Astrology and depression (A comprehensive guide)


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Page last updated: 10/11/2022

Astrology and depression (A comprehensive guide)

This article will discuss how Astrology can recognize periods in a person’s life in which they may get depressed. It will show what can be the indicators in a person’s birth chart, and discuss what are ways to prevent depression.

Can astrology define when I will get depressed?

Although astrology can’t determine for sure if or when someone will get depressed, it can give some indicators of it based on the person’s birth chart, and how the planets are located in it. It is important to keep in mind that depression can also be caused by genetics, or if the person is going through a traumatic experience.

But being aware of how your birth chart and the alignment of planets may cause you to develop depression, allows the person to care for areas in their lives that may be more prone to trouble, and maybe prevent a future depressive episode. 

But let’s further understand how astrology can predict someone will develop depression in their lifetime. 

What are astrological indicators that a person may get depressed? 

Even though it is not certain that the astrological disposition will lead to depression, there is a lot in it that will show you should care for your mental health. The best way to know that is by reading your natal chart.

This is what will show how the stars and planets were set when the person was born, and how it can influence the person’s personality and behavior. So by going through, it is possible to discover when you may experience depression. That is because the disposition of planets may wear heavy on your mental health leading to depression.

Some of the dispositions that will have a more negative impact on you can be the association of Mercury/Saturn, Mercury/Pluto, Saturn/Pluto, Saturn, and or Pluto to the Ascendant, being that the last one is usually the most remarkable. 

Another aspect that needs to be taken under consideration to understand a person’s chance of developing depression is where the Moon is on their birth chart. In astrology, the Moon is related to the person’s mind, feelings and relationships. It is through the Moon that the person receives all that is good and bad.

When the moon is combined with other planets such as Saturn, it can lead to a person feeling depressed, this is because the combination of both can make the person’s mind heavy, putting an extra load on the person’s responsibility, making them feel emotionally heavy. 

This happens because Saturn is often related to the person’s fear and limitations. 

A person can also experience depression when their Moon, Mercury, or Jupiter is debilitated. Another conjunction of the Moon that can lead to depression is the conjunction with Ketu, which is the south node of the Moon. 

Ketu is related to subconscious thinking. And lead us to think beyond the material world. When the Moon is in the person’s 6th, the one connected to health, 8th, the one that is related to transformation, or the 12th house, which is related to the meaning of life, can also lead a person to depression. 

It is also important to take into consideration when the person is experiencing conjunction of Sun and Saturn, which can be connected to a predisposition to depression. This will only be made worse if Pluto is concerning any of them.

When Mercury is involved either with the Moon or the Soon, and those relate to the person’s Saturn or Pluto, it is also an indicator of depression. Those can be moments of emotional crisis

So by looking at the person’s natal chart, and how it will progress over the person’s life, it may be possible to determine moments in their lives when people have a higher chance for depression. And this may bring up the question of what you can do once you know this?

To answer that question, let’s discuss what are ways for you to prevent depression.

Astrology and depression (A comprehensive guide)

What are ways to prevent depression?

Astrology is extremely important since it can explain moments and movements in your life. It can even lead you to understand which aspect of your life you should focus on each moment. 

By knowing your natal chart, you can understand what are moments to care for your health, even mental health, work, financial life, or even relationships.

So by knowing when to care for and spend a little more energy on your mental health, you may be able to prevent yourself from experiencing depression. Having that information, allows you to look for and understand what are the matters that may be taking a toll on your mental health.

And knowing you are in astrological conjunction that can make it easier for you to become depressed, you can start to take action to prevent it. In this sense, it is important to keep in mind that even though the alignment of the planets says it can be easier for you to get depressed at this moment, it is not set in stone, and you can always care for yourself.

You can do so by, for example, leading a healthy lifestyle. In those moments, in which you have a higher chance of developing depression, you may want to eat well, and try to care for your sleeping pattern. Exercising can also be a great way to prevent you from feeling depressed.

Being open about your feelings, and externalizing them with people you trust, or a therapist can help you handle your emotions, even when they seem too heavy, in a more positive way.

Living your life in a fulfilling and meaningful way can also help you to not get depressed. Since depression is usually associated with the loss of purpose and interest in things, and with feeling empty, having a life you feel good and comfortable with can be a great way to prevent depression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can astrology define when I will get depressed? 

What are the signs that are the biggest overthinkers? 

Some signs are known for being common overthinkers. The first one is people born under the Gemini sign. They are ruled by mercury, which is often connected to information. They can easily spend a lot of time lost in all the information around them. It sometimes makes it harder for them to move forward.

Another sign that tends to be an overthinker is Virgo. They are also ruled by Mercury, which leads them to overly focus on details. And because of that, they tend to overthink a lot. If you are a Virgo and realize you are overthinking too much, try to listen to your intuition, or write down your feelings to help you decide what to do.

Libras also tend to be overthinkers. They may try to find so much balance, and weigh the pros and cons so much, that it avoids them from ever making a decision. Being aware that you can make a mistake, but you can also fix it, is what may help Libras to not overthink too much.

And finally, people from Aquarius tend to overthink a lot. They are usually visionary, but because they are too mentally focused, they can be stuck in a thinking pattern, and what can come in the future.  They can have problems in not acting on things. 

What is the planet that is related to being lazy?

Rahu, which is the north lunar node, is the one that is connected to laziness. It is also responsible for delays. This means that there can be problems in your life in the house where Rahu is located. To prevent that, you should meditate during Rahu Kaal to prevent you from being affected by it.

Wearing dark blue clothes can also help. In the same way, you can donate dark blue and black clothes, since it is something that can please Rahu. 

What are ways to stop being lazy? 

There are some ways you can try to stop being lazy. The first one is to try and make your goals more realistic. It can be that you are so overwhelmed by your plans that you can’t make a move to start them. 

Trying to be perfect can also be a reason why you are having trouble starting things. So try to create a plan of action that fits better with what you want to do, recognizing your strengths. Don’t be too scared to ask people for help when you feel like things are too hard. 

And as you are sitting down to focus on what you are doing, try to avoid distractions. And make sure to reward yourself once you are done. This will keep you motivated. 

You can also change things in your life to deal with laziness. You can try to eat better, and add to your diet high protein foods that will give you more energy such as eggs. Exercising, and sleeping well will also improve your energy levels and make it easier for you to do things.

What does each planet mean in astrology? 

Each planet is usually connected to one area of our life in astrology. The sun is the one that tells you about your personality, as your moon will talk about your feelings and emotions. Mercury is mostly related to communication and your mind.

As for Venus, it is responsible for love and attraction. Mars is connected to drive and energy. Jupiter is the planet related to growth, luck, and wisdom, as Saturn is to discipline, fears, and changes.

Uranus is the planet of change and originality. As Neptune is related to dreams, and healing. And finally, Pluto is the planet of power and transformation.

What are the most common symptoms of depression?

Depression leads people to experience intense sadness. It also causes them to lose interest in everything, even what they used to love. They can also lose their sense of purpose, and feel empty, guilty, hopeless, and helpless. People can also feel like they have no energy, and experience fatigue.

Depression also makes it harder for people to focus. And their sleeping and eating patterns can change, in the same way, they can cry more than they did before. The self-esteem and sense of self-worth of a person that is depressed will most likely be lower, and people can start to self-harm. Some may even start to have thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts.


This article discussed how astrology can say if a person will become depressed in their lifetime, and what astrological situations can be indicators of those. Aside from that, the article will show what are ways to care for yourself and prevent depression.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.