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Autism Sussex

In this brief blog, we will be talking about Autism Sussex, the services offered by Autism Sussex, the benefits of getting services in Autism Sussex, and more information about Autism Sussex. 

What is Autism Sussex?

Autism Sussex is an independent organisation and non-profit at one that works with people who have autism.

This kind of organisation will be meeting the individualized needs of these affected people when it comes to treatment.

This kind of organisation makes sure that the treatment of these affected people will be focusing on the use of family support when it comes to treating with this kind of psychological disorder.

Different kinds of services offered by the Autism Sussex

The following are the different kinds of services offered by the Autism Sussex:

Adult Services

This organisation is providing services for adults who have autism. These services are made to be participated by these affected adults.

These services will be based on the level of care required by the adult with this psychological disorder where support services or residential care will be given.

These services can also provide employment for affected adults.

You only need the options that are available to you in this service. You can attain this service when you are located at Kent, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.

The following are the options in this service:

  • Day services
  • Residential
  • Supported living
  • Specialist support 
  • Community outreach

Children’s residential

This centre also provides residential care for children with learning disabilities, autism or other learning disorders.

The residential in Falconwood is the one used for this care for these children where there are nine beds for a child’s break.

These affected children will also get access to social activities that can occur after the school schedules of these children.

This is where these children will have fun and get their experience with play and help them develop essential skills.

Autism Sussex (A guide)

Positive behaviour support from the Autism Sussex

This service can improve the quality of life of affected children and help them get through stressful situations in life.

This service is based on several behavioural interventions used for children with autism.

Children who have this psychological disorder will get the chance to taste a proactive and evidence-based behavioural approach thanks to this service.

The centre’s PBS leads 

The PBS leads is a multidisciplinary group of professionals who are trained in administering this service to children with autism.

This is where these professionals will be meeting together to talk about individual cases and what they can do to improve treatment.

Lucy Russell is Behaviour Specialist for our Specialist Support Service states that PBS Leads meetings are where the members will talk about what needs to be done to improve the treatment in small and focused groups.

This is also where these professionals will be talking about the principles of this service and use them to improve this treatment.

PBS training for the centre’s staff 

Employees of this centre should go through training programs for this service.

This is a necessity to help clients in their management of their symptoms of this psychological disorder.

Course outline:

  • The core components of the PBS Framework to train staff
  • Quality of Life measures to train staff
  • Building a PBS plan using data collection to train staff
  • Understanding the functions of behaviour to train staff
  • Proactive and reactive strategies to train staff
  • Implementing total communication strategies to train staff

Family support

This centre welcomes all family members who are affected by the family member who has a neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism or learning disabilities.

This is where this centre will provide guidance for people who are in need of these services who can help them help their family members who are suffering from a psychological disorder.

These family members can also get some pieces of advice from the centre on how to care for themselves even when they are currently caring for their affected family member who has a neurodevelopmental disorder.

The following are some platforms that you can use to access this service:

Online support

This service can give some online support for families or carers who have to deal with children with autism.

This support service is accessible on Monday from 9.30-11.30 am and Friday 12:00 – 2:00 pm.

Face-to-face clinics

This centre provides some face-to-face consultations for families who need to be guided on how to take care of their family member who is going through autism.

This service is available for families who want to deal with the problem in a face-to-face context.

This can also allow the mental health professional to see the affected child and see his or her behaviour which gives him or her insight on what the family needs to do.

The mental health professional can also provide a prescription on what the family needs to do when some symptoms become too distressing for the child which can help treat the child in the short term.

This face-to-face consultation will cost families £20.

You only need to get in touch with these clinics at 01243 214120 or email to book a face-to-face appointment.

Free workshops

This centre has been working with other organisations to make free workshops happen to help families who need to be guided thoroughly on how to take care of their child with autism.

This can also help families get along with other families who are also struggling the same trouble as the other families.

In a way, these workshops are helping these families support each other to get ready to deal with their affected child with autism.

There are fun activities that the family will engage in that can help them get closer to their child with this psychological disorder.

Sibling support

As family members might feel troubled by a child with autism, this is the same situation to hose who are siblings to these children.

This is why there are activities where these siblings can engage in fun activities and help other siblings who are going through the same special situation.

These affected siblings can also learn more about how to help their affected sibling by managing his or her symptoms in the proper way and help him or her socialize for his or her own good.

There are also clinics that can offer face-to-face consultations for these siblings and help them get some specialized support for their sake.

Specialist support

This is where parents and carers are given specialised support for dealing with their children with psychological disabilities and this service is considered high-quality in its service for these affected people.

The Autism Sussex specialist approach

This service serves to help these affected people to know that challenging behaviour made by their affected children occurs for a reason where the parent and the carer can find easy ways to help their affected child.

This service uses behavioural procedures to treat children with this psychological disorder and help parents and carers to not get too overwhelmed in taking care of their affected children.

This service can help these affected children who are having troubles in getting overwhelmed by their distressing symptoms thanks to the training given to parents and carers on how to deal with these symptoms. 

How to access specialist support in Autism Sussex?

This service is worth some money for its quality and the following are the costs: 

  • £250.00 for Behaviour and Skills Assessment followed by a Behaviour Intervention Plan for parents and carers
  • £80.00 per specialist intervention session for inclusive of preparation, cost of travel, mileage and expenses for parents and carers

This package can be commissioned by authorities who are made to bring child care to the community.

You can get these services when you are able to get them through a referral by the parents and carers.

This service is available in West Sussex, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and Kent as locations where these affected children might be found.

Specialist support provision from Autism Sussex

The behaviour and skills assessment will last for 2 hours. This is enough time to get through all the child’s behaviours and skills that he or she has attained recently.

This can also help the parents and carers get their bearings together and help them remember what their child has been doing that might need to be taken care of to help them minimize their psychological distress.

The behavioural intervention will be held for 6 sessions to help make sure the child gets enough rest and enough activity that can help in his or her development.

Although there are some affected children who will be prescribed for a long-term intervention due to the child’s needs and demands. These are important components to make interventions effective.

Waiting list

There are high demands toward this service which can make you wait for 10 to 12 weeks before you are taken into consultation.

You can use this time to avail the face-to-face clinics of this centre to help you and your child get some short-term advice to help both of you to manage the symptoms and help you two get along.

Although there are some instances that you have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for this service.

You need to pay early once you have been registered for an appointment to this specialist service.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about Autism Sussex, the services offered by Autism Sussex, the benefits of getting services in Autism Sussex, and more information about Autism Sussex. 

If you have questions about Autism Sussex, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: autism sussex

Do autistic toddlers hug?

No, autistic toddlers don’t hug.

This is because they could be oversensitive to hugs which will make them resist hugs form other people.

This is also because these kinds of children are not affectionate towards other people. 

What jobs are good for high functioning autism?

The jobs that are good for people with high-functioning autism are medical laboratory scientist, reference librarian, computer programmer, telemarketer, and taxi driver.

These kinds of jobs can be done by these kinds of people since they are less likely to get distressed from their symptoms. 

If you want to learn about this condition and how to implement effective strategies to improve their quality of life, check the Best Books for High Functioning Autism.

What does low functioning autism look like?

Low-functioning autism looks like a person who has the following symptoms such as dysfunctional social communication or interactions, lack of emotional or social reciprocity, and bizarre behaviours.

These kinds of people will also have symptoms such as sleep complications, self-harming behaviours, and aggression.

This kind of autism is not considered as a formal diagnosis in the manual of mental disorders. 

What does autism look like in a 10-year-old?

Autism in a 10-year-old looks like a child who has the symptoms such as complications in falling asleep, feel anxious about visiting new places, feeling overwhelmed in some situations and sometimes having trouble adapting to social situations.

Can autistic people work?

Yes, autistic people can work.

Some experts have suggested that people with this kind of psychological disorder are capable of working when they have the right support.

These kinds of people have been known to work effectively in technology-oriented jobs. 


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