List of Autism Tattoos (69+ Meaningful Ideas)

In this brief blog we will compile a list of autism tattoos. These tattoos may give you some inspiration if you have autism or it may be a way for you to raise awareness about autism.

You don’t necessarily need to have autism to get the autism tattoo. As mentioned above you could get it to increase awareness of autism. This awareness will typically lead to more funding towards very important research which mayone day result in the cure of autism

What is the symbol for autism?

The symbol that is most used for autism is the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon. YThis ribbon is widely recognized by the autism community all over the world.

Is April autistic month?

April is the month of a lot of Autism awareness dates, April is world autism month and a lot of other activities take place during the month of April to increase awareness of autism.

As mentioned before, the increased awareness will usually lead to increased funding and hence better research..

What colors are for autism?

Blue is the main color for autism but you will usually see the blue accompanied with blue, green, yellow and red. Blue is usually worn on world autism awareness day to raise awareness for the developmental disorder.

What causes autism?

Autism has been stated to be caused by a prenatal viral infection. This Is the factor which causes autism but is not genetic. The exposure to rubella or  cytomegalovirus activates the mother’s immune response and may greatly increase the risk for autism in mice and this is the assumed case for humans too. Congenital rubella syndrome is the most convincing environmental cause of autism.

What is the purpose of autism awareness?

Autism awareness helps raise more awareness about autism so more people can hopefully make a donation and fund better research as well as being more conscious and considerate towards people who may have autism in their environment such as their place of work, school, etc.

Autism tattoos

This autism tattoo says “wouldn’t change you for the world”- Its sends a very positive message to whoever sees it and the person who wears it. The tattoo is on the forearm and uses a mixture of the blue, red green and orange.

In this autism tattoo we see winnie the pooh holding on to a puzzle balloon which has the green, yellow, blue and red autism colours.

This autism tattoo says “love needs no words”. It has the red, green, yellow, orange and blue autism colours in a heart. It is a forearm tattoo and this means a lot of people may see it and it may have a bigger impact.

This autism tattoo says “Corbin”. It shows 3 puzzles with a backdrop if splashed paint. Again we see the green, red, yellow and blue which are now recognised as the autism colours.

This autism tattoo says different not less. It reminds people that those who suffer from autism are different but not less.

In this tattoo the puzzle pieces are spread around and the word autism has been used like an accronym.It states, Always, Unique, totally, Intelligent, sometimes, mysterious.

Autism tattoos

In this tattoo we see the mickey mouse outline which states “Nick autism is a journey I didn’t pan but I do love my tour guide Adryan”.

This tattoo says until all the pieces fit. It highlights the fact that those who are suffering from autism are always trying to make things fit.

This tattoo about autism says “the pieces may not all fit together but together all the pieces will fit”.

This Tattoo about autism states “I Wouldn’t Change you for the world but I wold change the world for you”

This tattoo states “Look beyond the autism and you will see someone special”

This tattoo about autism states “All the colours I am not inside have not been invented yet”

Autism tattoos

This tattoo about autism is very inspirational.

This autism tattoo displays a bright multi coloured heart amidst flowers that are just black and white. This image highlights how your autism can be a bright light which shines out

This autism tattoo seems to be dedicated towards someone called Ryan. It displays a butterfly which has the puzzles within its skin and has a multicolored pattern.

In this autism tattoo it states “you are my heart”

THIS Tattoo about autism states “Always unique totally intelligent sometimes mysterious.

Ths Autism tattoo just had a multicoloured flower growing out of a flower pot

Autism tattoos

This autism tattoo states “different not less.”

This tattoo about autism seems like it is dedicated towards someone’s mum.

This tattoo is very beautiful but subtle.

This tattoo about autism  has birds flying and a blue tree growing from within the puzzle pieces.

This tattoo about autism seems to display a lost boy.

In this autism tattoo we see a kid with a cap and a backdrop of the puzzles which are so identifiable with autism tattoos. From this tattoo I see bravery, opportunity and excitement. This tattoo would have encouraged anyone suffering to explore

Autism tattoos

This autism tattoo displays a man walking a bear to a distant road.

This autism tattoo displays a tree where steps are made up of the puzzles highlighted in the famous red, orange, green , blue and yellow colours.

This tattoo about autism will almost certainly bring more awareness about the topic due to being on the most visible part of the wrist.

This ausim tattoo seems to be on the feet. It states hope. 

“I am his voice He is my heart” – says this tattoo

Again another tattoo where the theme is the puzzle pieces and the colours which have now been attributed towards autism.

Autism tattoos

This tattoo about autism is displayed on the most visible part of the wrist. It shows the canals of the heart and a bandage of puzzles running across it. This sort of pieces will bring a lot of attention due to their placement and hopeful more awareness around autism.

This tattoo is at the back of the nek. It has the puzzle pieces and then a heart in the middle.

This autism tattoo is quite unique.It is one of the more creative ones we have seen so far.

This blue tattoo is about a famous cartoon character. It may relate back to autism to the person who wears this tattoo;. Sometimes childhood characters which had traits of autism are used in these tattoos as they bring joy and hope to the person wearing them.

This autism tattoo displays the cars  from the disney movies “cars”

This autism tattoo has a tiger. It displays the amount of courage that people need when dealing with autism,

Autism tattoos

This is a very beautiful tattoo, incase you need any inspiration.

This tattoo about autism shows an eye with the pattern

This tattoo about autism shows the missingpience of the pizzle. This signifies that at some point or the other we will find the solutions to our problems.

This tattoo displays a bird on a puzzle piece.

This tattoo displays love and a puzzle piece.

This autism tattoo is a butterfly.

Autism tattoos

This tattoo displays a child wearing a superman top and a cape. Tis reminds me of the bravery those with autism tend to show.

This tattoo is simply a pattern with the autism colors spread over it.

This tattoo about autism displays a rather glamorous octopus.

This tattoo displays an imprint of mickey mouse

This tattoo about autism has daphne duck from the mickey mouse clubhouse.

This tattoo about autism is a cross with red, orange, blue and green patterned inside.

Autism tattoosThis tattoo seems to be dedicated towards someone called Jonathan. It again displays the multiple colours used to represent autism.

Using the infinity sign in line with the autism patterns and colour here us a very good idea. We really love this tattoo.

This tattoo says a different kind of normal and displays mickey mouse.

This seems to be a coupe autism tattoo.

This puzzle piece and multi coloured heart are very good Autism tattoos.

This autism tattoo states “until all the pieces fit”.

In this brief guide we discussed Autism tattoos. If you have any questions or comments please let us know below.

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