Art Therapy Worksheets (7+)

This page displays art therapy worksheets. These art therapy worksheets help individuals deal with their emotions through painting, drawing, and sketching.

The worksheets allow individuals to express their feelings and thoughts through the arts.

The worksheets help read the minds of individuals through their drawings and painting.

Some of these art therapy worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in detail.  

Art Therapy Worksheet- Managing Emotions by Art Therapy

Art therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that helps individuals improve their mental and emotional wellbeing in creative ways.

Art therapy is a combination of arts and psychotherapy used in therapeutic interventions for helping individuals resolve their emotional and psychological conflicts effectively via artistic skills.

Art therapy helps individuals use their artistic skills to identify the emotions, protrude their thoughts, increase confidence, reduce negative emotions such as anxiety stress and depression etcetera. 

Art therapy is used by therapists and psychologists in hospitals’ clinical settings.

It is also used in mental health agencies and residential treatment centers etcetera. 

Art therapy is useful for emotional regulation. This therapy helps individuals to identify their emotions and feelings through their artwork.

The individuals can also express their true feelings and thoughts through their paintings, drawings, sketches or other artwork. 

Art Therapy Worksheet- Exploring Feelings through Art Therapy

An individual can use art therapy by himself to help him improve his mental being, spiritual wellbeing and emotional well being.

An individual can apply art therapy skills in drawing his emotions, creating an emotion wheel for himself, making arts and crafts such as puppets or squishy balls for himself, designing a postcard and so forth. 

An individual can explore his feelings and identify his thought patterns by recognizing the type of music he listens, kind of books he reads, the things on which he spends most of his time, talking to other people, avoiding judgments and considering criticisms healthily etcetera. 

Art Therapy Worksheets (7+)

Art Therapy Worksheet- Making a Squishy Ball for Dealing with Stress

A squishy ball or a stress ball is a softball that is used by individuals when they feel stressed out, anxious or experiences other negative emotions.

The squishy balls help eliminate stressful or anxious thoughts of an individual and improve mental wellbeing. 

Other than its psychological benefits, squishy balls also help individuals manage their emotions effectively and improve their physical health by reducing the chances of getting physical diseases such as arthritis.

Squishy balls also help lower down blood pressure. 

A squishy ball is a malleable ball that an individual uses to squeeze when he gets stressed out for experiences any other negative emotion.

This helps him control himself in times of distressing and unpleasant situations.

It also helps relieve stress by relaxing muscles.

Art Therapy Worksheets (7+)

Art Therapy Worksheet- Mandalas

The word mandala literally means a circle. Mandalas are made up by drawing geometric figures for symbols in a circular pattern.

These mandalas are considered to be an effective source of drawing and individual attention to one thing.

It is also used as a spiritual guide or a way of meditation, for it takes the individual to the state of trance. 

Mandalas are prescribed by counselors or therapists to their clients for helping them relieve stress.

It is an artistic way of combating negative emotions and feelings. 

This worksheet consists of three pages. Each page contains one mandala. The individuals are asked to color these mandalas.

This activity helps engage individuals into something that helps them relax their mind and body. 

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

You can download it in the form of pdf from here.

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Art Therapy Worksheet- Mask project for Art Therapy

Mask project for art therapy worksheet is another worksheet based on art therapy that helps individuals improve self-reflection, expression of self and effective communication initiation abilities. 

The worksheet directs individuals to make a mask according to what they think people believe about them and at the backside of the mask they have to make the real image of themselves.

This helps them differentiate between how they think other people perceive them and how they actually are. 

This is very effective for allowing people to express their true self and their perceptions of how they believe they are being perceived as.

This Simple, engaging interesting worksheet can be accessed from the website.

You can read further instructions for this activity from here and download the mask template from the same page.

Art Therapy Worksheet– Free Art Therapy Counseling Group Activity Worksheet

Free art therapy counseling group activity worksheet is a very simple and interesting worksheet that can be used by individuals to decide what they will think about in the present day. 

This worksheet consists of a circle with various shapes in it containing different topics of discussion.

The worksheet directs an individual to color the things he would like to talk about that day.

This activity helps an individual to decide which thing will he think about in a day.

It also helps prevent overthinking and prevents an individual from becoming stressed out or anxious due to excessive thinking. 

This worksheet can be accessed from here.

Art Therapy Worksheet- Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Art Therapy Worksheets to Improve A Bad Mood

This is a very simple and interesting worksheet specifically designed for kids to help them decide how they would improve their bad mood.

This worksheet is very engaging. It allows the kids to draw themselves enjoying the day.

It allows a kid to think of various strategies and ways in which he can improve his bad mood and enjoy the day.

Drawing and coloring himself in a good mood will eventually improve the mood of the kid and increase his knowledge about ways in which we can improve his mood whenever he is in a bad mood. 

It is easily accessible on the internet. You can get this worksheet from here.

This page provided you with some of the most effective art therapy worksheets.

These art therapy worksheets help individuals learn various ways in which they can regulate their emotions, identify their feeling, and get relief from stress or other negative emotions. 

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing the relevant content in detail.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you in this regard.

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