowing. As these sounds surround you, you’ll create a wake-up ritual that is refreshing, non-intrusive, and peaceful.

iLuv SmartShaker

This award-winning, app-enabled, portable alarm clock comes in a slim circular body. It wakes you up with subtle vibrations coming from under your pillow. The wireless and compact design make it highly convenient to pop it in bed with you. 

You can choose between vibrations, ringtones, or a combination. The iLuv Alarm Shaker is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Samsung smartphones. Its long-lasting battery power lets us use it without charging for an entire month. 

If you’re out travelling or camping, this clock is a better alternative than your phone. It doesn’t have any unpredictable notification sounds or screens with straining lights to hinder your sleep.

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock

Pictek’s projection clock is the next item on our list of alarm clocks that add convenience. This is a modern mantel clock with a digital LED screen. It has a curved body and a projector that can rotate 180°. 

Anxiety can sometimes cause frequent awakening in the middle of the night. The disorientation caused by these untimely awakenings is reduced as the time will show wherever you choose to project it. 

Choose between three brightness options on the HD clear display to match your hourly requirements. Whether it’s late at night or in broad daylight, the time will always be visible with a Pictek Projection Clock.

Casper Glow Light

As the name suggests, the Glow Light by Casper is characterised by a soft glow of light. This warm light cues your body for bed and helps you unwind with your bedtime routine. It gradually dims to softly lull you to sleep without interruptions. 

In the morning, it lets you gently rise as it fills the room with soft light. It sets the perfect mood lighting for every occasion as the built-in gyroscope adjusts brightness with a simple twist. 

The ambient light sensor lets you carry it around if you wake up anxious and need a glass of water. Get the Casper Glow Light to replace your alarm clock with comfort and convenience.

Beurer WL 90 4-in-1

This isn’t just an alarm clock, it’s also a wake-up light, mood light, reading lamp, and music speaker. A gradually brightening LED light naturally wakes you up like a sunrise. When it’s time for bed, the light dims in a manner that resembles a sunset. 

You can use the dimming light as an appropriate ambience for some bedtime reading. Listen to your favourite podcasts, guided meditation, or sleep soundscapes to relax in bed. 

For date nights, the mood light function works really well and you can play some romantic music using the same device. The Beurer WL 90 4-in-1 is a handy tool for anyone, not just people with anxiety.

Alarm Clocks with Wake-Up Light

In some of the previously mentioned alarm clocks, there was a feature of a wake-up light. This feature is a special design in alarm clocks that makes them simulate the natural light cycle of the sun. 

Mental health professionals often recommend spending some time in daylight to improve sleep. That’s because the way daylight naturally increases and decreases based on the time of day helps our biological rhythm. We tend to wake up as dawn progressively brings more light. 

Similarly, the setting sun eases us into rest-mode. A wake-up light alarm clock uses the same mechanism to promote healthy sleep cycles. This can be extremely useful for someone with anxiety as sleep disturbances are a common symptom. 

We recommend the following wake-up alarm clocks that help with anxiety:


Latme’s wake-up light alarm clock is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It is white, round, and has a table top design, making it suitable for your bed-side table. Control the brightness either tapping the button or by using your voice. This model has 4 alarm clocks, an 8-10 minute snooze, 7 colours, and 20 intensity settings.

View the latest price of the  Latme’s Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-Up Light


This model by Fitfort is globe-shaped and has 7 light options. It plays natural sounds and has 20 levels for light adjustment. There are two alarm clocks which can support personalised settings. You can even connect this clock to 60 FM radio stations and wake up with your favourite show.

View the latest price of the  Fitfort’s Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock


Philips offers multiple models for wake-up light alarm clocks. Here, we’re talking about the HF3520/60, which has many smart features like tap snooze, dimmable display, and FM radio. There are 20 brightness settings and 5 natural alarm sounds. It was named the Best Overall Sunrise Alarm Clock in 2020 by Wirecutter.

View the latest price of the  Philips HF3520/60


The wake-up light by the Homagical store has a wood finish, making it better aesthetically. It offers 20 brightness settings, 7 colours, and 3 modes of LED time display. There are 7 natural sounds for alarm rings and you can also connect it to FM radio. Unlike the competition, this model connects to more than 60 stations.

View the latest price of the  Homagical’s Wake Up Light Alarm Clock


Elfeland’s wake-up light is cylindrical, not circular. It’s lighter and occupies lesser space. There are 5 natural alarm sounds, 2 light options, and 3 levels for brightness. It features touch control and can be charged using a USB cable. The RGB colour mode has 256 colour options for all kinds of moods.

View the latest price of the  Elfeland’s Wake Up Light Alarm Clock


In this blog, we went over the best alarm clocks for anxiety. We presented this list in three categories of alarm clocks and explained how they help with symptoms of anxiety. The list covered more than fifteen models of alarm clocks.

Alarm clocks can be designed to cater to the needs of someone struggling with anxiety. The alarming ring of the clock can be replaced with more natural sounds. In addition to sounds, the clock can wake you up using light therapy and aromatherapy. Most of the alarm clocks we discussed use sunrise and sunset simulations for an eased and relaxing sleep routine.

FAQs (Best Alarm Clocks for Anxiety)

How do you deal with an alarm with anxiety?

Anxiety and alarm clocks don’t really mix well. The anxiety tends to impact the quality of sleep and the alarm worsens it since you don’t get enough rest. It’s best to follow these guidelines if you have to deal with an alarm with anxiety:
Practice sleep hygiene with a sleep routine
Relax yourself before you go to sleep
Keep two alarms if you’re worried, but not more
Change the alarm sound to something pleasant
Use special alarm clocks designed for anxiety
Keep a sleep journal to monitor what variables impact the sleep quality

Do Sun alarm clocks really work?

It is scientifically proven that lights that mimic the sun’s activity do help improve sleep. They have a softer light that either dims or get brighter progressively just like nature. This cues the body to follow its natural rhythm and helps keep the biological clock regular.


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