Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

This page presents you with some automatic thoughts worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from prestigious third party websites, after doing detailed research.

Automatic thoughts worksheets enable an individual to identify their automatic thoughts pattern and work on their irrational, faulty or negative thoughts system by adopting various skills and strategies.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Identifying Automatic Thoughts 

Automatic thoughts, as the name implies, are the thoughts that come automatically, without any voluntary control.

These automatic thoughts could be in the form of an image or a mental activity which result in response to any trigger.

Automatic thoughts could either benefit an individual or prove detrimental for the well-being of an individual, depending upon the trigger and the emerging thought.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thought Worksheet- Am I Thinking Purposely?

There are many ways to identify automatic thoughts.

These include remembering the past, uncomfortable event and thinking of the first thought that eventually changed your mind, understanding the true meaning of the event, recalling what you felt on that event and what thoughts emerged from those feelings.

Exploring the thoughts on the unpleasant event can help identify if the thoughts were on purpose or not.

If they were not on purpose, that means they are not justified.

This is because automatic thoughts come from the subconscious part of our mind, the part of the mind which is NOT fully aware of our true feelings, emotions and experiences.

Therefore the thoughts coming from there are also not reliable.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet-  Finding Possibilities 

Once automatic thoughts are identified, their effect can be neutralized by finding more possibilities for a certain happening.

Having a positive approach toward life helps elicit the negative effects such as anxiety, anger, stress and so forth, produced as a result of automatic thoughts.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Effects of Automatic Thoughts

Automatic thoughts are experienced by every individual. These thoughts are involuntary in nature thus we can not stop them.

Automatic thoughts could create both positive and negative effects but negative effects are encountered by people most often.

Though these automatic thoughts seem to be just some kind of thoughts that come on their own, but, these thoughts are much more than they just seem to be. 

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Positive and Negative Effects of Automatic Thoughts

Automatic thoughts are instinctive thoughts which originate from subconscious part of the mind.

Automatic thoughts can have two types of effects, positive and negative.

Automatic thoughts can affect an individual’s life by altering his thinking pattern and perceptions.

Depending upon their types, automatic thoughts can either benefit an individual or prove to be detrimental for that individual.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Recording Thoughts

Automatic thoughts have significant effects on an individual. These effects could be positive or negative but in most of the cases, detrimental outcomes are reported.

Automatic thoughts come in response to specific events, images, experiences, things or people. Recording these thoughts can help identify their triggers, notion and outcome.

With the help of these, specific steps could be taken to avoid the detrimental effects of these thoughts by either avoiding the triggers, distracting oneself or using strategies to rationalize them.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet (5)

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Thought Record

Automatic thoughts emerge from our subconscious part of the mind.

The subconscious part of the mind is the part which is not fully aware of an individual’s feelings, experiences, emotions and events, therefore the thoughts emerging from this part of the mind are also not reliable. 

Automatic thoughts can not be ceased but their effect can be minimized by using certains skills and strategies including positive thinking, justifying thoughts, cognitive restructuring and so on.

Before doing this, it is necessary to figure out the pattern of automatic thoughts and their effect.

This can be done by keeping a record of automatic thoughts and their consequences. 

Therapistaid website provides people the “thought record” worksheet with the help of which people can track their thoughts as well as their outcomes and think of another rational, justified thought that could replace the automatic thought and produce pleasant results. 

If you want to download the pdf, click the link.

Automatic Thought Record Worksheet- Thought Record Sheet

Keeping a record of things always helps us counter check our actions. Similarly, automatic thought records assist us in keeping a track of our thought patterns so we could work on them and apply strategies to elicit their negative outcomes. 

The thought record sheet is a detailed worksheet which lays emphasis on the unpleasant happening, the feelings and emotions associated with that event, automatic thought on the event, behavioural responses, the justification for the automatic thought and other possibilities that could have changed the thought pattern and resulted in a pleasant outcome.

Due to the detailed investigation of the event, this worksheet enables an individual to identify their irrational thoughts and replace them with positive possibilities to avoid the uncomfortable outcomes of the automatic thoughts.

This worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf from the link

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- Automatic Thought Record

Keeping a record of automatic thoughts can help rationalize the illogical, unpleasant, negative automatic thoughts to neutralize their effect.

Automatic thought record worksheet by psychpoint website, is a great resource for challenging negative automatic thoughts.

This worksheet lays an individual’s focus on the unpleasant event and the emotion associated with that event and the automatic thought.

Then the individuals are directed to think or a nre thought which is rational and logical.

The new emotion arising from rational thought seems more pleasant and minimizes the effects of automatic thoughts.  

The automatic thought record worksheet is a reliable source for challenging automatic thoughts and can be useful for individuals with anxiety issues, situational depression, anger issues, relationship issues or some personality disorders.

 This worksheet is available in pdf on the psychpoint website. You can access it from this link

An automatic thought record (ATR) takes an event and breaks it down into automatic negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Then, it challenges your initial reactions to the inciting event.

With practice, an ATR can have a huge positive impact on how we interpret and react to situations.

Automatic Thought Record Worksheet- Countering Negative Thoughts Thought Log

Countering negative thought thought log worksheet help in tracking the automatic thoughts and their effects on an individual.

This worksheets enable an individual to challenge his thoughts with rational thinking to minimize their uncomfortable feeling. 

These “countering negative thoughts” thought log worksheet assists an individual in exploring the unpleasant event and replacing the negative automatic thought with other possibilities of the happening.

The worksheet is available in pdf form and can be downloaded through from the link.

Automatic Thoughts Worksheet- How to Crush All or Nothing Thinking

All and none thinking is the type of thinking in which an individual thinks on extremes only.

He ignores the grey part of an event which lies in between black and white parts.

The worksheet “how to crush all or nothing thinking” helps an individual to refocus the past unpleasant event and challenge the thoughts, emotions and actions associated with them.

Then the individual is directed to rethink the situation and explore new possibilities, emotions and their results.

The original worksheet can be obtained from the link.

All the worksheets displayed on this page are a reliable source of dealing with automatic thoughts.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

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