Best 15 Metalcore songs about depression?

This article will focus on showing what are the 15 best Metalcore songs about depression. It will also discuss a little about each of the songs.

What are the 15 best Metalcore songs about depression? 

Some great Metalcore songs talk about depression. Here are 15 of them.

  • “Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna” by Shining
  • “Alone I Break” by Korn
  • “Damage Inside” by Machine Head
  • “Everything Dies” by Type O Negative
  • “Snuff” by Slipknot
  • “Fade To Black” by Metallica 
  • “The Unforgiven (Trilogy )” by Metallica
  • “Here Comes The Tears” by Judas Priest
  • “A Tout Le Monde” by Megadeth 
  • “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold
  • “Disease” by Beartooth
  • “Pittsburgh” by The Amity Affliction
  • “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera
  • “Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)” by Type O Negative
  • “Petal” by Every Time I Die

“Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna” by Shining 

It seems that all the songs from the band Shining were made to make you cry. But in this song, the singer talks about how he is always feeling a certain sense of despair. And even though it is all sung in Swedish, the emotion from it can be felt by anyone that listens to it.

“Alone I Break” by Korn 

Korn members have gone through their share of negative experiences. The singer Jonathan Davis went through sexual abuse as a child, and the guitarist Brian also had experiences with drug abuse. In this song, they talk openly about isolation and feeling lonely.

“Damage Inside” by Machine Head 

In this song the frontman of the band Robb Flynn comes clean about how depression makes him feel, sharing all the darkness and sadness it brings.

“Everything Dies” by Type O Negative 

Even though many of the Type O Negative speaks to the heart, this song goes beyond and talks openly about how death is unavoidable to us all. The song goes on like this: “Well I loved my aunt/ But she died / And my uncle Lou / Then he died / I’m searching for/ Something which can’t / Be found but I’m hoping/ I still dream of dad / Though he died”

“Snuff” by Slipknot

This music brings a lot of misery in its lyrics. It talks about obsession, loss, and heartache. It gives you a full menu of sadness. The song starts like this: “Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins/ The air around me still feels like a cage/ And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again”

“Fade To Black” by Metallica 

In this song, Metallica talks about how life can seem meaningless. In it, a man wants to end his life and ends up acting on it. The song starts like this: “Life, it seems, will fade away/ Drifting further, every day/ Getting lost within myself”

“The Unforgiven (Trilogy )” by Metallica

This compound of 3 songs talks about unforgiving. It talks about a man and his path through life. In the song, the man will get older, and regret his decisions. It will talk about how he can’t forgive others, and can’t also forgive himself, feeling extremely guilty.

Best 15 Metalcore songs about depression?

“Here Comes The Tears” by Judas Priest 

This is an extremely emotional song that will surely bring anyone to tears. The lead singer Rob Halford lets the emotion out.

“A Tout Le Monde” by Megadeth 

This extremely sad song talks about a person coming to terms with what their life has been like. It feels even like it could be a suicide letter, in which the person is telling their loved ones to remember them fondly. The song starts like this: “Don’t remember where I was/ I realized life was a game/ The more seriously I took things/ The harder the rules became”

“So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold

This is one of the most famous metal songs about depression. This song was written when the band’s drummer died, and it seems that this song is written about him.

“Disease” by Beartooth

The lead singer of Beartooth, Caleb Shomo, has always been open about his struggles with depression. In this song, it seems like he is getting a grip on what his feelings are. In the song, he says: ‘If I fall again, will it be the end? / I know it’s wrong, you think I’m strong, but I just pretend.’

“Pittsburgh” by The Amity Affliction

Right at the beginning of this song, the lead singer, Joel Birch, lets his despair show. In the song, he says: “’I’ve been searching for an exit, but I’m lost inside my head / Where I spend every waking moment wishing I was dead”.

“Cemetery Gates” by Pantera 

This song, like many other songs on this list, talks about grief. It talks about how it feels to lose someone you love. In it, the singer shows how they wished they could meet their loved ones in the afterlife.

“Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)” by Type O Negative

Another Type O Negative song that makes you feel their emotions deeply. In this track, the lead singer, Peter Steele writes about the loss of his pet cat. But some people may not even know that, since he wrote the song in an extremely metaphorical way.

“Petal” by Every Time I Die

This is one intense and sad song. It was written and based on the events in the lead singer’s life. Keith Buckley wrote this song as he saw his wife and newborn daughter struggle to recover after traumatic childbirth. It talks about how chaotic life can be, and that even in the hardest of times there can be some beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the 15 best Metalcore songs about depression? 

Can music lead to depression? 

No, although music can bring to people a lot of emotional reactions, it is almost impossible that music will lead people to depression. It can make you feel a lot of emotions, but most of the time music will bring people some sense of comfort.

Research has shown that even listening to sad songs will not cause you to get depressed, but it will give people some sense of comfort. It seems that the soothing beats of the sad song can calm the person. And the words can make the person feel less alone in what they are feeling.

What has been a problem nowadays is the use people, specially teens, have made of music. Teens are often walking around with headphones, and that behavior seems to isolate them from social contact which can lead to depression, or make someone that is depressed worse.

Can a person get addicted to music?

No, it seems that music is not addictive. What can happen is that music will bring you a rush of emotions that you may feel are positive, and you might want to experience them again. Leads you to want to listen to music more and more frequently.

But if you are not able to, it doesn’t mean you will get a negative reaction or experience withdrawal from not listening to music. 

But there are some moments in which your need to listen to music can be a problem. It can be a problem if you can’t function without music. When that is the case, you might feel the need to listen to music in inappropriate places or it distracts you from other tasks, such as a work meeting. 

Music can also be a problem when it plays a part in substance abuse. For example in raves, where teens go to listen to electronic music and tend to often use drugs. And it might be safe to do it once and a while, but many people do this as a habit, and that is when it becomes a problem.

Is there a bad aspect to listening to music?

There are a few negative impacts of listening to music. If a person listens to music too loud, it can cause hearing damage. That is why it is important to take care, even more so with headphones. 

Music can also distract you when you need to do a more complex task. Although it can be great to motivate you to exercise. To do things such as studying. Some people can do that nowadays, but this can cause mild memory loss.

It can also trigger bad memories. If music has been part of a negative experience, every time you hear the song, the negative experience can come to your mind. To deal with the negative event, it might be important to go to therapy. And while treating it, it might be important to avoid exposing yourself to the song.

What are the common symptoms of depression? 

Depression can lead people to experience intense sadness, but not only that, it can make the person lose interest in things, even the ones they used to love. The person’s energy level will go down, and they will feel fatigued. When you are depressed, your ability to focus will also change.

When a person is depressed, they will become more irritable, and feel guilty, empty, hopeless, and helpless. Depression will cause the person to become isolated, and to cry more often than they did before.

It will change your eating and sleeping patterns, and cause your self-esteem, and sense of self-worth to go down. To some people, depression can lead to self-harm, and even thoughts of death, and suicidal thoughts.

What are the types of depression?

Depression can happen in some types. It can be mild depression, which can cause the person to experience, as the name says, mild symptoms that can go on for a few weeks. To treat mild depression, the person will often need to change their lifestyle.

There is also moderate depression, in which the symptoms start to affect the person’s life, because they are more intense, and go on for longer. To treat moderate depression, people will often go to therapy, but some people may also need medication to cope.

And then there is major depression, this is the most intense type of depression. It leads the person to feel the depressive symptoms intensely, and they can make it harder for the person to live their life normally. Aside from the common symptoms, major depression can lead the person to experience hallucinations, delusions, and even psychotic episodes.

Major depression can make it impossible for the person to do the simplest of things, like getting out of bed. And to treat it is commonly necessary that the person will go through therapy and medication. Finally, there is persistent depression, which each episode can go on for as long as 5 years. In those, the person will swing between major and mild depressive periods. And to treat it, it is also necessary that the person will go through therapy and medication.


This article showed 15 of the best Metalcore songs about depression. It also explained a little bit about what each of them said.

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