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Page last updated: 14/11/2022

Autism Wessex

In this brief article, we will be discussing Autism Wessex, the services offered in the Autism Wessex, the benefits of taking services from the Autism Wessex, and more information about Autism Wessex.

Autism training programs offered by Autism Wessex

The following are the courses offered by the Autism Wessex that are offered locally. Eligibility requirements might be different for each course and you should find some of these information on the centre’s website.

Free Training

National Autistic Society as a provider of training

The courses provided in this charity are for parents and carers who are taking care of children who have autism.

This charity has been providing courses for parents and carers of children with this psychological disorder who are in the ages of 4 to 10.

These courses are offered through home visits or consultations made. These courses are available to families living in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole where 2 places per family are funded by the local authority for these courses.

Those families living in Bournemouth should be getting in touch at:

Alison Cleobury at Springwood Campus, Linwood School
01202 592410

Those families living in Dorset can get in touch through:

Caroline Hubbuck or Kate Flute at Westfield on  01305 833518 or 07444836954. The course is run at Westfield Arts College (Weymouth) and Yewstock school (Sturminster Newton)

Autism Wessex (A guide)

Scottish Autism

This is a free and online training for parents offered by the Scottish Autism group.

The courses offered by this group will be taken several times for 5 weeks. 

There are 3 courses that these parents and carers can take and these courses focus on either child, young adult or teen.

There is even an additional course for you to learn about girls and women who have autism and what you need to deal with them.

Skills & Learning

Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Skills and Learning run a series of family learning courses for affected families.

You can apply for these courses if you are a guardian or a parent who have a child with autism at the ages below 16.

You can learn more about this psychological disorder such as the awareness of this psychological disorder.

Dorset HealthCare

These courses can help adults who have Asperger’s Syndrome get some tips on how to manage their symptoms and the self-improvement of these affected people.

These courses can be accessed if you are an adult with this neurodevelopmental disorder who is in need of guidance to help yourself from your struggling symptoms.

You can use these courses to help some groups who you are involved with who are also suffering from this neurodevelopmental disorder.

These courses come from a service that devotes its funding to behavioural interventions for people with this neurodevelopmental disorder.

The Curly Hair Project as a training provider

These courses can help support people who are affected and suffering from autism. You can access these courses whether in face-to-face or online.

You can get these courses even when you are a counsellor who is treating someone with this psychological disorder and parents or carers who are dealing with people who have this psychological disorder.

These courses are given by a service who helps people with this psychological disorder.

National Autistic Society as a training provider

There are different modules that will be handling different topics.

These courses are appropriate for people who need more understanding to what autism really is as a psychological disorder in affected people.

There are some of these courses offered by this service which costs £30 plus VAT, however, some are free for you to access.

The different kinds of services offered by Autism Wessex

The following are the different kinds of services offered by the Autism Wessex:

Portfield School

This school is a special school where the interests and needs of children with autism are given special notice and helping them get through the pain of some symptoms of this psychological disorder.

This school is great for students who need fun activities that can help them develop normally like most children.

This school is held by a multidisciplinary team who is specialised in dealing with people who have this psychological disorder.

This team is also making sure that the children are treated well in this special school and make them feel like they are made important and there will be some activities that will be focused on the behavioural treatments that are effective for these affected children. 

Affected children can also get some after-school activities to get them involved in a lot of social activities with other children who have this psychological disorder and get them to interact with children who have gone through this psychological disorder.

This can help them get developed in the proper school.

Community Connection Service From Autism Wessex

This service can give you some answers to your queries about autism.

The following are some questions this service can answer for you and help you be guided with your understanding of this psychological disorder: 

  • Autism Wessex services for affected people
  • Local autism services in Dorset for affected people
  • Support from other organisation to help with services for these affected people
  • Information about autism for these affected people

This service can’t help you with the following concerns that might involve people with this psychological disorder:

  • Legal issues
  • Health issues
  • Offer a counselling service for these affected people
  • This service does not provide a call back service for affected people
  • Refer you to other agencies to get services for these affected people
  • Advise on conditions that are not part of the autism spectrum for affected people
  • Professionals seeking advice or guidance about this psychological disorder

How to Contact This Service?

You can contact this service through the online booking site on the website of this service.

This service can help if you are related to someone who is affected by this psychological disorder. 

Book an appointment for this service

You can finish an online form for this service.

This can give you some time to get some advance appointment so that you won’t have to get into waiting lines which can occur when accessing this service.

You only need 20 minutes to complete this online form and make sure you fill out all the inquiries in the form so that the centre will know what they are dealing with and give you the best service.

The following are these organisations that you can access this service as well:

  • Advice Now – give you guides on how to win a PIP or DLA appeal when you have a disability 
  • AdviceLocal – directory of local advice services and information on welfare benefits, work, money, social care complications and more for inquiries on the benefits
  • Advice UK – local independent advice centres for your advice inquiries
  • Age UK – advice for older people who need some advice
  • Carers UK – advice for carers about social care concerns for your needs
  • Challenging Behaviour Foundation for affected people – social care advice when a person has severe or profound learning disabilities and they are quite strict about this criteria, 3 telephone appointments of up to 45 minutes each per concern addressed by the caller
  • Contact a Family which is another advice helpline – advice on benefits for children with disabilities for your inquiries
  • Citizen’s Advice – advice on a wide range of concerns such as challenging an ESA decision in getting benefits
  • Child Law Advice for child care concerns – advice on social care for children Disability Law Service which may be able to arrange free full legal representation if you live in London and are eligible for legal help or aid for affected children 
  • Disability Law Service for people with disabilities – free legal advice about social care for affected people
  • Disability Rights UK for people with disabilities – offers a personal budget helpline for affected people. 
  • Family Rights Group for families – advice for parents involved with social services and an advocacy service for young parents under 30 who can help with concerns
  • Gingerbread – advice on benefits for lone parents and reaching out to concerns
  • Mencap Direct – advice for people with learning disabilities and reaching out to concerns
  • Mind – advice about being sectioned, social care and mental capacity for affected people
  • NAS – National Autistic Society for affected people 
  • Rethink – advice on mental health, social care and the criminal justice system for affected people
  • RNIB – benefits and care advice for blind or partially-sighted people for affected people
  • Shelter – for concerns involving housing, housing benefit or housing costs in Universal Credit, supported living and eviction for affected people
  • Working Families Legal Helpline for families – advice on benefits for families for those who are concerned
  • The Autism Services Directory for those who are concerned – Lists autism services and support groups across the UK so that affected people can access them immediately

Community Support

This service is for people who have intellectual disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

This service is available in locations such as Christchurch and Dorchester.

This service allows affected people to get access to community activities that can get them involved in the community.

This service will also give these affected people employment opportunities when they need them to be.

You can access this service and get some information by contacting 01202 853000.

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In this brief article, we have discussed Autism Wessex, the services offered in the Autism Wessex, the benefits of taking services from the Autism Wessex, and more information about Autism Wessex.

If you have any questions about Autism Wessex, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: autism wessex

Where can I study autism?

You can study autism at the following centers such as Center for Autism Research and Treatment which is available at the University of California, Los Angeles, Marcus Autism Center which is located at the Emory University, and Center for Autism Research Excellence which is located at the Boston University.

What is ASD training?

ASD training is made for any person who is employed in places where they come into contact with people who have this kind of psychological disorder.

Some places that could make employees come into contact with people who have this kind of psychological disorder such as the police, transport providers, NHS, banks, social services centres, and shops. 

How can I help my child with autism at nursery?

You can help your child with autism at nursery by praising them for their slow progress since they will be doing small steps to show some improvement from this kind of psychological disorder, give your child a consistent routine, and when they find themselves overwhelmed while sitting with others, you should support them letting your child be introduced to the other children. 

How do I become an autism teacher?

You can become an autism teacher by getting a bachelor’s degree in education so that you can have the knowledge and experience of being this teacher.

Some countries would obligate you to get a master’s degree to become this kind of teacher. You might do some time to get a teaching licence before you proceed to your master’s degree. 

How do I become an autism specialist?

You can become an autism specialist by achieving a bachelor’s degree.

You can get this kind of degree either in psychology, special education, social work or a related study. You only need this degree to know that it needs to be this kind of specialist.


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