Are Betterhelp Therapists Licensed?

This article will define the criteria therapists need to meet when applying for a job at Betterhelp – the online mental health giant. It will also highlight why it is necessary to make sure your therapist is licensed and how someone can become a licensed therapist. The article will also shed light on what Betterhelp basically is and what services your online therapist will be available to provide you with.

Are Betterhelp Therapists Licensed?

Yes Betterhelp therapists are licensed and there are a number of reasons why they need to ensure that, such as:

  • Licensed People Have The Necessary Skills: Not everyone can offer professional counseling. You not only need to have the necessary knowledge but also be aware of how to apply your skills and have sufficient experience. In the case you do not, you will not be able to provide quality services to clients not only affecting their health but also tarnishing your own reputation as a therapist.
  • HIPAA Compliant – Confidentiality: Betterhelp is HIPAA compliant hence it needs to make sure that all individuals who are a part of their platform are professional individuals who know how to handle the data privacy rights of others. You cannot have someone who is not qualified dealing with sensitive issues, collecting data on clients and having access to them. You could possibly put someone at risk because their personal health information could be misused. So keeping in mind the necessity of complying with HIPAA laws, Betterhelp needs to bring responsible and qualified onboard.
  • It Shows What You Can Offer: A license proves what your skills are and what services you can offer to the general public. Different people specialize in different areas. For example someone might be a licensed marriage counselor hence they can only provide skills in that area and not family counseling because that is an entirely different scenario. 

Betterhelp’s Licensed Therapists – What It Takes?

If you want to work as an online therapist or counselor at Betterhelp you better come prepared because you need:

  • A License: You have to be an accredited psychologist (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or licensed professional counselors (LPC).
  • Qualification: The service provider needs to have a Master’s degree or Doctorate in their profession
  • State Recognition: As a service provider operating from a certain area, you must have completed certain training and exams and hence be certified by your state.
  • Experience: Every service provider must possess at least 3 years of experience and 1000 hours of hands on experience.

Such high standards are necessary especially in a field where you deal with human emotion and behavior. It would be unwise to allow individuals who do not have the right qualifications to counsel people who are in difficulty.

What Services Do Licensed Therapists Provide At Betterhelp?

There are a number of services therapists at Betterhelp need to provide. They can be in the form of chatting with clients, calling them up or having personalized 1 to 1 sessions. Let’s take a look in detail:

  •  Chatrooms: These services are available to a client 24/7 and they will drop you a message whenever they feel like it. They can share a problem with you, get your opinion or just express how they feel. Although you don’t have to be there all day long, it is good you address their queries 2-3 times a day.
  • Live Chatting Sessions: Even though you are a counselor, you need to possess basic management skills. Your clients may want to chat with you in real time so they will ask when you are available. Plan well and give your clients the time and attention they need.
  • Phone Sessions: You won’t be able to see your clients contact details but they can call you through the system during a scheduled session. This option is available for clients who want to talk about their problems and not just chat.
  • Video Sessions: These are more personalized, intimate, one to one sessions where clients want a real touch of therapy. You, as a counselor, need to be prepared to cater to their needs.

There are a number of areas these therapists may have to deal in based on their expertise and client requirements. They must have the necessary skills to provide quality services that help solve the root issues; this is why licenses come in handy as they are a great way to prove your skill set!

Here are the areas Betterhelp’s therapists may need to operate in:

  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief
  • Marriage
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorders
  • Happiness
  • Anxiety

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Apart From Licensed Therapists – The Service Providers

Therapists are only one type of the many service providers at Betterhelp’s platform. There are so many types of professionals who have come together to provide online mental health services to individuals from across the world.

Here are the service providers who work at the online platform:

  • Psychiatrists 
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Marriage Counselors
  • Family Counselors
  • Clinical Social Workers

Betterhelp believes in providing numerous types of services to people who need help battling against mental health issues and daily hassles they face in their life. Check out other services they offer here!

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How To Become A Licensed Therapist?

You need to meet some certain requirements to become a licensed therapist. After having completed a graduate level education some fields require the candidate to also earn a master’s degree.

After that, the candidate needs to undergo supervised therapeutic sessions where they can conduct sessions but only under supervision. It is necessary to point out that even before this stage the candidate may have to undergo some additional training according to their state or region requirements. Once they complete the requirements they will get their licenses and be able to start providing counseling to those in need.

In many cases, therapists need to undergo sessions to ensure their mental health is also stable. These sessions have to add up to a certain number of hours and be conducted by a professional who has much experience. It is not easy becoming a therapist but it is indeed a rewarding job.

What Is Betterhelp – A Platform For Therapists & Clients

Betterhelp is one of the largest online platforms that provides multiple services for all types of people who are suffering from mental health problems and require counseling. 

Members and clients do not have to go anywhere but can sit at home and avail a multitude of services that are affiliated with this online platform. Hence they avoid traveling, save time and can avail services keeping in mind their limitations caused by their mental health problems; sometimes people are not in the condition to go outside the house for therapy or counseling, they need services at home!

With around 1700 licensed professionals onboard, more than 900,000 clients and having conducted at least 70 million sessions online, it would be insufficient to say it is just one of those online platforms that provide mental health services! The best thing about Betterhelp is that it is available to all people regardless of their background and ensures people can choose the medium of communication that is most appropriate for them such as chatting, calls or video sessions with their counselors.

Betterhelp is a platform that connects clients and service providers such as clinical and social workers, marriage and family counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists so that those who are in need of mental health services can get them! 

What Is It Like To Work For Betterhelp?

It is an amazing experience to work for Betterhelp because of the following benefits you get:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health & Dental Coverage
  • 401k benefits
  • Employee Friendly Environment

As a therapist you will enjoy many benefits working with Betterhelp! If you are interested to sign up as a service provider click here now!


This article clarified the concern as to whether Betterhelp has licensed therapists or not with the confirmation that it does. It also highlighted what types of qualifications or how much experience they need to have to practice and what other types of service providers the platform has. The article explained what types of services these therapists need to provide and which areas of mental health they need to deal in. The article also briefly explained how one can become a therapist.


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