Are there songs about eating disorders? 15 songs about eating disorders

In this article, we will answer the question “are there songs about eating disorders?” talk about eating disorders and the various types of feeding and eating disorders, as well as 15 exceptional songs about eating disorders.

Are there songs about eating disorders?

Yes, there are over 40 record songs about eating disorders. Some describe the struggles because of eating disorders, others speak about recovery, while others ‌uplift the moods of those suffering from eating disorders.

These songs have been written and performed by artists who have either experienced or have witnessed the effects of eating disorders.

What are the importance of eating disorder songs?

  • The songs provide healing and are therapeutic
  • They also provide a safe space to express emotions on how eating disorders affect a person
  • They are educative. They teach and inform people about eating disorders and the risks associated with them
  • They also offer support and insight for those suffering from eating disorders

What are eating disorders? 

Eating disorders are mental illnesses characterized by abnormal eating habits, complex and damaging relationships between food, exercise and body image that impairs physical and mental health.

Eating disorders are also known to cause death. In-fact, about one person dies every hour as a direct result of an eating disorder. (Eating Disorders Coalition, 2016)

Types of eating disorders

According to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders fifth edition (DSM-5) there are six types of eating disorders. The six eating disorders are;

  • Pica
  • Rumination disorder
  • Avoidant/ restrictive food intake disorder
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Binge eating

songs about eating disorders

“Courage” by Superchick

This song talks about the hidden emotions and feelings that people with eating disorders go through on a daily basis. Below is a snippet of the lyrics.

I know the right words to say

Like ‘I don’t feel well’, ‘I ate before I came’

Then someone tells me how good I look

And for a moment, for a moment I am happy

But when I’m alone, no one hears me cry

 “Control” by Alexisonfire

Talks about being out of control, perhaps regarding binge eating. Below is a snippet of the lyrics.

You say that you’re in control,

You say that you are

I can’t think of a time

When you looked less alive

“Invisible” by Skylar Grey

This song talks about the symptoms of eating disorders, most notably, anorexia and Bulimia nervosa. Below is an extract of the song’s lyrics.

I take these pills to make me thin

I dye my hair and cut my skin

“Breathe Me” by Sia

This song talks about the vicious cycle that most people with eating disorders are caught up in. Below is an extract of the song.

Help, I have done it again

I have been here many times before

Hurt myself again today

And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame

“Sophie” by Eleanor McEvoy

Is a very touching song that talks about the symptoms of the eating disorder Anorexia nervosa. Below is an extract of the lyrics.

Sophie cannot finish her dinner

Says she’s eaten enough

Sophie’s trying to make herself thinner

Says she’s eating too much

“Skinny” by Filter

It is a song that talks about eating disorders and what they will make you feel. The song also encourages those with eating disorders not to give up and push through.


And it will make you cry


And it will make you lie


And if it makes you soft inside


At least you will not die

“Numbers” by Pompeii

The song is about someone suffering from bulimia nervosa. It details the signs and symptoms of bulimia that include purging through inducing voting, hiding from your loved one as you purge, counting calories, and preoccupation with one’s weight.

Came at you in silence, my back at the wall.

“I’ve seen those nights where you binge and purge”

Those locks on your doors tell me when you’re crouched on all fours

Counting tile, losing bile and sleep.

“it’s just a diet, I’ve kept it quiet. Even if you told all my family and

Friends they would never believe it.”

I think you’re right. I can’t believe it too

That it’s you, but it’s you.

My problems hide in numbers that leave when I gag and heave,

I weighed out every option, that scale’s not fit for advice.

Medical language won’t ever help to shape this if that mind is just as frail

As it’s frame.

You know I’d leave it alone.

We can beat genetics, adopting new aesthetics for beautiful bodies, figures


“Starving for attention” by Geri Karlstrom

The song talks about a child yearning for attention from their parents. It can be interpreted as a person seeking validation and attention by starving themselves.

Bones are beautiful

My drug of choice

Striving for perfection

And I’m driven to

Run to you

In the wrong direction

How does that make you feel?

Why can’t I make you see?

Mom and Daddy look

It’s your little girl

Starving for attention

Too much on my plate

Things that I can’t face

Starving for attention

“Ana & Mia” by The Trews

The song talks about how pro-ana and pro-mia trends are making people develop eating disorders. These are groups of people that encourage eating disorders and perceive that being skinny is healthy.

The pressure’s on, girl you’re gone

You learning how to pretend

No one knows the sickness grows

Following deadly trends

How Ana and Mia stay beautiful all day

Mother you should watch your girl tonight

She’s gone

Mother you should watch your girl tonight

It sucks you in so it begins

Turning your insides out

Skin and bones, you’re all alone

It’s killing you slowly now

“She’s falling apart” by Lisa Loeb

The song is about struggles with anorexia nervosa. Loeb wrote it with Schuyler, who had someone suffering from anorexia. She sings about how skinny one gets and how they push people who care about the away.

They pull up their chairs to the table

She stares at the food on her plate

At the toast and the butter

Her father and mother, she pushes away

And they rise in the morning

And they sleep in the dark

And even though nobody’s looking

She’s falling apart

“Two” by The Antlers

This song has many interpretations and one of them is a person struggling with an eating disorder. The most common interpretation is of a lady struggling with cancer, who had her hair shaved when she was young and this causes body image issues. She then develops an eating disorder.

You had a new dream, it was more like a nightmare

You were just a little kid, and they cut your hair

Then they stuck you in machines, you came so close to dying

They should have listened, they thought that you were lying

Daddy was an asshole, he fucked you up

Built the gears in your head, now he greases them up

And no one paid attention when you just stopped eating

“Eighty-seven pounds!” and this all bears repeating

“Cause and effect” by Maria Mena

The song explains how disordered eating can affect you and take the joy out of your life. It also explains how a traumatic childhood led to the development of an eating disorder that is an absent father and an alcoholic mother who had many lovers.

I can?t laugh to hard I?m on a diet

I?m trying to lose myself

You ought to try it

Just starve for 6 days straight

Oh it?s a riot

Every Sunday night

I binge and I barf cause I carry the scars of an eight-year-old

Who?s mother applied the same rules to a kids body

As her own

“Mary Jane” by Alanis Morissette

The song is about a woman who is losing hope but Alanis is encouraging her to open up and be a little bit selfish and have self-love and compassion.

I hear you’re counting sheep again, Mary Jane

What’s the point of trying to dream anymore?

I hear you’re losing weight again, Mary Jane

Do you ever wonder who you’re losin’ it for?

“Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga

The song describes the challenges faced by those under the scrutiny of the public eye and media. Lady Gaga wrote the song in response to the scrutiny she gets from her personal life and reminds people that celebrities are human as well. It also talks about her struggle with bulimia.

We are the crowd

We’re c-coming out

Got my flash on, it’s true

Need that picture of you

It’s so magical

We’d be so fantastical

Yeah, yeah

“Deadly Beauty” By Faces without names

The song is about a young girl who has been heartbroken and left for another lady. She perceives that she was not beautiful enough so she starts harmful habits to lose weight so that the guy will come back to her. She starts running with a sweater in the sun, starves herself, purges and has self-criticism.

Fifteen, so sweet, you’d think,

But she’s got a secret.

Made up her mind,

The day she came to find-out that he left

I Guess there’s another girl

This time blue eyes, blonde hair

She’ll do anything to catch his eye

But she knows she’ll never compare

Skips school, wont eat, can barely sleep

Takes drastic measure.

Runs seven miles a day in the sun

Wearing a sweater

She turns the radio on so no one hears what she’s doing.

Cuz she’s convinced herself he’ll come back to her, when she’s perfect.


In this article, we provided you with in-depth information concerning eating disorders such as types of eating disorders, causes, and how to cope with eating disorders. We also provided you with a list of songs that you can listen to in order to learn more about the effects of eating disorders. We hope that this information was useful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Frequently asked questions: Eating disorder songs

What songs are about eating disorders?

While there are many songs on eating disorders, we chose to highlight the following.

  • “Ana’s Song” — Silverchair. …
  • “Big Fat Lie” — Nicole Scherzinger. …
  • “I Lie Awake Every Night” — James Vincent McMorrow. …
  • “Pretty” — Lauren Alaina.
  • “Skyscraper” — Demi Lovato

What eating disorder does Zoe suffer from?

Zoe was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at 16 but has also suffered from bulimia. 

Which eating disorder is the hardest to treat?

Anorexia nervosa.


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