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As I Lay Dying pdf

In this brief article, we will be discussing as I lay dying pdf, the plot of as I lay dying pdf, the purpose of as I lay dying pdf, and more information about as I lay dying pdf.

Summary of the As I Lay Dying pdf

 This kind of book has been ranked as one of the best books in the 20th century.

This kind of book focuses on the grief felt by the family when they have to bury their mother near her original kin.  

This centred family contains the following family members in the story: 

  • Addie  Bundren
  • her  husband  Anse
  • Cash
  • Darl
  •  Jewel
  •  Dewey Dell
  • Vardaman

This kind of book talks about the escapades of the family that occurred for 9 days.

This was the timeline since there were strenuous circumstances where they had to bring their mother to the place she wanted to be buried.

They even had to go through some troubles about the events that occurred in the past that revolved the mother who was about to die.

They also had to go through the complications of a funeral where this family of farmers are having economic difficulties which affected the burial.

The stream of consciousness in As I Lay Dying pdf

     The stream of consciousness that is inherent in this book shows that the thoughts or ideas are brought forth to the reader from the ideas and thoughts made by the characters.

This kind of book shows this element in this book by showing the thoughts and ideas made by each character in the story.  

Each character has his or her chance on narration about the death of the mother of the family and the past relationships of each character to the mother.

In this case, this shows the relationships and how each character thought about the dying character.

This can help readers understand what the mother means to each character and allow them to learn about different perspectives surrounding the mother.

In this kind of book, Darl speaks first, and then followed by Cora, and then Darl again, and then Jewel in this routine sequence. 

This kind of method in the book can also show the contradictory thoughts about each character to the mother.

The author stated that this kind of method in a story can help readers understand which people are lying or not.

In this case, you will be acting as a jury in this fictional case.

This kind of method in this story can also help you learn about the complexity of human communication and why it can lead people to do something wrong to the person or do something right.

In this case, this kind of method is showing the truth about human nature that is truly complex in nature.    

As I Lay Dying pdf (A summary & review)

Psychoanalysis of the As I Lay Dying pdf

There are psychoanalytic implications involved in this kind of story.

This can start with the relationship of the mother to the children and how they are depicted through several narrations from each child.

Narcissism was also implied in this kind of story where there was a child’s love for oneself which may have affected the relationship within the family.

This can also relate to the object-libido involved which is the mother.

Freud who is the father of Psychoanalysis has always emphasized the relationship between the parent and the child.

This can be shown in this kind of story where they talk about their grief towards their mother’s death.

The loss of one of the most prominent figures in the family can greatly impact each child even if he or she might have a hectic relationship with the mother.

Freud and his followers have also depicted that there will always be complications surrounding the family household.

This can range from some form of incest between a child and a parent which can impact the relationship of the child with other people outside the family circle.

This kind of psychological concept can also be used to help explain how the mother was emphasized to each child.

There are a lot of depictions that this family has gone through a lot in their past when it comes to their mother.

This is also explained in this kind of school in psychology where we make our past affect us in the present.

This can help minimize the grief that most children should feel when they lose a loved one, especially their parent.

Some children in this family weren’t as grieving as most of the children were when their mother died. 

The mother wasn’t exactly healthy as well since there seems to be something lacking in her life which led her to face economic difficulties which had affected her burial ceremony where her children were the ones responsible in giving her the proper burial she needs.

This kind of story depicts how difficult it is to be a mother and who isn’t even ready for the role due to social circumstances such as having no job at that time.

There were also insecurities that were hidden within the mother which she might have projected on her children which made one of them not long for their mother even in the time of her death.

Since this kind of story uses the stream of consciousness method of narration, it can be obvious how easy it will be to see these flaws in these people in the family.

There have also been hypotheses that the author meant to show some psychoanalytic depictions in his story since this might be the most popular theory in psychology at his time but it seems fitting since it centres on the family dynamic.

The complex human communication that was explained in the stream of consciousness method may have also been influenced by this kind of theory in psychology.

A family can be influenced by the parents who might have unresolved issues in their past which Freud stated that would impact how he or she behaves in front of the children.

There might have been some depictions of neurotic mannerisms from the mother in this kind of story which can explain that the mother had some unresolved issues from her past that she hasn’t let go which might explain her bad taste in men.

This also made her a bad role model to one of her children which can affect the child’s development since each child should learn how to make a parent as his or her role model and it is preferable that the child sees the same-sex parent as the role model which can imply a healthy development with the success of completing a conflict at such a young age.

The looking up to a parent of the opposite sex can lead to unhealthy development where the child can become homosexual which is considered unhealthy in Freud’s view but you need to be reminded that this was during his time where homosexuality was still considered as a disorder to most psychological practitioners.

The children have even shown some insecurities in themselves when they have stated their narration which can explain their mother’s influence upon them.

Despite all these, most of the children have still shown that they love their mother even if she was imperfect for them.

This kind of theory can also explain the complicated nature of a family which is what makes it interesting when the conflict is solved.

It is the same now when most teenagers would rather be independent of their parents that they have learned to hate in their adolescent years but in Freud’s theory, this shows unhealthy development on the part of the child.

He thinks that these teenagers should learn to look for their parents when they need advice on some aspects of adult life which is what some of the children in this kind of story have done which have made them grieving when their mother has left existence.

Audience reception of the As I Lay Dying pdf

Like most books, this kind of book has gone through some editorial changes thanks to Harrison who was a publisher.

This kind of book was only published with a minimum of 2,000 and above copies which were enough for the publisher who noticed the reviews surrounding this book.

Most readers were quite confused about the stream of consciousness depicted in this kind of book and some major reviewers stated that this kind of method in this book was only making it a psychological jigsaw puzzle where readers will have to interpret it on what they understood about some aspects of psychology in human behaviours.

Some eastern folk were even confused about the way of life of the focused family in this kind of book even if the family did follow some traditions done by the eastern folk and yet they do not understand the ways of the family.

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In this brief article, we have discussed as I lay dying pdf, the plot of as I lay dying pdf, the purpose of as I lay dying pdf, and more information about as I lay dying pdf.

If you have any questions about as I lay dying pdf, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: as i lay dying pdf

What happens in As I Lay Dying?

In As I Lay Dying, there are narrators that are dozen in number and the book uses a style that displays a stream of consciousness to complete the story of the Bundren family.
The matriarch was named Addie where she dies early in the story and then the family decides to bury her in nearby Jefferson. 

Why was the book As I Lay Dying banned?

As I Lay Dying was banned because of a Kentucky District being removed from the curriculum due to obscenity, using God’s name in vain, and the mentions of abortion and reincarnation.
The author gave these mentions intentionally and doesn’t deny that he was using coarse language and dialect. 

Why is As I Lay Dying a good book?

As I Lay Dying is a good book because this kind of book is more manageable than some books that the author has also written.
This kind of book has shorter chapters and many narrators where you will feel like this book has a short story. This is a good book for you if you don’t like lengthy chapters. 

What does the coffin symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

In As I Lay Dying, the coffin symbolizes the sense of weight and lack of balance whether figuratively and literally that the Bundrens family takes on by bringing Addie all the way to Jefferson to be buried. 

Why did Addie marry Anse?

Addie married Anse because she felt less neglected with him and through childbirth, she can reach an awareness of life and bring her presence upon others.
She also married him because money was then penetrated into her isolation and had given her meaning to her life. 


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