Are narcissists dangerous?

This article will explain if narcissists are dangerous in reality. It will show data behind this, and what are the traits of narcissists that can be dangerous to people around them.

Are narcissists dangerous? 

Yes, narcissists can be dangerous. Research on previous studies has shown that narcissists have a 21% increased chance of becoming aggressive, and an 18%  higher chance of being violent. According to those findings, a narcissist will become aggressive, or violent if they deal with things that are provoking them.

But they won’t only become aggressive when provoked, they are people that will go to aggressive at any moment. They will manifest that through verbal, and physical aggression. But also through bad-mouthing others and bullying.

It is also known that narcissism happens on a spectrum, so some people have more intense or not narcissism. But it can ultimately lead them to have no empathy, making it difficult for them to have a healthy relationship. So let’s understand a bit more about the narcissistic traits that can often make them dangerous to others.

Why are narcissists dangerous? 

If you have a narcissist in your life, you must be aware of the ways that they can harm you since it is not only physical but also emotional abuse. So here are the most common dangerous traits in narcissists.

They won’t hear what professionals have to say 

If a narcissist, at any given point, realizes they need help, you can count that as a blessing. But keep in mind that as they do so, they will hardly listen to what the professional is telling them. They have this firm belief of what is happening to them, and if you offer them another view, they will quickly disregard that.

That can be extremely dangerous since it prevents the narcissist from getting the treatment they need. But not only that, this behavior of theirs can be dangerous to people around them. 

Let’s suppose a narcissist daughter has a mother that is struggling with cancer. If the narcissist is the primary caregiver, they will easily disregard what the doctor has been recommending as treatment, and instead will look for the answer themselves, or even try to pursue the doctor to treat their mother as they see fit.

They will act without ever getting another person’s opinion 

Similarly, narcissists will never ask for other people’s opinions. It doesn’t matter that they are in a dangerous situation, or that they could put themselves, or other people at risk. They are often focused on reaching their goals, and getting what they want out of things.

So if they have a plan in mind, they will likely go through with it. Some examples of this attitude are seen as narcissists go through gambling, or even abusing substances. 

Their end goal is to make themselves feel good, and they will stop at nothing. Risky sexual encounters can often happen in the life of a narcissist, they will act as they wish with complete disregard for the possibility that other people may be at risk.

They will put anyone’s life in danger if it will satisfy their needs 

Their sense of entitlement and their need to feel fulfilled will stop at nothing. If they want to look good for others, and for that, they will need to put you through a dangerous situation, they will do so in the blink of an eye.

For example, if a narcissist needs to look good in front of people, they can create a scene in which you will go through a difficult situation, and act caring and compassionate towards you. After that, they can easily go and tell people all they have done for you to get praise for how good a person they are.

Are narcissists dangerous?

They have no empathy 

A narcissist is a person that is unable to feel empathy. With that, they will not have the ability to understand what your needs are. They will have no consideration for how their actions may hurt you. Other people, when they are living their lives, will often prevent themselves from doing something if they feel this could hurt other people.

But a narcissist will not have this mechanism. They will not be able to consider the magnitude of their actions, and will ultimately only focus on reaching their goals and desires. When the narcissist can’t consider your side, they will likely put you in danger. It can be putting you in real physical pain, or even hurting you emotionally. 

They enjoy the drama

Another reason why narcissists can become dangerous is that they are people that will enjoy the drama. They like seeing people argue with one another. And when it involves keeping secrets and deceiving others, the narcissist is more than ready.

Going through a situation that will leave other people weaker, and upset, is something that will lead the narcissist to feel good. That is because not being shaken by the situation will often lead them to be perceived as stronger, which makes the narcissist ultimately feel good about themselves.

If you are noticing you have a narcissist in your life, be sure that one moment or another you may deal with a situation in which they will put you in danger. Having firm boundaries with the narcissist will help you not be so vulnerable to their needs.

Caring for your emotional and physical well-being may be extremely important since, in a relationship with a narcissist, you will be the only one looking after yourself. Having that in mind will make this complex relationship a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Are narcissists dangerous? 

What are ways to make a narcissist feel bad? 

You can often make a narcissist feel bad if you show them that they are not in control of you anymore. To do that, you can begin to act in ways they wouldn’t approve, of or even do things that they won’t expect. 

Standing up for yourself, and not taking their opinions, can also make them feel bad. In the same way, if you bring into a discussion the fact that they can’t change based on their perception of reality, or to take advantage of you, can also make them miserable.

You should also know that a narcissist will often feel bad if they realize that they are not perfect. So if they ever experience a situation that shows them they are not perfect, such as losing a job promotion to a colleague, or going through a financial crisis, will make the narcissist feel bad. 

How does a narcissist react when they can’t control you? 

Whenever the narcissist realizes they can’t control you, they will often feel enraged. In that, they can also all of their manipulation techniques such as gaslighting, or the silent treatment to get you back

But they may also try to get vengeance on you, and for that, they will often bad mouth you to people around you, and may expose the most intimate details you shared with them, to make you feel bad. Or, before sharing those, they can often begin to blackmail.

All the narcissists will want is to get you back into their control. Be it for you to keep giving them the narcissistic supply they need, or so they can take you back to just drop you because they felt wounded by the fact that you detach yourself from their control.

What is the narcissist’s biggest fear? 

The biggest fear of a narcissist is that they will be left alone. Narcissists need other people’s eyes, and praise to be alive. If people aren’t giving them attention, be it by giving them compliments, or even by fighting, they don’t know what to do with themselves.

That is why narcissists will often be surrounded by people. They will often need a backup in case the person that was giving them the narcissistic supply decides to leave. When this happens, they will often turn to one of the other people around them, to get their every wish, and need to be met.

Will a narcissist ever change?

A narcissist may change. But it is important to keep in mind that to change, the narcissist needs to recognize that there is something wrong with them. And that can be difficult. But it is not impossible.

What will commonly happen is that the narcissist will realize that one or more of their narcissistic traits are causing them to get into trouble, or is preventing them from reaching something they desire. When this happens, they can decide it is time to look for professional help.

In that, they may look for a therapist, since no medication will treat narcissistic personality disorder. In therapy, the narcissist will often work in trying to have a more realistic view of themselves, and others. 

They will also try to set goals for themselves that are more attuned to the moment they are in, so they don’t constantly feel frustrated

What type of person is a narcissist attracted to?

Narcissists are often attracted to what they can get out of a person, and not the person in itself. Because of that, they will often be attracted to powerful people, and have a posture that shows the narcissist that they are self-assured.

But this relationship will often run into a problem after some time. The self-assured person will not bend to meet the narcissist’s needs. And at some point, the relationship can no longer make sense for the narcissists since they will feel they are not valued enough.

When this happens, the narcissist will likely turn to someone with shaky self-esteem, empathetic, and that is willing to put them in the center of their world. The narcissist will need them to prioritize their wants and needs, and the empathetic person will gladly abide.

Will the narcissist regret losing me?

As said before, the narcissist relates to what they can take out of people. So if the narcissist feels like they are missing what they used to take from you, it can be that they will miss you. At that point, they may even try to get you back. 

When this happens, you must be aware of why they are trying, and then you should decide if you want to get back to that pattern of relationship or not.


This article explained why narcissists are dangerous. It showed some data around this fact, and also what are the traits of narcissists that can be most dangerous to people around them.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


Are Narcissistic People Dangerous?