Autism on Sesame street (How it helped)

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Sesame Street on Autism

The following are some information about this kind of psychological disorder according to this kind of industry.

A Common But Misunderstood Diagnosis In Children

Most children have been found to have autism in their lives. It is not an easy feat, especially most people don’t really have a clear understanding of what this condition is.

Most children have been given interventions that might not be right for them or some children have been misdiagnosed with this condition. This psychological disorder is in need of understanding which can lead to interventions that can work for affected children.

All Children Are Amazing In Life

Every child is amazing in a family. There will always be challenges that will be faced sometimes big and small.

Of course, having a family member with this psychological disorder is going to be a difficult obstacle to face. You just need to ask professionals on what to do and help your family members to understand what they need to do for the affected family member.

Meet Julia

Julia is a four-year-old Muppet of Sesame Street with red hair and bright green eyes who loves to draw and play tag in this TV show. She has autism which friends like Elmo and Abby Cadabby will tell you means that sometimes she does things a little bit differently in a Julia sort of way or method. 

She has quickly become a beloved part of this muppet gang, appearing in episodes throughout each season.

The Impact

There were a lot of positive responses when Julia came to the Sesame Street picture. She has become an inspiration to children who have autism who are meeting friends in their peers because of the influence of this character.

A lot of communities who took note of this muppet were happy about the responses when it comes to this muppet character. You are sure to make yourself do the comprehension when it comes to this psychological disorder to get to flow with the trend on what this character has done for affected children. 

Looking Ahead

This community is committed to support people with autism. This community of people and muppet characters are aware that children are different in their own little way and that it is not something to be afraid of.

With the TV show, people will learn how great children are, especially those who might be more different than most children. This community has been working with communities that support this psychological disorder to help children who are affected with this psychological disorder.

This community support can help these affected children to strive in a community who might not completely understand this psychological disorder. Although understanding will take time normally, what matters is the intention to understand.

Activities that you can do with autistic children from Sesame Street and Autism

The following are activities you can do with your child who has autism:

My Name Is Julia activity

Julia has some ideas that can make you have a great family time by doing this activity with her. The following are things that you should follow to do this activity:


Introduce Julia. You might say that there’s a new friend on Sesame Street. 

Her name is Julia and she loves to play with you. Sometimes her way of playing is a little different because she has autism as her character. 

As you watch the video, see if you notice things about her that are a little different from her friends and things that are the same with other friends. And you need to remember that everyone is different in some way. 

That’s what makes the world so interesting around us.


Enjoy the video being played. It’s okay to stop and answer questions or listen to comments during the viewing if that seems appropriate in the situation.


Ask kids what they noticed such as Julia repeats things or that she covers her ears when it’s noisy. Ask them to name things they do differently from their friends with this video. 

Perhaps some people eat pizza with their hands and others with a fork in the activity. Some fall asleep with a nightlight and some with music playing in the activity. 

Some people walk around and others use wheelchairs in the activity.

Playing Together

This activity will show that Julia and her friends are only having fun.


Put out bubbles, bubble wands, and paper and markers in advance for this activity. Before showing the videos, you need to ask, (What do you do when you get excited right now? Do you jump up and down right now? Sing? Shout ‘hooray’?) 

Invite them to watch for what Julia does when she’s excited in the activity. Ask them to also watch for ways in which Abby, Elmo, and Julia are kind to one another in the activity.


You can try one or more of the following ideas:

  • Pretend to flutter like butterflies like Abby and Julia in this activity. What other animal might someone pretend to be in this activity? Play animal charades with other children. It’s going to be sparkle-tastic.
  • Kids can make their own bubbles by blowing the wand and by swooshing it in your own yard. Some kids may just want to be bubble poppers with this activity. If there’s enough room, they can even boing boing boing as they pop through this activity
  • Julia’s special friend is her bunny whose name is Fluffster. Ask kids if they have a special stuffed animal or doll and invite them to draw a picture of it in this activity.

Singing Together

You can get your kids to sing with you to live the feels. Enjoy this activity as much as you can.


Print and distribute copies of The “Amazing” Song which is available on the Sesame Street website. Provide some quiet musical instruments for the kids such as chimes, triangles, or soft percussion. 

You might say that everyone experiences music differently as observed. So you can watch or sing or hum along, or dance and bop to the beat of this song.


Have plenty of room in the viewing area for kids to get up and move during the activity. You may want to model some movements such as twinkling their fingers over their heads in the activity. 

Begin The “Amazing” Song video in the activity. It’s helpful to play the video more than once, so everyone can take it in the activity. 

Then move on to the “Sunny Days” and “Twinkle Twinkle” videos in the activity.


Ask each person to share something unique about him- or herself in the activity. Each time, answer with, “You’re amazing!” as a reinforcement. 

Then invite everyone to help make an “Amazing” Mosaic Quilt in the activity. Offer paper and crayons or markers and have each person draw a self-portrait on same-sized squares in the activity. 

Then tape the pictures together to make and display a quilt int he activity. You might say that separately, we are all amazing in our own ways. 

But when we’re together, WOW! As mentioned. You can also ask kids to make a separate square for each family member, then tape them together to make a personalized family quilt and take it home to get this activity going at home.

Reviews on Sesame Street and Autism

There are still controversies surrounding this kind of muppet character in this Sesame Street show. There has been a debate surrounding organizations such as Autism Speaks when it comes to this kind of display in the show.

Some organizations who have been promoting the knowledge of this psychological disorder to the world find this character display as stigmatizing. Some viewers have verified this kind of element when watching this kind of show with this kind of character.

Some organizations have suggested that there is the element of people who have this kind of psychological disorder being forced to conform to the real world because their symptoms of this psychological disorder will only make them feel neglected more which can only lead to more psychological distress. Although some organizations were insistent that this kind of show was just showing how to know kids who have this kind of psychological disorder and they are still capable of doing some things that most normal children do.

People who have reviewed this kind of character as awful to the community for this kind of psychological disorder may have some personal feelings when it comes to this kind of show and are also sensitive to their psychological disorder. This doesn’t mean that this kind of character was hated altogether because some idealized this character as relevant to society as well which can make them feel they belong as well.


In this brief blog, we have talked about sesame street autism, the contents of sesame street autism, the benefits of sesame street autism, and more information about sesame street autism.

If you have any questions about sesame street autism, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: sesame street autism

Is there an autistic Sesame Street character?

Yes, there is an autistic Sesame Street character. This kind of character whose name is Julie who is a Muppet with bright red hair, big green eyes, and she loves to draw in her time. This kind of muppet character can be a little shy but Elmo and Abby Cadabby don’t mind. This kind of muppet character is voiced by Stacey Gordon whose son has this kind of psychological disorder. 

Which Sesame Street character is homeless?

The Sesame Street character who is homeless is Lily. This kind of show is introducing a homeless muppet for the first time to help its young viewers learn about this kind of concern. This kind fo muppet character whose family comes to stay with friends when they lose their apartment.

Who is the pink muppet in Sesame Street?

The pink muppet in Sesame Street is Abby Cadabby. This kind of muppet character is a 3-year-old muppet fairy who will be the long-running PBS children’s show first leading female character. With this muppet’s pink and purple pigtails, pink body, and pink dragonfly wings, it’s not difficult to figure out this kind of muppet character is a little girl.

Who talks for Elmo now?

The one who talks for Elmo now is Kevin Clash. This voice actor has always dreamt of working with his idol whose name was Jim Henson. This kind of muppet character is Sesame’s Street is the most beloved character of this show. 

Are Bert and Ernie lovers?

No, Bert and Ernie are not lovers. These two muppet characters live together in an apartment located in the basement of 123 Sesame Street. Franz Oz is the voice actor behind Bert where he stated that these two characters are not gay for each other. 

Additionally, many people question about the famous you tuber Tyler1. They ask ‘Does Tyler1 have Autism?’


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