Are Talkspace counselors licensed? (+3 perks)

In this article, we shall discuss if Talkspace counselors and therapists are licensed. We will additionally be looking at the importance of working with a licensed therapist. Lastly, we will also discuss some of the great benefits that therapists can experience while working with Talkspace.


Are Talkspace counselors licensed?

Yes! All the Talkspace counselors and therapists are fully licensed to practice independently in their respective states or regions. Talkspace mandates that all therapists be completely certified and licensed to work on this platform. The company also performs strict background checks for all those who want to join its network of mental health professionals.

Importance of working with a licensed therapist

While there are plenty of graduates from psychology and psychotherapy schools and universities, not all are entitled to practice. Depending on the country and the region, there are many laws and regulations that require therapists to be licensed or specially certified to practice. Let’s look at the actual importance of working with a licensed therapist in this section.


They practice great ethics

Licensing is not issued willy-nilly to just about anybody. The therapists need to be aware of the standards and ethics of practice. Thus, licensed therapists or mental health care providers are more guaranteed to practice great business ethics, such as being on time, giving enough attention and charging the appropriate fees.

They can guarantee quality therapy

There are many clients who pay extraordinarily high fees for very poor quality of therapy. This is because the therapist might simply not know their stuff. Licensing can easily weed these fraudulent therapists out and thus bring better quality of psychotherapy to those who require it the most.


They can lower the costs

Licensed therapists and counselors might seem expensive initially but they have the ability to bring in your insurance coverage so that the costs of therapy can be significantly lowered. Many of them are also sliding-scale therapists, which means that they charge for the quantity and quality of therapy instead of randomly charging for the whole hour.

There is a better client-therapist relationship

Client-therapist relationships are massively important and significant for the effectiveness of the therapy and treatment itself. Many individuals invest a lot of time and effort into the therapy, just to find out that their therapist was not the right one for them. However, through licensure, this risk can be greatly lessened, making quality therapy more conveniently available for the user.

They are better updated

There are new mental health problems that come up every day. Mental health and psychology itself are based on what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘right’ whose definitions can also change frequently. Thus, therapists need to be updated about recent trends and mental health issues, which licensure easily brings about through continued education of the therapists.


They maintain strict confidentiality

Confidentiality and security of the client data and information is vital to the success of any therapist’s practice. Therapists also need to be aware of the information that can be disclosed for any legal issues. Licensed therapists are more capable and knowledgeable of the various means and methods to safeguard the information of their clients.

Benefits of working with Talkspace

While Talkspace is definitely advantageous for its users, it also has a lot of benefits that it can bring for therapists who are looking for an amazing workplace. There are many mental health platforms, such as Betterhelp and Calmerry which are employing thousands of therapists.  Below, we shall be describing some of the benefits that Talkspace can bring to therapists.

It does not require any commute

The great thing about working with Talkspace is that therapists do not need to commute or even leave their house to go to their workplaces. This can save a lot of time and money that goes into going to another location just for work. All that the therapist requires is a quiet place to work, a strong internet connection and a smart device.

The pay is great

Talkspace therapists are paid by the hour and previous employees of the platform have mentioned that the pay is far above the average of a typical psychotherapist in the US. The client load might be high but the pay also comes with many benefits. This is another reason that makes Talkspace a great company for therapists.


There are a wide variety of clients

There are also a wide variety of clients that therapists can work with on Talkspace. This high level of variety might not be available while practicing traditional in-person therapy. Thus, therapists are continuously exposed to newer cultures and backgrounds and thus have a better learning experience through Talkspace.


There is peer consultation

Therapy is of course not easy and therapists can go through a lot of stress and trauma of their own while helping others deal with their distress. The mental and emotional labor that therapists undergo on a daily basis cannot be repaired easily and for this purpose, Talkspace has peer consultation facilities for the therapists who are on board here. This is of course free of cost.



In this article, we have discussed if Talkspace counselors and therapists are licensed. We have additionally looked at the importance of working with a licensed therapist. Lastly, we have also discussed some of the great benefits that therapists can experience while working with Talkspace.

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Benefits of Working with a Licensed Counselor

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